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It's Okay I Promise

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Monica is sure her life is getting better all the time, isn't it?

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Gerard was still sitting at the kitchen table with a cold cup of coffee when Monica returned. "Hey, is Kara still here or did Hope pick her up?" She placed the grocery bag on the table.
"A friend of hers picked her up about 15 minutes ago." He answered trying to sound normal. He knew he had promised Kara not to say anything but keeping this from Monica was bad.
"So did you two have a nice talk?" She had her back to him putting the milk in the refrigerator so she missed the look on his face.
"She needed to talk about Bob," he answered. It wasn't a lie. He stood and stretched. "So what do you want to do today?" A change of subject was definitely needed.
She looked over at him "What I would like is for you to call Ray. I know he has called several times trying to talk to you. When I was at the store he called my cell trying to reach you. I told him I would have you call him."
Gerard snapped at her "I'll talk to him when I want to, OK" He stood and put his cup in the sink.
Monica stated at him. "Look you are mad at him and I know it has something to do with me. If I was guessing her probably told you that you needed to pay more attention to the band and less to me. Am I right?"
He felt bad for snapping at her "Look, don't worry about it. Ray and I have been mad before, shit; we've been together for years. It's no big deal"
Monica was going to answer but her cell beeped "Hello"
She listened to the caller then answered "Well I will come over and talk but I'm not sure about my pig-headed boyfriend."
He looked at her and smiled.
"Ray, hold on a sec" she lowered the phone "What?" she wondered why he was giving her that adorable lop-sided grin.
"That's the first time you have called me you boyfriend," he told her.
"Yea, and it may be the last if you don't go over an talk to Ray." She threatened.
He took the phone from her "Hey man" Ray said something and he responded with "Yea, I'll be there in a few". He closed the phone and handed it back to her.
"Now go talk to your friend and tell him you'll keep your mind on the band instead of worrying about me." She pushed him towards the door, "Things are great between us so nothing to worry about"
He kissed her good -bye and headed out. In his mind he was thinking -yea nothing to worry about. Your daughter knows something happened to your dead husband and that you're hiding it and oh, by the way she might be pregnant by one of my good friends. - Yea nothing to worry about.
Monica hummed as she straightened up the kitchen. It was nice Kara felt that she could talk to Gee and Kelly adored him. Her life was definitely looking better all the time.
Her phone beeped again, this time it the caller ID let her know it was Bert. "Hey, Bert" she answered.
"Monica, how's it going?" He didn't even wait for her to respond. "Is Gee around? I tried calling his cell but he has it turned off"
"You just missed him. He's headed to Ray's."
"Oh, well in that case I'll just talk to you." He laughed.
Monica walked into the living room and sat on the sofa. "Gosh, thanks Bert. You have to settle for talking to me"
He did the insane giggle "That's not what I meant and you know it. But since he's not around can I ask you something?" Suddenly he sounded very serious.
"Sure Bert, what is it?"
"You aren't really going to break it off with him are you? I mean shit you two are so right for each other."
"Actually Gee and I are going to try to make things work out. We have some unresolved issues but we both want to try to work through them." She admitted.
"Man, that's good to hear." He told her honestly. "Cause I'm not sure how the guy was gonna make it if you broke it off. He's so in love with you there ain't nothing you could have done in the past that could change that"
Monica flinched at his words. For the thousandth time the voice in her head was taunting her. She physically shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Uh, Bert was there anything else?"
He was silent a moment "Monica secrets are bad." He started to add something else but she cut him off.
"I'll tell Gee you called, bye Bert" she disconnected quickly. She was starting to get a headache and took several aspirins. Her phone beeped and she answered without bothering to look at the caller ID.
"What now?" she practically shouted.
"Uh, Monica it's me" Gerard's voice sounded confused "Are you OK?"
She closed her eyes and tried to sound normal "Sorry, Gee. I've got a headache. Oh, Bert called and he wants to talk to you." She hoped by changing the subject he wouldn't ask any more questions.
"I'll give him a call. Anyway I was going to see if you wanted to go to lunch with Ray and me. He doesn't want there to be any bad feelings between you two."
Her head was pounding, "My head really hurts. I just took some aspirin and I think I'll just lay down and wait for them to start working. You guys go to lunch and tell Ray everything is cool between us."
"Are you sure? I could just come back and take care of you" The concern in his voice was just making it worse.
"Gee, I'm sure. Go to lunch and I'll see you later, OK."
He didn't sound convinced, "Are you sure you're OK?"
She sighed, "I'm fine. Now have a nice lunch with Ray and I'll see you this afternoon" The pounding in her head was getting worse,
"Love you," he told her.
" I love you, Gee" she closed the phone and laid down on the sofa. Thankfully a few minutes later the medicine stated working and she fell asleep.
When Gerard arrived back at the house he found her still sleeping. He sat on the floor by the sofa and simply watched her sleep. She was so beautiful to him. She was everything he had ever wanted. As he watched she stirred. Suddenly she shook her head back and forth and he realized she was having a nightmare. Her voice was eerie "Stop it" she cried out "Stop please" Gerard didn't know wither he should wake her. Her next words chilled him "I wish you were dead" she sobbed." Dead".
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