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Seventeen - Tickets

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"I love you," she said as she kissed his forehead with her soft lips. He closed his eyes in sheer delight - this was what he had always wanted. He took a deep breath and wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her hips and burying his head into her stomach. She smelt of Lilies.

"I love you even more," he replied, his voice dripping with pride and satisfaction. He smiled to himself and she placed her arms on his back, her left hand stroking up and down.

He could hear her heartbeat - gentle but alive. He dug his fingers into her waist, just to feel protected by her loving warmth. She giggled softly at him and kissed the crown of his head before resting her chin on him.

"You're the most perfect thing ever, and I'm so glad I have you in my life. Stay with me forever?" She asked him, closing her eyes.

His face shone with contentment, his smile nearly falling off his face.

"Yes, yes of course Amber, I never want to leave you, ever since............."

"JESUS SODDING CHRIST, MIKEY, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Gerard yelled as he opened his tired eyes, which stung from all the crying he had done. His brother, Mikey, was towering above him, tapping him on the shoulder.

Gerard was sat in the chair besides the fire, his legs pulled up to his chest and his arms wrapped around them. Mikey was now stood in front of him, cheeky grin on his face holding a pair of what looked like tickets.

"Sorry, you were sleeping for ages, and I just couldn't contain the excitement any longer," he said quickly, panting for breath. He cleared his throat, and presented the two items to Gerard, shoving them in his face. Gerard squinted to make out the writing on the tickets, and as he did, his mouth dropped wide open.

"OH MY FUCK!" He screamed, jumping up and hugging Mikey. Mikey laughed and hugged his brother, slapping him on the back and jumping up and down, which Gerard copied.

"I KNOW!" Mikey yelled, his voice full of excitement. He pulled away from his brother and smiled, looking at the tickets. "This Friday! I'm soooo excited!"

Gerard laughed and rubbed his eyes, which were still aching. He didn't really care though, he was looking forward to the concert, after all, they were one of his favourite bands.

"How the hell did you get Misfits tickets?!" He asked Mikey, as he went over to the mantelpiece to grab his cell.

"Well," Mikey paused and stroked his chin sarcastically, "Frank was like 'Yeah dude, I'm gonna get tickets, do you want two?' and I was like 'Yeah dude, sweet' and then he got us some!" He stopped and looked and Gerard, nodding frantically.

Gerard laughed. Since when did Mikey turn into a character from 'Wayne's World'? He unlocked his cell - no one had called. He bit his lip and thought for a second. How did Frank get the tickets? The Misfits were a really popular band, especially if they were playing in Jersey. Tickets would be really hard to come across, unless you had 'connections'.

"How the fuck did Frank get the tickets?" He asked Mikey, putting his cell in his pocket.

"Apparently, one of Amber's friends is Ashley Caiafa," he replied. Gerard's jaw dropped.

"Caiafa?! Isn't that?"

"It is," Mikey donned a smug expression. There was a slight pause as the two guys stood in their lounge, staring at the tickets. "I wonder if she's unattached, if you know what I'm saying," Mikey winked as he nudged Gerard. Gerard spat, and bent over, nearly collapsing with laughter.

"You? Talk to a girl?!" Mikey blushed as he adjusted his glasses.

"Aw, Gee, shut up!" He said as he kicked Gerard's shin, causing Gerard to fall onto the floor.

"URGH!" Gerard screamed as he grabbed Mikey's ankles and pulled him down onto the floor. "REVENGE, MI AMGO!"

"AAAAAAAH!" Mikey yelped as he crashed to the floor, his glasses flying off under the couch. "THE TICKETS! NOOO!"

The pair of tickets fell out of his hand and fell into the waste bin. The looks on the boy's faces were indescribable. Both their eyes widened and they both reached out the hands to try and stop the tickets from falling into the bin.

Gerard shot up and salvaged the tickets, cradling them in his hand and cooing over them, kissing them lightly.

"You fuck ass!" Gerard shouted at Mikey, who was in creases of laughter. "You nearly murdered the babies!"

"Sorry 'ickle wickle tickety-poops," Mikey chuckled, poking the tickets.

"That's better," Gerard said, nodding. "Anyway, she knows Jerry Only's daughter?!"

"Yup, I couldn't believe it either. Like I said, I'm gonna try and see what the ol' 'Mikeynator' can do," he raised his eyebrows in a lewd manner. Gerard burst out laughing again, this time pretending to wipe a tear from his eye.

"MIKEYNATOR?! Pffft! What are you implying?!"

"Oh shut up, Gerard, you're just jealous!" He said, sticking his tongue out and snatching the tickets. "I'm keeping them in a safe place so YOU don't lose them," he continued. Last time Gerard was in charge of the tickets, he ended up selling them for a dollar to some weirdoes at the Mall.

"Whatever," he retorted, "If you lose them, don't expect me to ask Frank and Amber for more!"

The words hit him and his facial expression changed from happy and smiley, to forlorn and dejected. Frank and Amber? He shuddered. Those two words sliced his heart in two. He was pushed, violently like a Soldier from an Airplane from his comfort zone and into a world of depression. Those two words were the reason he was crying.

He cast his mind back to his dream, the one that Mikey had awoken him from. He clenched his fists. Stupid Mikey for waking him up. His stomach turned and he closed his eyes. That dream was so perfect, only if it were reality.

Gerard walked over to the window and looked out. His eyes saw a beautiful, snow capped land and the frost on the sidewalks glistened under the light of the shining sun. Gerard, on the other hand, saw a bleak, lifeless area that offered him no hope, only coldness and shade. Why were those two words, 'Amber and Frank' making him process such thoughts?

He turned away from the window, no longer able to bear the corpse of the world. For a brief moment, he smiled at the concept of the concert. Then, his thoughts turned. Frank and Amber were going to be there, as an item. How would he cope with their incessant canoodling, their constant attention towards each other?

Gerard closed his eyes and slid, slowly down the wall, his head collapsing into his knees. He bit his lip hard; until he could taste the comforting flavour of blood linger in his mouth.

don't you just want to give Gerard a big hug and tell him it's going to be okay? awhh, poor Gerard!
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