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Alone With You

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aiiight this one wil be slightly sorry.

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Pete sat in his room for the entire day. It was now 10:00PM but he didn't care. He hated everybody at the moment. Chelsea left three hours ago. They had a big fight. Team Love vs. Team Logic. It was the heart and mind. Pete and Chelsea stood as the minority of the heart. Everyone else sided with the brain. Pete grumbled to himself. Then there was a knock at the door. He groaned and threw a pillow at the door.
"Piss off! I don't want to talk to you! Traitors!" He shouted and threw himself into the pillows of his bed. The door opened and whoever it was entered anyway. "I said fuck off." Pete's anger was muffled by the pillows. Whoever it was sat down on the bed. Pete sighed and sat up, prepared to yell at Patrick.
"Hi." Erin said while looking at the ground.
"Jesus Christ woman! You scared me!" Pete jumped. Erin laughed and smiled, never taking her eyes off the floor.
"I was wondering if you culd help me." She said. Pete sighed.
"Why should I help you? You sided with the brain!" He shouted. Erin stared at him strangley. "Oh yeah, well the huge fight that sent Chelsea home crying? It was like love verses logic and you-" Erin put a finger on his lips to stop him from going any further.
"I get it. But I need your help. And to tell you the truth, I really want you and Chelsea to be together. It's the first time i've truly seen you happy in a long time. And I like her, she's nice." Erin smiled. Pete half smiled and got up. He walked over to the door and shut it.
"Can you pass me a few pillows over?" He asked. Erin cocked her head to one side but obeyed his command anyway. Pete thanked her and stuffed them in the crack underneath the door.
"Alright, now I need your help. It's Andy." Erin blushed. Pete ran back to the bed and jump/sat on it immediatley. He looked at her worriedly.
"What happened? Did he hurt you? Did he....did he-" Once again Erin had to silence him.
"No, it's not like that. He asked me...he asked me..." Erin was tripping on her words. Pete flipped out his hand in a valley girl way.
"Spill. Right. Now." He said in a girtly voice. Erin loved that. Pete could definatley make everything better. He was her best friend.
"He proposed." She half whispered. Pete gasped and then squealed.
"Oh my god! No way! What did you say?!?! Please say yes, please say yes." Pete giggled.
"I told him I'd think about it." Erin blushed.
"WHy? You love him don't you?" Pete asked.
"I do. It's just I wasn't sure what I wanted so I came to talk to you about it. Cuz you're only like the bestest best friend I've like ever had!" Erin laughed in her girly voice. Pete laughed with her.
"I honestly think you should accept. I mean, come on, you've only been slobbering at each other for how long? He's like the Ken to your Barbie. The Christian to your Satine. The Jack to your Sally. The Victor to your Victoria. The-" Pete was again silenced.
"The Chelsea to your Pete," She half smiled. Pete smiled widely and blushed though he tried to hide it. "Come on, I have a plan." Erin smiled. The two took out all the pillows and ran downstairs.
"Hey guys? Me and Pete are just going out for some food, kay?" Erin said. Everyone shrugged and and the two left.


Chelsea was sitting on her couch all alone. She was watching A Nightmare On Elm street by herself. With nothing but a remote control, a giant bucket of popcorn, and a bunch of pillows to protect her, she was all huddeled up eating her popcorn slowly. The only good thing was the boys weren't there. No one but her. Then the doorbell rang. She screamed, dropped the bowl, therfore spilling all of the popcorn on the floor, flung the remote at the t.v., and hid behind a pillow. The doorbell rang again and she slowly got up with the pillow still in hand. She walked cautiously to the door and grabbed a frying pan off the kitchen counter for protection. When she opened the door she screamed again and smacked who ever was at the door with the frying pan.
"God damnit Chelsea! Ouch!" Pete shouted clutching his head. Erin had dropped him off at her house. Chelsea didn't realize who it ws right away, for she had all the lights off in the house.
"Who is it?" She screamed, pillow in one hand and pan in the other.
"It's Pete god damnit!" He replied in pain. Chelsea, for some weird reason out of reflexes, swung at him again the frying pan.
"Stop hitting me!!!" Pete screamed. Chelsea gasped, dropped her 'weapons', and brought Pete into her house.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean...Oh my god...I'm so sorry." She continully apoligized. Pete had his long black trench coat on with the colar up. He was soaked with rain.
"You've caused me more physical pain than any body else I've loved before." Pete groaned. Chelsea lightly laughed and helped him take his coat off. She led him to the couch only to hear a crunching noise when she stepped. The movie had stopped playing so the only noise was the rain hitting the house and the crunching. Chelsea continully pressed down with her one foot to hear the crunch again, while trying to dertermine what it was that was making the crunching. It was still dark, you could only see the sillouettes of them and other inanimate objects. Chelsea then started jumping up and down to find out what the crunching was. The crunch continued until a yelp emanated from Pete's mouth.
"What did I do?" Chelsea asked worriedly.
"You jumped on my toe." Pete whimpered. Chelsea apoligized immediatley and ran to turn the light on. Once the light was on, they could tell that the crunch came from the spilled popcorn. Chelsea burst out into laughter.
"Jeez, I come over, breaking the rules that were set for us, planning to hhave a nice romantic evening with yu and what do I get in return? Hit in the head with a frying pan twice, and my toe jumped on." Pete laughed. Chelsea giggled and sat down beside him. She kissed him twice of the forehead.
"What was that for?" Pete asked.
"Kissing your 'boo-boos' better." She laughed and continually kissed him, eventually making her way down to his lips. Once their lips met, things started getting a lot more passionate. Soon they were stripping each other of shirts and jeans. When Pete got to undoing her bra however, she stopped him.
"Wait, let's move this upstairs, so if the boys come home the won't see us like this." Chelsea suggested in between breaths. Pete agreed, so they picked up their clothes and raced upstairs. They flopped down on Chelsea's bed, picking up right where they left off.
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