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Chapter 1

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6 months has passed since Galcain was defeated. Aika has some unfinished business to finish. She suceeds, but what has happen to her?

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A/N: I don't own "Skies Of Arcadia". It belongs to SEGA and Overworks. Except for the characters I made. And that's for the rest of the chapters as well. You can start reading now.

Chapter 1

6 months has passed since Vyse and his crew defeated Galcian and sank Soltis. Life's been peachy and nice for Vyse, Aika and Fina. They've now started an own Blue Rogue group. All of the original crewmembers have gone their separate ways so Vyse and company can't make as much plundering as they could before but they like it that way. Soon enough they'll be back in their heyday, and until then, they have to take advantage of the situation. After all, saving the world and everybody in it calls for a vacation, doesn't it? Right now we find them at Crescent Isle...

It was a bright summer day. Vyse had just awakened. He let himself lie a little longer and just relax. More often than not he had to force himself up from bed and make the ship ready for another day of plundering. Although Valua wasn't a problem anymore, the Black Pirates remained. But sometimes he had to keep it cool. Well, not Aika that is. She was always a bundle of energy. Always up and running. Then he started to get up. Better do it himself, rather than having Aika storming in and mimicking a 6 AM. alarm call. He started to dress in his usual black trousers and then a new red silk shirt. He had picked it up in Nasr three days ago. It was not a piece of cloth to wear in battle but on a day such as this it was good. He skipped the socks and instead turned up the lower parts of his trousers. Then he went out from the room and headed for the gals' rooms. He was just about to knock on Fina's door when he heard the sound of her calm breathing. She was a heavy sleeper, so he decided to let her be. Then he knocked lightly on Aika's door. He heard no foots skipping to the door. No nothing. He opened the door and saw she was gone. "Already up of course", Vyse thought. He went out of the living quarters and headed towards the inn to prepare some breakfast. If Aika hadn't eaten all supplies of course, he thought with a brisk smile. She was always crazy about food, but she was one of those envious humans that could eat three cream cakes and not gain a pound while others got a double chin after just looking at a potion of porridge. She had always managed to keep her slim figure. He opened the door but no Aika was there. Vyse frowned. Where could she be? He went for the docks. Maybe she was thirsty for some loqua? "Well, it's the best I can think of" Vyse thought for himself. As he entered the cave in which the dock were he went down the pole and started to look around.

"Aika! You... where are you!?" he called.

No response. This wasn't good! He hurried back to the living quarters to tell Fina. He was just halfway when Fina came out of the inn.

"You haven't found Aika?" he asked.

"No, why?" she asked.

"She's gone!"

Fina just smiled.

"No no. Have a look at this" she said and handed him a note. "I found this in her bedroom. She didn't answer when I knocked so I went in."

The note said: "Hi! I'm going to Nasr today and do some shopping. I'll be back around noon. Don't start lunch without me! Hugs: Aika. PS: Vyse, if you read this: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM! Bye bye!"

Vyse just smiled in relief.

"Well, so much for not barging into other peoples rooms" he said.

Fina smiled.

"So, do we get any breakfast?" she asked.


Some hours later, Vyse and Fina took a swim what was once the pond. It had been dug out much deeper so it worked as a pool. Fina, dressed in a swimming suit quite similar the her silvite dress, now sunbathed on the beach. Vyse had changed to a pair of black shorts that covered half of his thighs. For the moment he practised diving jumps from the fence up by the flagpole. Fina had tired of getting worried, and he made it without getting any wounds so she let him be. After a couple of rounds, Vyse just stood at the small docking area, where Fina's ship used to be docked before they moved it inside the harbour, and just looked out over the base. Then his eyes came across Fina. Fortunately she didn't see him, since she hadn't any sunglasses so she had to keep her eyes closed. He looked at her. She was really... TAP TAP TAP!

Vyse quickly turned around as fast as only the one caught in the middle of the act could do. Aika stood there and tapped her foot with her arms across her chest. She was dressed in her usual yellow shorts and a new black velvet blouse. It was tightly cut and didn't leave much for fantasy. Probably she had picked it up in Nasr. She didn't look all that happy.

"Vyse..." she said in a low tone.

"Oh, ehm, Hi Aika." Vyse said in a you-got-me-voice.

"I'm gone for a few hours and then, then you start to peek!"

Aika still had a small smile on her lips, meaning she wasn't dead serious.

She suddenly thrusted out with both hands out to push Vyse down in the pool. Luckily, Vyse had predicted this and dodged just in time. Aika's hands found no stop and suddenly she waggled over the fence and fell down at the pool! But before she fell any further, Vyse caught her right leg down by the foot.

"Whoa, that could've gone bad." Vyse said with a smile which Aika was out of angle to see.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Now pull me up!" Aika said

"Uh no! Not until you promise to... say... serve me breakfast in bed the rest of the week." he replied. "Plus you do some extra swabbing in the docks. Do we have a deal?"

"Aw, you're not fair! Let me go!"

Aika tried to sound angry but she had to laugh at the whole situation.

"Are you sure about that? Okay."

"NO, NO, NO! Get me up, glasspatched jerk!"

Fina had opened her eyes and now she bend over by laughter. Vyse decided he had had enough of fun and pulled Aika up. She looked at him with a face full of ersatz indignity.

"Is that a way a Blue Rogue treats a lady!?"

"Heh, you know, sometimes I forget you're a lady." Vyse said then he ran for all he was worth with Aika after him.

The chase went all over the base. Slowly Aika caught up on him, since Vyse couldn't run very good with bare feet.

"Fina", Vyse yelled, "Next time I pass give me a QUICKIE!"

"WHAT!" screamed Aika. "THAT'S IT!"

She stopped and reached for her boomerang.

"No, not that type of... eh. I meant the spell!" Vyse cried whilst he ran past the living quarters but Aika didn't listen.

She threw off her weapon against Vyse, but she aimed a little by the side so she wouldn't hit him, only scare him. It could be a deadly impact. But just then, Vyse tripped on a stone and to keep his balance he made a slight jump to the left. Just in the way for the incoming boomerang!

"VYSE! DODGE!!" Aika yelled in horror.

Vyse saw it coming and put up his hand to catch it, but too late! The boomerang hit him in the forehead and he fell down! He didn't move. His hands were grabbing the boomerang in a frozen grip of death.

"NOOO!" Aika cried. "NOOO!"

"HE'S DEAD!" Fina screamed.

Aika and Fina ran to Vyse with tears in their eyes. Aika fell down on her knees and held Vyse's lifeless body, tears falling down on his chest. Then suddenly he opened his eyes and laughed. He removed the boomerang. Apparently he had caught it just in time and just hold it.

"Hehehe!" Vyse laughed. "If you just could see your faces! Haha!"

Fina and Aika were just to shocked to argue back at Vyse. They sat down, while their hearts began to pound in a more regular beat and their sobbing died out. Vyse saw his "joke" hadn't been well received so he quit laughing.

"Alright, bad joke. I'm sorry." Vyse said with a steady voice.

He sat up on his knees and put his arms around the gals' shoulders. Aika at last managed to smile.

"Vyse?" she said.


"DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!" she called out with her normal cheerful voice and threw herself over Vyse.

A wild wrestle between them two started. Vyse took it easy since he didn't want to wreck Aika's new blouse. Fina was content to look and cheer them on. She finally began to smile. Eventually, Aika got the apprehend and pressed Vyse down at the ground on his back, with his arms under her shinbones. She put her arms in her sides and smiled triumphal.

"Haha! Looks like I won." she said. "Now, who was going to swab the docks?"

"Still you, Aika! I'm not giving in!"

Aika and Fina smiled at each other. He always said that, didn't he?

"Alright, how about some... hmmm alternative persuasion? Fina! Do you know who's reeeeally ticklish?"

"What?! No no no! Don't you dare, Aika! I warn you!"

"I have no idea." Fina said, pretending to not know a thing. "Who is?"

"Aika, you'll regret this!"

"Fina, go for the foot!"

Vyse tried to reach out for Aika but his arms were locked below her legs. It was hopeless.

"No, Fina no" Vyse plead. "Stop her!"

"Sorry, I'm only following orders." Fina said.

Aika took Vyse's chin in a light grip with the right hand, smiling she said:

"You still have one last chance, now what do you say?"

Vyse stared at Aika with a stern look.



Fina grabbed Vyse's right foot in locked grip in the crook of her arm and started to tickle his bare foot. Vyse tried to suppress his laughter, but it was hopeless and soon he laughed out load.

"Keep it up, I think he's giving in!" Aika called out.

"HaHaHa! Ne-he-he-he-he-ver!!"

"Come on, it's just for a week!"

He tried his best to wrangle his foot free without accidentally kicking Fina but to no success. It was hopeless! He had no choice.

"Oho-ho-ho kay, we'll ha-ha-ha-ha split it up!"

Aika held up her left arm.

"Cease fire! I think we've reached an settlement!"

"Aye aye" Fina replied and giggled.

Well, at least it was only a half loss. Aika stepped aside so Vyse could get up. His arms had gone numb. Aika patted Vyse on his back.

"Oh my, Vyse, you've battled against the whole Imperial Armada but had to surrender to two girls" she said with a smile.

"You know Aika, someday when you wake up, you'll find there's a bunch of poisonous snakes in your bed." Vyse shot back with a smirk.

The three friends laughed. It was just a regular day at Crescent Isle.


After a while Fina and Vyse went back to the living quarters for a quick change of clothes. Aika said she would take care of the lunch. Vyse remembered all too well how the last meal made by Aika had turned out. They had spent the whole day cleaning the stew of the windows, walls and floor plus they now had a permanent black spot over the fireplace. To avoid another disaster, Vyse said he could make the food while Aika got some loqua. While Aika went of to the docks area, Vyse quickly hurried to change his clothes. He came back to the inn just in time before Aika could try to cook something. After some minutes, the food was ready: Woked vegetables, fried potatoes and Fina had baked some bread. Together with the loqua: it was a splendid meal.

"So, how was your day in Nasr?" Vyse asked and took a sip of his loqua.

Aika swallowed some bread and then answered:

"Wonderful. Now when Nasrad is partly-rebuilt the bazaar is up and running. I could spend hours there if not for my lack of money."

"Speaking of that, how did you get there in the first place? The small ships are out of order and you couldn't have gone in the Delphinus all by yourself."

"I know", Aika giggled. "I had to use Fina's boat."

"My... what?" said Fina and stared at Aika like she had seen a ghost. "You can't control it!"

"Yeah, I admit, it was a little shaky at first but I got the hang of it real quick. The braking part were a little hard, though."

"Oh no! Did you crash?"

"No, no, don't worry. But I did create a minor traffic jam!"

Vyse sighed.

"Great. Just remind me not to let you take the heed of the /Delphinus/."

"You know, you're not fun anymore."

They all laughed. This was what made life good. A nice idle chat about nothing special together with your best friends. Sure, pirating was a huge part of their lives, but sometimes you just had to sit back and relax.

"Do anyone of you have any plans for tonight?" asked Aika, her glad voice now gone.

Sure, they all had some maintenance jobs at the /Delphinus/, polishing cannon balls, take care of their weapons and so on. However, judging from Aika's way of looking at them, Vyse and Fina knew it was something important. They both shake their heads. Aika spoke:

"I met someone in the city today. Tonight he'll be waiting at the Nasrad docks. I'd like one of you, Vyse, to pick him up and take him here."

Vyse raised his eye-brows.

"Don't you want to... well... see him alone?"

Aika frowned and said with a cold voice:

"This is not a date. It's... revenge!"
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