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I Breathe The Mist And Continue Walking

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Gerard finds a key and the dreams begin

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A/N: I got the original idea for this chapter from the back of the words book in Senses Fail album 'Still Searching' makes it so easy when you have something to describe. This is were the dreams begin more than the action and remember not to get too attached to anyone...

Disclaimer: sticks tongue out So I don't own MCR or Senses Fail or AFI but I own the genius that is this story laughs Only kidding about the genius...and haven't abandoned our little mad house have you looks worried
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Chapter 6
I breathe the mist and continue walking

Outside it was freezing; the fog wrapped around you like a blanket but this one soaked you to the bone and sent chills running up and down your spine. Gerard stood out in the middle of the long driveway that ran up to the mansion, still looming above the band. His breath added to the mist in front of him as he stared around in surprise remembering what the driveway had used to look like. As they'd walked up their path had been boarded with more beautiful topical plants than you could care to count and in typically L.A. fashion palm trees had cast stretched shadows over the ground as exquisite scents had floated up to them from the multicoloured flowers that blanketed the ground. Now the scene was terrifyingly different; broken and rotting branches reached out to engulf them from either side, their trees twisted and ancient, carved into menacing faces by age and by weather. The ground was coated in thick ash, where Gerard could see past the mist and the tour bus that they'd parked in front of the huge, old house had disappeared.
Gerard took a deep breath and turned back to the others, who were shivering in the winter cold that just wouldn't happen in L.A.
"So where the hell are we?" Ray asked quietly, from where he stood, Frank half leaning on him, still shaken from what he'd seen. The rest of the band seemed to look at the vocalist for guidance as soon as the words were out of Ray's mouth.
Gerard sighed "I don't know." He told them all simply. "I don't know where the fuck we are and what the fuck is going to happen to us okay?" His voice was so quiet and level it was frightening.
The rest of the band lapsed into silence, Mikey breaking it several seconds later "We better get back inside or we're all gonna freeze." He told them all quietly, not looking at Gerard.
Bob muttered his approval and began to walk back to the house, the rest of them following him apart from Frank, who stood back and looked at Gerard, who had turned away from the house and was staring back down the driveway to where the electric lights of Los Angeles should have been glinting in the distance.
"We'll be okay Gee..." He threw into the mist that was slowly consuming the vocalist "We'll be okay." He whispered, the last time more to reassure himself than Gerard - in his mind it was still a bad dream.

Gerard closed his eyes and breathed out mist into the fog that had swirled into a curtain around him, cutting him off from the rest of his band and this world. Sighing to himself he opened green eyes and slumped down, cross legged on the ash covered ground, and began to sing.
"I can remember, a place I used to go, Chrysanthemums of white, they seemed so beautiful. I can remember, I searched for the amaranth, I'd shut by eyes to see. Oh, how I smiled then, so near the cherished ones, I knew they would appear...saw not a single one. Oh, how I smiled then, waiting so patiently, I'd make a wish and bleed."
As he sung quietly - words that he hadn't thought up himself that rang in his ears still perfectly unique every time - his fingers absentmindedly dug into the ash by his feet, not really registering anything till they hit something hard. Gerard almost jumped and shaking his head he looked down to see what the hell was buried under his feet. Drawing away some more of the ash something began to glint under the grey and several minutes later he found himself holding up a pendant. The chain that looped around his fingers was made of silver and had hardly tarnished but the pendant it's self captured his attention. It was in the shape of a peacock with its feathers spread out in a fan behind it, each individual feather was made out of a different kind of gem stone, ranging from jade to amethyst to the diamond which sat proudly in the middle. The peacock was mostly made out of silver but its eyes were golden, and caught the little lit that was penetrating the thick fog. Gerard stood up, the pendant still draped around his fingers and started back into the house, a nagging little voice at the back of his head telling him to drop it and never pick it up again but there was something stronger which made sure he held on to it until he got back into the house and back upstairs until he dropped it on the table by the side of his bed and went downstairs.


In the corner of her room something was emerging out of the shadows, she shivered in fright as she buried her head under the blankets, only just peeking out to watch the creature that had appeared. It sniffed the air slightly before turning its glowing red eyes upon her, with a fiery malice in them which was terrifying her.
"Mama!" She cried, from under the blankets, her small cry almost made the creature jump but it regained it's composure and began to slowly and carefully pace towards her. "Mama!" She cried again "Mama!"
Seconds later her door creaked open, temporally blinding this creature of the dark with the light that flowed from the hall to reveal a tall woman, her stormy sea blue eyes taking in every detail of the room and the monster.
"Get out." She spat in its direction, her slim frame radiating with command.
The creature didn't move, it only glared back up at her, hissing and spitting. She grimaced and took a step towards it, then shot her hand out, taking the thing by surprise and wrapping her hand around it's neck she pressed her other hand to it's forehead and with a feeble squeak it disappeared into a pile of grey ash and two tendrils of ghostly mist.
Looking over to her daughter, who was still cocooned under her blanket she sighed and moved the sheets away from the child's face.
"Go to sleep now Kaela." She whispered to the girl. "Go to sleep the monsters have gone now."
Her daughter smiled up at her before closing her eyes and slipping back into her dreamland. She didn't see he mother walk slowly out of the room, scooping up the ash before she went and then opening the sash window opposite her bed to sprinkle with air with ash, she never did and hopefully never would.

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