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Gonna Getcha

by jade_kwl_name_eva 4 reviews

The teens find how songs affect what happens to them all on the same day.

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Hey! This story is about how songs affect what to the 7 teens during the same day, except for Odie and Herry; they will be in the story but won't have a song. Sorry, couldn't come up with a song for them, but they are doing some singing. evil laugh plus there will be a bonus chapter at the end. Will update Young ones soon! Enjoy!


"I'm gonna pound you in this game!" Herry said as he blasted one of Odie's ships. They were playing a game on Odie's X-Box (a/n: have no idea what game they are playing, I just made it up!).

"You're wrong!" Odie said and then blasted Herry into outer space. Herry groaned. "7 to 0. One more round, but first I'll get popcorn." Odie nodded and sat back on the couch.

It was pretty peaceful at the dorm. Atlanta was out running, Archie was doing something in his room, Theresa was doing homework and listening to music (he could hear Pink singing "Who Knew"), Neil was either in the bathroom or in his room, Odie didn't really care, and Jay was at the school.

Herry came back with a big container of popcorn. Then Archie came downstairs with his mp3 player. "Hey, if someone is looking for me, I'm out running." Odie nodded, he knew Archie was having a bad day.

As Archie left, Jay entered the brownstone. "Hey Herry, is Theresa here?" Herry nodded. Jay went upstairs. "Ok, let's begin!" Herry said. Suddenly, Odie started singing. "I'm gonna getcha. One way or another, I'm gonna getcha, getcha!" Herry stared bewildered at his friend and lost the game.


Hehe, first chapter! Ok, going to post the next chapter straight after this, already have it on the computer! Sorry that it is short, it's really just an intro! Sorry if I freaked you out with Odie singing, just wait until the last two chapters, gonna really freak you out! evil laugh Rate and review! Thanx!
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