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Chapter 2

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6 months has passed since Galcain was defeated. Aika has some unfinished business to finish. She suceeds, but what has happen to her?

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Chapter 2

Day was about to turn into evening. Vyse and Aika sailed across the skies to reach Nasrad. During the day, Vyse and the others had managed to repair one of the lesser ships: Wave Line/. It was a ship quite similar to Drachma's /Little Jack but smaller. It didn't have any Harpoon Cannon either. As he stood on the bridge steering the ship, a thought struck Vyse.

"Aika, I just thought of something."

"Did you? Well, here!"

She passed him a small chocolate bar.

"Uh, what?" was Vyse's intelligent answer.

"This is the way they train koketas in Yafutoma. But I don't have any bird seed right now."

She giggled. Vyse wrapped the paper up and then said:

"How are we gonna get him back to our base without revealing the location?"

He started to chew.

"Well, we just blindfold him and maybe fly a different route. After we're done, we can dump him at Sailor's Island."

"Doesn't he live in Nasrad?"

"Hey, you'll loose your appetite! I don't know. I just met him today at the bazaar and tonight I'll get him good!"

/Oh, why do I smell trouble/, Vyse thought. Finally, they reached the Nasrad docks. They stepped out from the bridge. A man dressed in a long black coat, standing at the docks, seemed to await them. Aika smiled and waved at the person. The man started to move against them.

"Hey, hey Red! Finally decided to show up, eh?"

What the... Vyse thought as the man revealed himself. It couldn't be! The most loathsome Casanova-wanna-be that existed in whole Arcadia. The most disgusting pervert among the oceans. The only surviving admiral from Valua. Vigoro! And Aika had set up a date with him?

"Hi hunkey!" Aika said. "Ready to go?"

Hunkey? Vyse thought. "Now where did THAT came from?"

"Ho ho ho! Always honey!" Vigoro said in his usual self-assured voice.

"Aika, are you really sure about this?" Vyse whispered to his companion.

"Of course I am. Remember?"

Vigoro stepped onboard.

"SLIPARA!" Vyse called.

"What the..." Vigoro called out before the spell took effect.

After an instant, he fell in a deep sleep.

"Vyse, you didn't have to go that far." Aika said.

"I don't want him to try something on you." Vyse said straight.

Aika smiled warmly and stroked his cheek.

"Now take us home before Fina gets worried."

Vyse was thankful it was dark so his blush wasn't seen. They went back to the bridge, Vyse grabbed the boat's controls and set the course back to Crescent Isle.


Fina was busy preparing the food. On Aika's request she made a new sort of pudding. She took the boiling bowl from the stove and poured the food in four equally-sized dinner bowls. This looked good. Pirating alright, but when it came to food, Fina was the master. She sometimes used to think that the whole group would collapse if not for her. In most cases she was the one who kept things tidy and in order at the base. She smiled warmly. Suddenly, the door banged open. Fina quickly turned around and almost dropped the bowl she was holding. Aika stood in the door.
"Are you finished?"

"Just about now. Did you get him?"

"Oh yes, Vyse is up with him at the headquarters. We'll have a wonderful view."

Fina went out to look. Yes, the lights were lit at the room up at the mountain. It looked warm and inviting. While she had her eyes away, Aika sneaked in and poured a red liquid in one of the puddings. The liquid was quickly absorbed. She smiled devilishly. Fina went to the to living quarters to fresh herself up and change clothes. Meanwhile Aika put all the bowls at a big service-tray and carried them outside to the lift. She kicked the lever that controlled the machinery and soon she was on her way upwards, carefully holding her balance. Inside, she felt a mixture of disgust and pleasure. She had managed to leave worst of it behind, but her hatred for Vigoro still existed. But now her revenge were close at hand. The lift had reached it's destination and Aika kicked lightly at the front door to the main base and soon Vyse opened it up.

"We're all set?" he asked.

"Yeah, almost." Aika replied.

Vigoro (who had just ended a tiring babble about his latest woman hunting) was in the room, studying the model of Delphinus with a childish and envious fascination. He turned around and quickly smiled when he saw Aika.

"Hey, Red! Dinner before pleasure, huh?"

Aika had to concentrate very hard not to fly out in rage, although every fibre in her body wanted to beat Vigoro unconscious and dump him somewhere deep in the Dark Rift. Vyse managed to control himself as well, since Aika had asked him to not raise a hand against the admiral. Vyse didn't understand a bit about that but for Aika's sake he promised to "behave". She placed out the bowls around on the table.

"I'll just go get the loqua and Fina." Vyse said. "Aika, you coming?"


"Fina?" Vigoro said. "Man, two women in one..."

Vyse and Aika left the room before Vigoro could brawl some more. The former admiral chuckled. Now it was time to strike! He sat down his chair for the evening and poured down some corns in his food. Then, he switched his plate with the one in front of him. Perfect!


As they stood in the lift, Vyse avoided looking at Aika. She had a most angry look on her face, making her seemingly capable of biting of someone's head.

Down at the ground, Vyse went of to get the loqua-bottles from the docks, while Aika went to pick up Fina. Childhood friends and all, but Aika may had to confine herself to another woman. Vyse frowned. What did Aika hoped to achieve through all this? Aika had just passed the inn when Fina came out from her room. For the evening she was dressed in her silvite dress, looking gorgeous as always. She looked around and walked over to Aika.

"Ready?" she asked.

Aika nodded. She couldn't bail out now. Fina didn't know who the guest was, but she could tell that emotions stormed inside Aika and stepped forward to hug her lightly. Aika slowly responded. No need for words now. After a while Vyse approached. He chose to wait until they noticed him and when they did, the three friends went over to the lift.


The dinner was splendid. Or to say, the food was. The dinner company could definitely have been better. Aika sat at the place just in front of Mr. Pervert (Vigoro) with Fina next to her. Vyse sat just next to the ex admiral so Vigoro wouldn't let his mouth go berserk.. Then the dinner was finished. Vigoro leant forward.

"So, do you feel anything yet, Red?" he asked.
Aika raised her eyebrow.

"Like what?" she asked.

Vigoro grinned.

"Well, when you were out I decided to spice up your dinner since you still play hard-to-get."

He showed her a small jar with the text "Formula 44: Instant Love". It was empty...

"What the..." Vyse started and stood up. "Aika, are you really...?"

"Ooh, so that's why it tasted weird." she said drowsy.

She looked at Vigoro with eyes that screamed of lust.

"I'm ready for ya Red." Vigoro said with a chuckle.

"Aika! No, don't do this!" Vyse shouted.

Fina just stared. Her face was pale. Was this really happening?

"Vyse, no." said Aika. "This is by my free will!"

"That's right kiddo." Vigoro said. "So don't get in between, ya hear!"

Aika slowly rose from her chair, walked around the table whilst smiling at Vigoro. He had only eyes for her face and didn't notice the small dagger she took out from her pocket and when he did it was too late! One thrust and Vigoro howled of pain and fell down on the floor with his hands between his legs. Aika stood over him, holding the blooded dagger. She gave him a look of contempt.

"Perhaps this will learn you to not take advantage of a Blue Rogue. Or anyone at all!"

She bent down.

"But the real nightmare will start soon. This is just a warm-up."

She turned around. Fina looked in horror at the wrenching Vigoro. Vyse had a painful look on his face. Being a guy and all, he could really feel the pain although it was Vigoro.

"Ok, now we just have to ship him away." Aika said.

Vigoro slowly rose to his feet and stumbled to the door.

"Hey, don't go anywhere! You might get lost." Aika said.

"Back off!" Vigoro said with his teeth gritted.

With one hand, he managed to open the door and then he slowly stepped out. The three air-pirates followed him. Vyse then noticed that...

"Hey, watch it! The lift is..."

In the darkness, Vigoro was unable to stand firmly on the very small lift. He fell of, hit the mountain-wall and made a very painful sliding all the way down to the ground.

"Do you think he survived?" Fina asked.

Vyse stepped forward and looked down at the fallen man.

"Sure, he's still moving." Vyse said. "But I don't think that felt good."

Slowly, Vigoro stood up and staggered for the stairs. But his legs were still very unstable and he fell down the stairs and landed with his face down on the very hard ground.

"One down..." Vyse said.

"... on the nose." Aika finished.

"By the way, shouldn't we do something about the lift. It's a little unsafe." Fina said.

Aika shrugged.

"Nah, I kinda like it as it is."


Using Fina's "shuttle", they managed to get Vigoro to Sailors Island in just a couple of hours. But this time Fina took the controls. Occasionally, Vyse gave Vigoro a small SACRI, just enough to keep him from bleeding to death but not enough to conceal the pain. They dumped Vigoro at the docks, made sure that someone would check him up and then they quickly rocketed back to Crescent Isle. Now they passed Valua just north of the Nasredian border.

"Don't you think you went a little too far?" Vyse asked.

"Well, he's still a man if you get my point." Aika said with a grin.

"Hmm, always something, I guess. So that was your whole plan, huh?"

"No, I just got so angry when he said he had 'spiced' up my food with some disgusting love potion. Of course I didn't feel anything but I happened to have a dagger with me so..."

She shrugged.

"Mental note: Never ever piss off Aika." Vyse said to himself but loud enough so that Aika could hear.

Aika and Fina just laughed. Aika leant against Vyse's shoulder.

"Alright, so how about letting me take the heed of Delphinus next time we're off?" she asked.

"Ehm, well. Look! You can see the yellow moon from here." Vyse said and looked up at the western sky.

"Hey, what now?!" Aika said.

"Cool down Aika." Fina said. "Vyse, watch!"

He turned around. Cupil emerged from Fina's sleeve and then he turned to a sharp blade. Fina smiled.

"Alright, alright I get your point." Vyse said quickly.

Aika just smiled, gave Vyse a pat on his shoulder and blinked at Fina.

"So, what was that whole revenge about then?" Fina asked.

"Oooh, just a little something I picked up the bazaar today." Aika replied.

"What was it?" Vyse said. "Woman repellent?"

"Nope. It could be something for Gilder though." said Aika and laughed.

"Eternal impotence potion?" Fina suggested.

Vyse and Aika looked at her in amaze. Fina, just realising what she had said, blushed a bit. Then Aika started to giggle, Then Vyse joined in. Fina couldn't help it and soon they all laughed so hard that she had a hard time trying to control the ship.
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