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Theresa's head over heels! Her friedsn totally gush and bug the heck out of her!

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Theresa sat on the cafeteria benchesa outside with her friends. Right now it was break time and the girls were chatting about random things.

Theresa and Atlanta's two friends Stella and Elizabeth were playing their MP3 and listening together.

They switched the song to Fergie's Clumsy.

Atlanta overheard it playing.

"Hey I love this song!"

Everyone turned around. The two smiled.

Suddenly Jay came up to them.


Theresa was startled she turned around to meet Jay's gze.

"Oh..." She put a strand of her hair back."Hey."

He always melted at her shy looks.

"Hey I was wondering if you could make it to me and Odie's basketball game, we're versing North Olympia High."

"Oh sure, I think I can make it today." She saw him bouncing his basketball. She smiled a sweet perky smile at him.

"Great." He ran off.

Theresa daydreamed into space.

Atlanta and their friends looked at each other and smiled.

"You soo like Jay, and he soo likes you back." Her friend Stephanie nudged her.

"Huh?" Theresa was knocked from her position that love pose where you put one leg on the other and ay your head on your hand.

"Yep, she totally does." Atlanta crossed her arms.

"What? No!!!" Theresa barked as she got up, "Don't be ridiculous."

"You got it going!" Her other friend got up.

Theresa walked away a bit and turned around. She put her hands on her hips.

"Oh come on Theresa!" They moved in front of her.

Fergie's lyrics of her song just repeated in her head.

in loveeee

Ughhh, Theresa put her hand out to shoo them away.

She sat back down on the bench crossing her arms tight.

"Just take a look at him...your definitely head over heels."

Theresa was surprised when Atlanta used that remark.

"Nonsense Lan!" She shouted almost but barely.

"I can't..."

Theresa stood up to see that gorgeous boy of her's walk away down the walls of the school into the basketball court.

Her eyes were glued tight as a kid was glued to chocolate.

You got me tripin, stumblin,
Theresa was about to take a step as she starred at him in such enetertainment she tripped over the leg of the bench.

The girls caught her.

"Oh yeah..." Stephanie said in such sarcasism.

"your totally distracted!!! Like look aty you!" Melinda said.

Theresa raused her brow a bit.

"You guys got it totally wrong!"

"Doesn't seem so...Theresa come on we totally know the truth!"

"Did I say so?"


"Then howwould you know?"

"It's soo obvious!"

"It is..." She lowered her head.


"Well!!!...his eyes..."


"Their like stars...when a light touches, it shines from the bblackness like space...a fudge-liek chocolate cake...and the blacklashes outline it..."

The girls got more interested.

"What else makes him so special?"

"Everything..." She said in amazement. Almost wanting to take a deep romantic breath...

"His hair, whenever he's confused he always has to moved those shiny glossy strands back, likeyou want to run your fingers through it."

The girls got in a comfortable position.
This...was going to be long and absoulutly!!!...Romantic...

"That nice shade of brown is like a dream full of candy, sweet addicting candy..."

Atlanta smiled, she wasn't a romantic type of girl, but when Theresa spoke it...she fell in love with the words.

"The way he speaks, the way he talks, the way he orders you around...makes you know." Theresa couldn't find a word for a second.

The girls tried to finish for her.




"Truely amazing."

Each of them said except Atlanta.

Theresa took a breath. "Yeah..."

Theresa saw them all listening, hands on their chins, all they needed was a pillow to help them melt some more.

They all giggled.

"Boys...let's see how do you describe crushes?"

Stella answered that.

"Like fergie's song...clumsy."

"Yeah like Theresa, stripin, tumblin, stumblin,..." Atlanta laughed.

They all giggled even Theresa.

Melinda sat up straight. "'s obvious now we all like someone! Starting with...Atlanta!"

"Oh come on!" Atlanta whined.

"Well, you never get in the romantic mood and you never seemed to be interested in gusy before...this'll be fun!" Stephanie clapped.

"Oh boy, herreeee we go..." Atlanta sulked.

They giggled with full joy and laughter.

They all started whispering...

"We've narrowed it down to Matt, Justin, Archie and Winston."

Atlanta blushed.

They all cheered.

"Oh goody!"

"I'm saying she likes Winston." Stephanie said.

"No! Got to be Justin!" Melinda replied back.

"Uh uh not in a million years, totally Matt!" Stella joined in.

"Girls...who else would it be but Archie?" Theresa made a point, the girls didn't follow.

"Someone say my name?" Archie said coming up to them, he was reading a book.

Atlanta thought she fall off the table right then.

The girls saw her move her leg and she banged it on the bench's leg, same leg as Theresa did.

The girls smiled.

"ahhhh..." Stefphanie nodded.

Atlanta jumped back up and put her hand over her mouth.

Stephanie took it off.

"I won't say anything..."

"Won't say what?" Archie asked questioning.

'Nothing...umm...What's that Archie?" Atlanta asked out of curiosity.

"A book of poems...why you asking?"

"No reason...just-"

The girls turned around to face her, their were mouthing several things.

"wondering- what?" She saw Theresa and Elizabeth say two different things.

"i- no...please...wait...what?"

Archie got confused. "Um, I got to go...see ya."

"I-..." Atlanta dropped her arms. "Okay...bye!" She tried to put on a grin.

She plopped down back on her seat when Archie left.

"Thanks guys..." The girls were sad for her.

"No problem." Melinda piped up.

The girls starred at her.

Melinda stopped...'What?!"

The girls shook her head and then the bell rang, break was over.

Melinda was distracted when she sat up from the bench.

She sw Justin skateboarding by her, she was about to walked with the girls but tripped just like Theresa did over the leg.

"Errr stupid leg!"

The girl looked back....another girl's secret was unlocked.


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