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Forbidden Lovers Are Always More Romantic

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Kay here is your update woo!

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im going to dedicate the entire story of Boys Like You completly to Erin(Frenchie189), becuase youve been commenting me the entire way and supported the entire idea. Thanks so much hunn!

Pete was laying in his bed at 7:00 in the morning completly awake. He heard the buzzer on his phone go off and quickly opened it before anyone could wake up.

I need 2 talk 2 u. Pick u up at 7:15?

Pete smiled as he typed in his reply.

Sure. Meet u outside mah house, k?

Chelsea giggled to herself when she got the message back.

kay. Lv u tns

Chelsea quickly pulled an outfit together that consisted of black jeans, pink and black checkered slip on vans, a black t-shirt and a hoodie. She opened her window and stuck her hand outside. Chicago mornings were always cold. Chelsea decided to pull on a coat just for the cold. She then picked up her phone and sent another message to Pete.

It's quite chilly outside btw

Pete laughed when he recieved this message and threw on his orange parka over his
Love Can't Save You hoodie and skinny jeans. He ran quickly downstairs and slipped on his brown and pink Circa skate shoes. He grabbed his house keys and opened the door. After closing it behind him he sat down on the top step of the house and waited.


Chelsea grabbed her car keys and stepped out the door. She got in the car and started it. She paused when the engine roared to life and watched Brednons window to see if he was going to get up. When he didn't, Chelsea drove away. When she arrived at Pete's house he was waiting for her on the steps of the house. Chelsea laughed as he slwoly walked to the car.
"Awesome. So where are we going and what did you need to tell me?" Pete asked with a small kiss on her cheek. Chelsea giggled and kissed him back.
"Well, I'm thinking we should go get coffee first and then I'll tell you." Chelsea laughed. Pete considered this and then nodded.

They arrived at a Starbucks and ordered their stuff and went back to the car.
"Kay so, did you get 'the talk' last ngiht or was it just me?" Chelsea asked. Pete nodded.
"Yeah. Everyone told me that i shouldn't be with you if I just like you for bringing her back to me." Pete said hatefully while looking out the window in anger. Chelsea knew who 'her' was, Brendon warned her not to bring up Charlotte.
"I know everyone was telling me that I shouldn't be wiht you because it would ruin their chances as a band." Chelsea sighed. Pete looked up at her.
"I say we screw everyone else. It's not their desicion. If we love each other than no one else can stop us. So the question is, do you love me?" Pete asked while stroking CHelsea's cheek. CHelsea smiled widely.
"I've loved you since I knew you." CHelsea replied and kissed him gently. Pete smiled and kissed her back.


"Okay does anyone know where they might've gone?" Erin asked. Everyone sighed. Brendon, Spencer, Brent, Ryan, and Carolyn all were over with Patrick, Joe, Andy, and Erin. Everyone was trying to figure out where Chelsea and Pete went.
"Did we try calling them?" Andy asked while kissing Erin on her jawline. Brendon sighed and started pacing...again.
"Yes we did and they dont have their cells with them." Ryan sighed. Right at that moment the door opened and Pete and Chelsea walked in laughing. THe laughter stopped when they saw everyone. Chelsea smiled polietly.
"Shit."Pete muttered. The two lovers gripped hands tighter to show they were strong and no one could break them down.
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