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How Cruel Is The Golden Rule?

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How would he choose between the girl that had saved his life once before or the family that was his life?

He tried to open his eyes again. Blur. He closed them and turned to find Charlotte. She stood right in front of him. She was smiling like always.
"Listen, Charlotte. I love you. I really do but I fear for the others if I leave them and stay with you. I'm sorry." He explained in a quick and panicked voice. Charlotte nodded and pulled him in for a kiss.
"Go." She whispered. Pete's eyes opened immediately. A short, chubby, leprechaun of a boy stood in front of him. Patrick. He was sobbing terribly
"Oh Peter! Please wake up. Chelsea needs you. Peter, if you can hear me listen closely. Chelsea is dying. She needs someone especially close to her to talk to her and wake her up. You are the only one that can save her." Patrick tried in between sobs.
"Patrick, you've told him the same thing eight times now! He isn't going to wake up! Just give up!" Joe sobbed. Patrick stood up.
"Shut up! He will too! Just wait!!!" Patrick defended his best friend. Pete noticed the fight and took several deep breaths.
"Patrick. Help me." Pete's voice was shaky and unsure. Patrick turned away from punching Joe to see a Peter desperately trying to sit up in the bed. He rushed to pete's side and helped him up.


"Why is bad?" Pete had to put a hand to his mouth to keep from screaming at the sight. Chelsea lay on the bed, pale and lifeless. Several tubes were sticking in her body.
"The car hit on her side. She was closest." Patrick explained solemnly. Pete nodded and entered her room. He sat down in the chair beside her. Patrick left him be. Pete heard the slowing beat of the heart rate monitor. He was so frightened that the next beep would never come.
"Wow. Chelsea, I-I-I-I really don't know what to say," He lightly laughed. He looked up at her white face with tears spilling down his cheeks. He placed his hand over hers. Cold as death, he thought and started crying even harder. "Chelsea, I can't lose you too! Please don't go! I couldn't take it! DON'T GO!" He screamed before breaking into more tears. A distant memory floated into his head.

"Wow. This is pretty- Well. Uhm." She just decided to shut up for a moment. But the words suddenly came to her. "Look, I know what it's like. To end everything. To just have life stop. I've tried. Trust me, I've tried." She looked down at her wrist where the many scars and cuts existed.
"If she wasn't going to be in my life anymore, I just didnt want to live." His dry and raspy voice made Charlotte jump. She hadn't expected him to wake up. But he did.
"I understand completly. My family life sucked. And when my father beat my cat to death I tried to shoot myself but chickened out last minute and shout myself in the foot." Charlotte half laughed.
"You just don't want to live with the pain anymore." He whispered.
"It just hurts to breathe when they are'nt beside you." She said calmly.
"I didn't want it to hurt anymore."
"I just wanted my heart to stop beating."
"To just fall asleep forever."
"Charlotte?" Pete asked. Charlotte looked up in surprise. She had completly forgot who she was talking to. He smiled towards the roof.
"Yes Peter?" She answered.
"Thank you." He replied.
"For what?" Charlotte asked in confusion.

Pete looked up at Chelsea in despair. She moved slightly and her bottom lip trembled.
"I'm not going anywhere."

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