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Long Live The Car Crash Hearts

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This chapter is teh second last. I'm sorry. Please enjoy though.

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Halfway into the drive to the mall, they came to a red light. Peter waited impatiently with Chelsea in the back while Erin tapped a rythm on the steering wheel. He grabbed Chelsea's hand as Dance, Dance came on the radio. Chelsea giggled and sang along as loud as she could. Thousands of horn's came from behind, blasting quick and panicked messages. Before they could turn to see what was wrong, a loud crunch erupted. Screeching tires, crushing metal, shattering glass. They were flung every which way as the car rolled and was tossed down the road.

The only thing I haven't done yet is die. Pete's thoughts were completly distorted. He had no idea wich was real or not. He heard a constant beep which he figured was his heart. His car crash heart. When he tried to open his eyes all he could see was blurry dark chocolate eyes, red and black strands, and a pale complexion. When he closed them he saw a flourescent light. Dark shoulder lenght black hair framed the procelin face of an angel. She smiled a full lipped grin when Pete realized who the angel was.
"Charlotte." His voice was raspy and dry. He knew he had to make a descion. Follow Charlotte and be the (after)life of the party or stay with Chelsea and all his friends. He opened his eyes again. Blur. However he heard Patrick's voice. Singing. Patrick found the paper Pete had written his latest lyrics on.

And I saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies
And all the lovers with no time for me
And all of the mothers raise their babies
To stay away from me

He closed his eyes and heard another voice.

I was terrified and would you mind if I sat
Next to you and watched you smile?
So many kids but I only see you
And I don't think you notice me, well...

How would he choose between the girl that had saved his life once before or the family that was his life?

Sorry I used most of the song titles from IOH. I thought it would fit. You'll see how in the next chapter, which you arent getting if i don't get at least four reveiws.
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