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Rules Were Made To Be Broken

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Alrighty kiddos, here is your dirty, smuty update.

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They were now under the sheets and completly naked. Pete kissed her all along her collar bone slowly making his way down to her breats. She gasped in excitment. Running her hands down his spine, she could feel his breathe quicken pace as he now kissed her stomach. He kissed all the way down to her most intimate place. She moaned softly as he returned back to her lips. She opened her lips slighty and their toungues touched. His hips were grinding into hers as their lips fought to conquer each other. He then entered her. She moaned and arched into his thrusts. They each released little choked noises from the pleasure they were recieving and giving. His thrusts became harder and faster as she contantley ran her hands up and down his chest and back. The orgasms coming faster and faster as they both were coming close to the edge. With one last hard thrust, they both came and moaned together as one. He pulled out and slid in beside her. They both turned on their sides and cuddled in with each other. Their breathing patterns were quick and panicked. Pete pressed his head to her chest as she stroked his hair lovingly.
"I love the sound of your heartbeat." He whispered in between breaths. Chelsea lightly laughed at this. He pressed his lips up agianst hers and started the kiss all over agian. Once they broke off, Chelsea ran a slim finger down his chest. Outlining the bartskull tattoo just above his pelvic bone, he kissed her neck and collarbone.
"I love you Peter," She said. "With every beat of my heart."
"I love you Chelsea with every pulse that runs through my veins." He replied. They snuggled in, pressed up against each others hot, naked skin and fell asleep.


When they woke up in the morning, Ryan, Spencer, Brendon, and some new guy that Chelsea hadn't met before all stood at the foot of the bed. Using the sheets as a covering they both looked up at the group.
"Can we help you?" Pete asked while yawning. Chelsea lightly giggled and Pete put his arm around her shoulders.
"I can't believe you two." Brendon sighed while shaking his head.
"You know we had a deal." Spencer agreed. The new guy whispered something to Brednon and Brendon whispered something back.
"Ohhh! Are you out of your mind?" He asked. Ryan sighed and shrugged.
"Chels, I thought we talked about this. You remember? We set the rules. We had the reasons, remember?" Ryan asked with pleading eyes. Chelsea frowned and cuddled into Pete even more.
"I don't care. I love Peter," She said and they both looked at each other with smiles. "And you can't take that away from us." She finished never looking away from Pete's eyes. Ryan sighed and left the room. Spencer and the new guy soon followed. Brendon just stood there.
"Yes?" Chelsea asked.
"I want you both dressed and downstairs in ten minutes and we'll disscuss it then. Ten minutes, end of story." Brendon said angrily in a calm manner. He then turned around and left the room. Pete and Chelsea sat there staring at the door way for a few seconds before turning to each other. Pete had a smug smile and Chelsea looked worried.
"Don't worry, what's the worst they can do to us?" Pete smiled and kissed her in between words. Chelsea smiled and the two got dressed.

They giggled the entire way down the stairs until they were in the kitchen. Brendon was pacing the floor while Spencer and the new guy were playing a video game, and Ryan was almost asleep again with a coffee cup in hand.
"Ahhh, there you are. Peter, it's been our pleasure to have you over. Well, acutally, I'm taking a hint it was all Chelsea's pleasure but anyhow, thats beside the point. Chelsea, you are to take Peter back to his house and apoligize. Acutally, wait, Ryan is to be driving and you will both take Peter home and Chelsea, you will apologize. Ryan will then bring you back home." Brendon stated and left the room so that there were no disagreements and arguments. Ryan groggily got up of the chair and the three of them left.

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