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We Might've Said Good Byes Just A Little Too Soon

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Guess who's baaaaaaack?

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Pete: Jesus woman! Took you long enough to get back into this!
Me: Oh hush! It's not my fault I had writer's block.
Pete: rolls eyes just didn't feel like writing!
Me: Yeah, that too. But I couldn't think of any ideas even if I wanted to!
Pete: Whatever...I'm not gonna fight with you.
Me: Good, go get me a cookie......

After an hour long lecture, Chelsea was finally aloud to go. She walked back to Ryan's car gloomily. She grabbed the door handle and pulled it open.
"Wait! Chels!" Pete shouted. She looked up at him. He was half way hanging out his window in his room. She smiled.
"Yes?" She shouted back.
"We're aloud to see each other!!!" He yelled. Chelsea was stunned.
"W-w-w-what?" She stuttered. She said it normally so he didn't hear her.
"Did you get that?" He shouted. She shook her head 'no'. "WE. ARE. ALOUD. TO SEE. EACH. OTHER." He shouted, using his hands as a mega phone. Chelsea's jaw dropped. After all that? Now their letting us see each other? Chelsea thought to herself. She looked back up to see Pete smiling like a goof ball. She laughed and blew him a kiss.
"I'll see you later then!" She shouted and got in the car. She giggled to herself all the way home.


Pete was sitting on the couch watching an episode of Happy Tree Friends. He was bored out of his wits. Suddenly a very energretic Erin came to sit beside him. He grunted, acknowidging her pressence. Pete was taking up most of the couch so there was no where to really sit. She sighed and curled up next to him, fitting his form. He stared at her for a second, but then went back to his show.
"Panduuuuuh..." Erin started.
"Ugh I knew there was a catch!" Pete mumbled.
"What? Catch to what?" Erin asked.
"You. Sitting here. I knew there was a catch to you keeping me company, not to mention warm." Pete explained.
"Okay, so there is a tiny catch. I was wondering if you wanted to come dress shopping with me." Erin smiled.
"Dress shopping? For what?" Pete asked before breaking into laughter at what was happening on Happy Tree Friends. Erin laughed lightly.
"Dress shopping for my wedding dress! Silly Rabbit!" Erin giggled while ruffling Pete's hair until it was all staticy and sticking up everywhere. Pete sighed but was too lazy to fix his hair.
"Wedding dress. You guys have a date now?" He sighed unenthusiastically. Erin nodded excitedly.
"Yup, and now I need a dress!" She smiled.
"Why don't take Patrick with you? He love's all that lovey dovey, foufy, poufy, ruffles and all kinda shit." Pete grumbled. Erin giggled at his little ryhme.
"Patrick isn't home, doofus!" Erin laughed. Pete opened his mouth to say something but was quickly silenced. "Don't ask if Joe or Andy can take me. Joe isn't home either. And not only is Andy not home, he's not aloud to see my dress until the final day!" Erin explianed. Pete sighed in defeat.
"Can I at least bring Chelsea with me?" He asked. Erin nodded and jumped up off him and ran upstairs. Pete sighed and dragged his body off the couch to go get changed out of his p.j.'s.
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