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Sixteen - 'Oh,'

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again, thank you for the reviews :) i'm glad so many people are reading the story too, it makes me want to write more!
i would also just like to state that my story is fictional =]
"So," Mikey said as he sat, staring attentively into the wooden grain of the kitchen table. "You're jealous because she's taking your best friend away from you?"

Gerard nodded and looked away, focusing on the calendar upon the wall. Mikey laughed, and traced the outline of a wood grain, listening to Gerard's heavy breathing.

"No," Gerard quickly said, sharply turning his head. "That's not it," he added. Mikey's eyes widened at the prospect of some more juicy gossip. He felt kinda bad for being excited; after all, it was making his brother painfully misanthropic.


"Well," Gerard took a deep breath. "It's kinda like, well, I can't stand them together. I hate it when she's with him because she seems so engrossed by his fucking personality and it pisses me off. It's like she's fucking TRYING to mess up our relationship." He paused and smiled. "The funniest thing though, is that I can't stop thinking about her and I don't know what the fuck to do. I told myself that when she walked out of my life she was NEVER coming back again. EVER."

Mikey didn't really know what to say. He was in a slightly sticky position; mentally, he didn't know what the hell to say to Gerard and literally, he was dripping in coffee.

"I know what they're doing," Gerard continued. "They're together, aren't they? Fuck Asses." Gerard's heart skipped a beat as the juxtaposition of love and despise mixed within his bloodstream. He clenched his fists, pushing his top teeth against his bottom.

"I don't know," Mikey quickly replied. His answer was truthful, he really didn't know - although he had suspected it from the moment Frank started talking about her. He shook his head to move his fringe from his eyes.

"I'm not gonna over-react. I'm just gonna wish them well and forget about it. I shouldn't be jealous of them, Frank's a cool guy, and he wouldn't desert me. And as for HER, well, I'll just have to forget about that too. I coped ten years ago, what's stopping me from coping now? Her face depresses me anyway...."

Mikey snorted at Gerard's comment at the end, but he knew Gerard was putting on a facade. Gerard was petrified of losing Frank, his rock throughout the past few difficult years. He was also petrified of losing Amber again, terrified of feeling used and empty again. However, Mikey didn't want to show his lack of faith in Gerard, it would only upset him even more and who knows what he'd do.

"Okay, yeah, sounds good," he replied, yawning slightly.

"That's settled then." But Gerard knew deep in his heart it wasn't settled. The matter was not closed, and the feelings of both jealousy and love leaked into the chamber of his heart, circulating throughout his body, poisoning his blood.


"He doesn't even like bowling," Frank told Amber as they drove towards the Bowling Alley, cigarette in his mouth.

"Soo," she replied, taking a sip of Vitamin Water. "It gives us a chance to talk to him and have fun at the same time. It's not as if we're not speaking anymore. We're still friends."

Frank tutted, as he had the gut instinct that Gerard was not going to like his and Amber's decision. From the way Gerard looked at Amber in the Church Hall, he knew Gerard felt something towards her. He kinda felt bad for 'stealing' Amber away, after all, Gerard knew her first.

He laughed at himself. He was being so childish! That was what kids in elementary school thought, not 19 year olds.

"Yeah," he agreed.

They drove into the parking lot behind the Bowling Alley, and walked inside where they met Gerard and Mikey who tagged along so Gerard didn't feel 'left out'.

The four were playing on the last lane on the right, and the Alley was completely deserted apart from a man with two children whining about how they 'can't chuck the bawl pwoperwee'.

Mikey had typed in the names of everyone, which showed up on the screen. First was 'Fronk', next was 'Bee Gee', then 'Ambra' and last but not least, 'SUPERMIKEYXXX'. Frank laughed and smacked Mikey over the head, which Gerard copied, sending them into a fit of laughter.

The atmosphere was no longer uncomfortable like it had been a few moments ago. Frank felt relaxed again, and he completely forgot about what he and Amber were going to tell Gerard. Gerard also felt the same. He had fun playing bowling, knocking down all the pins and showing everyone what a 'BAD ASS MO'FO' he was. He forgot about all his feelings of pain and hurt and just enjoyed the game.

However, the game had to come to a close and both Frank and Amber knew it was time to tell Gerard. They were both feeling slightly nauseous about the idea, but knew it would be okay when they had eventually said it. Gerard was their friend, he had known both of them for a long time and he was bound to support them, right?

"Oh," Gerard said uncomfortably. His heart dropped a thousand stories and smashed into little fragments onto the floor. His eyes shot wide open and he felt faint. He had known this moment would come, and he had tried to prepare himself, but nothing, absolutely NOTHING could prepare him for the feelings that he had just experienced.

There was a pregnant pause, which seemed to last into eternity. The silence of the Bowling Alley didn't help either, it just emphasised Gerard's heartbreak. However, he didn't want his feelings to be evident, as that would make Frank and Amber think he was completely pissed off and unsupportive - the last thing he wanted.

"Well," Gerard finally continued, "I'm happy for you. I mean, congratulations." He paused again and forced a pathetic laugh. "It sounds as if you're getting married!"

Mikey looked at the floor. He could sense his brother's discomfort and pretended to receive a text message from Donna.

"Oh," he said, pressing random keys on his cell, "Mom said we have to home urgently."

Gerard's heart leapt, wondering why his Mother would want them both home. Had something terrible happened? He laughed, ironically. How could something more terrible have happened?

"Okay, erm, well, I guess we'll catch up later?" Frank said as he put his hand on Gerard's shoulder. Gerard forced a smile.

"Yeah, okay," he replied. Amber leant over to hug him, but he was not in the mood. He simply put his arm, feebly on her shoulder and whispered 'goodbye' in her ear and left with Mikey.

They got into the car. The rain was heavily beating down on the sunroof, and the illuminated dashboard made the raindrops look green. Gerard was shaking, physically and mentally.

Mikey didn't say anything. He felt bad. He should have told Gerard that Frank had feelings for Amber and maybe they could have sorted something out. Mikey thought about one of Gerard and Frank's pacts - they'd never let a girl come between them. He felt like he had messed up not only Gerard's relationship with Amber, Gerard's relationship with Frank, but also Gerard's relationship with him - his own brother.

Meanwhile Gerard put his head on the cold window, the precipitation running down his forehead, mixing with the tears. He thought to himself, racking his brain for a solution.

What was the point? He had nothing to look forward to anymore. His cartoons weren't liked, he was jealous of his best friend's girlfriend who he happened to be in love with, and he was a burden to his family. Why should they keep picking up the pieces of Gerard's broken life? If only there were some way to fix it all....
awh, feels sorry for Gerard. ha ha, completely random, but i just love the way American's say Gerard! It's completely different to how us Brits pronounce it. SORRY that was random ha! do feel free to review :)
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