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12. When I Look at the Stars I Feel Like Myself

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in which Molly's parents actually attempt to act like parents. and manage to screw that up royally. In which Molly manages to screw up her end pretty badly too.

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That night when Patrick dropped her off he carried a sleeping Jamie into the house and upstairs into his bedroom. After tucking him in Molly walked Patrick downstairs and smiled at him.
"What?" Patrick asked taking off his hat and running his hand through his hair.
"I guess I just didn't expect you to be good with kids. Thanks for tonight. I needed to get out of here."
"Anytime. I gotta get home though. I'll see you tomorrow." The two friends pounded fists and chuckled as Patrick walked out the front door. Once his car pulled out of the driveway Molly closed the front door, turned around and leaned against it before sighing and asking herself,
"What are you doing O'Conell? Don't go there." Before she could contemplate that much further she jumped at hearing a voice from the dark kitchen.
"Molly is your friend gone?"
Heading into the kitchen Molly saw her father sitting at the table drinking a beer and going over some paperwork.
"Oh hey Dad, yea Patrick headed home."
"Ok good. We'll be talking tomorrow night about why you are getting home with your five year old brother at ten o'clock at night."
"I left a note."
"Go to bed."
"but I left a note."
"and I said, GO TO BED!" her father finished with a yell.
"Alright, fine, whatever." Molly responded and pounded up the back stairs towards her room.

The next day at school dragged on, she had reviews for mid-term exams all day so there was no chance to goof off with her friends. Once fourth finally rolled around Molly and Matt headed to their lockers to grab food before heading upstairs to the station. Patrick had already arrived and was going through the cd library pulling things for his show during fifth period and Elyse was in the booth talking into the mic. She waved at them as they walked in and reached out to grab Matt and drag him into the studio with her slamming the door behind him. The bang caused Patrick to turn around and give Molly a questioning look to which she just responded with a shrug before flopping down on the couch and continued her brooding.
"You ok?" Patrick asked as he went back to pulling cd's and writing out a play list.
"No. I think I'm in trouble." At her reponse Patrick turned around in surprise and actually stopped paying sole attention to his precious radio station.
"Over what?" he asked incredulously.
"Apparently being out with Jamie til ten o'clock."
"Uhh, well it was kind of late considering he's five and all."
"Do NOT take my parents side in this." Molly stopped herself from yelling the whole sentence and managed to keep her voice from breaking on the end of the setence.
"Ok, ok. I'm sorry." He said softly as he sat down next to her. "I didn't mean to upset you. I doubt your parents are going to ground you though Mol. You got pierced, dyed your hair, spent who knows how much on new clothes and didn't get in trouble."
"Yea well. They're both all sorts of fucked up in the head." She said with a sarcastic laugh at tacked onto the end of the sentence. "They're probably just mad because I went out and it meant they had to cook dinner, cause I didn't."
"Are you serious?" Patrick asked looking at Molly funny.
"Dead. Listen I'm not in the mood to hang out today. I'm actually not feeling that well either I'm gonna go bull shit the nurse into letting me go home. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Molly stood up and gathered her things before walking out without even stopping to say goodbye to Elyse or Matt who were staring at her through the window of the booth in confusion. Patrick just sat there on the couch for a few more seconds before sighing and shrugging to himself and going back to picking out cds.

Molly was surprised when she actually managed to convince the nurse that she was sick enough to go home, so when she arrived home and saw that no one else was she sighed in relief. Heading upstairs she stripped and got settled in to take a long jacuzzi style bath. An hour later once the water had turned cold she got out, put a robe on and stared at herself in the mirror,
"Ok you are Molly Ann O'Conell. You are the most mature person in this household. You do not get grounded over anything, let alone stupid shit." 'oh who am I kidding? Crazy or not she's still my mother. Distanced or not he's still my father. They're gonna kick my ass over this one.'
Molly headed upstairs to her room and changed her clothes into a comfortable pairs of yoga pants and a baggy old Hanson shirt from when she was twelve before throwing a zip up hoodie over the whole thing. A few hours later she heard her name being yelled from downstairs and got up to face her fate.
'Ok, so they didn't notice I've been home all day. But they still want to yell at me over yesterday. Fabulous. I hate my life.' Molly rolled her eyes at her own thoughts right before she reached the kitchen. Sitting at the table was her mother and father. At completely seperate ends of course. Her father gestured towards a chair in the middle of the table and told her to "Sit down."
"Molly," her mother began, "we wanted to talk to you about some things that have been brought to our attention as of late."
"Ok, listen I know what you're going to say and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept Jamie out that late. It was stupid of me and I won't ever do it again. We done now. Good." Molly stood up to go back upstairs but dropped right back into her chair when her father's voice bellowed as hard as steel,
'oh. shit.' was all that went through Molly's head on repeat. The only other time she had ever heard that tone was when she got caught smoking pot when she was fourteen. Come to think of it that's the last time she and her parents had had a serious discussion as well. 'what did I do?!' Molly racked her brain trying to figure out an explanation for her parent's sudden desire to have some authority over her life.
"wha..." She trailed off at the look her father gave her that clearly said to shut up.
"Ok, certain things have been brought to our attention, as your mother began before you interrupted her. They are first and foremost of course the piercings, clothes and hair that you have newly aquired." Jack O'Conell began, "Secondly, these new friends of your's." 'newly aquired? I got them almost two months ago!' and my friends?! Oh no they are not going there.' Molly's inner rant continued along that vein as her father continued his verball one, "...Mrs. Garrity from the Club said she saw you with boys she knows to be at least twenty-one years old. And they have tattoos. AND play in a punk band." 'yes imagine that. Pete and Andy. Who I told you about weeks ago.' Molly continued her mental assualt on her parents.
"And Molly, that Elyse girl. I wonder if her interest in you is a little too friendly." Her mother stated and that was the final straw. Molly lost it.
"HOW DARE YOU!" She stood up screaming at them. "It's one thing to question me about my quote unquote crazy punk rock friends. Most parents would do that. But most parents NOTICE before two months have passed. AND don't have to have it pointed out by someone from The Club. Whatever the fuck that means."
"Molly Ann. You WILL watch your language and speak in a tone becoming a lady." Her mother stated firmly.
"No Mother I will NOT. You can't just rip into Elyse. She's the best friend I've ever had. Ever. So what she has a pink hair and some piercings. So what if Pete and Andy are a little older then I am. They accept me. They think I'm fun. They DON'T think I'm crazy 'cause I don't want my friends to meet my parents. and GEE I WONDER WHY?" She finished with a frustrated scream before storming towards the front door.
"Molly Ann! Where are you going?" Maureen O'Conell yelled after her daughter.
"Out. Somewhere that isn't here." Molly said as she turned and faced her parents who just continued to stare at her. Molly watched her father take a deep breath and then he stated very softly, almost defeated.
"Molly. Think long and hard about this. You can go out and think, I don't have any problem with that. However, if you decide to pick your friends over your family you can say goodbye to all the college money we have set aside for you. In fact, you can move out for all I care. I will not have my daughter ruining this family's reputation by running around with that type of crowd. I already have enough problems with your mother, I don't need you adding to them."
Molly just stared at her father in horror as he had pretty much just forced her hand into the decision he wanted from her. Turning around and wiping furiously at the tears that had started spilling Molly took off running. Fifteen minutes later of flat out running she reached a park and sat down on a bench trying to stop herself from hyperventilating. Sobbing to herself she just stared up at the sky and screamed in frustration before picking up a rock and chucking it at a tree.
"Molly?" She heard the question from behind her and turned in surprise, "What are you doing here? Are you ok?"
"Do I look ok?" She asked nastily while sitting back down on the bench.
"Not particularly. You wanna talk about it?" Molly sighed at the question and nodded while wiping away her tears that had finally stopped for now before launching into an explanation as to how the night had gone. As she talked she just watched her friends eyes darken as fury filled them before replying to her story with,
"Are you fucking serious?! And you're going to go along with it? What the FUCK Molly?"

A/N: ducks and hides I'm sorry. I know I'm horrible and terrible and evil and all that good stuff. However I hadn't done a cliffhanger yet and I felt like it.
Title is from "Stars" by Switchfoot.

question: Who is she talking to?
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