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"Bad Boy" is Back

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a trip to Wal-mart is anything but normal

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"Gee, is something wrong?" Monica asked. They had been watching "Dune" for the last hour but she could tell his mind was not on the movie. Any time she made a comment on the movie she would have to repeat it. Something was definitely not right.
He shifted slightly so she could snuggle closer to him. "Why?"
"Well because I can tell you aren't really paying attention to the movie. Do you want to put something else on?"
"No, I like this movie. Guess I'm just thinking about starting the tour. I've got lots on my mind, honey. Sorry." He was worried. He hadn't heard from Kara. She had promised to call him as soon as she knew if she was pregnant. Shit, this was bad. He wondered how Bob was going to react. He knew his friend was in love with Kara. How would this affect their relationship? His cell rang and he answered quickly.
"Yea, hold on a minute" he said. "Monica I'll be right back" He left her on the sofa and went into the kitchen where he could talk freely.
"Ok, honey what did you find out?' he asked. He didn't realize Donna had walked into the kitchen.
Gerard listened to her answer "So you're sure you're not pregnant? OK, great. Yea, we'll leave around 4:00" he listened then answered "Yea, right" he snapped the phone closed then turned. His mother was staring at him.
"Gerard what was that all about?" she looked shaken. "Who were you talking to?"
"I can't talk about it right now" he looked down and sighed.
She crossed the room and took hold of his arm "Gee, what is going on? Who isn't pregnant?"
He needed her opinion. He felt so conflicted. Part of him thought he should tell Monica; he hated keeping this from her. The other part of him knew he had promised Kara."
He glanced towards the room where Monica watched the movie. In a low voice he told Donna, "Kara thought she was pregnant. She confided in me this morning but asked me not to tell her mom."
"My God, she's still in high school. What the hell was Bob thinking?" she sounded shocked and angry.
"She lied to him and told him she was on birth control. He doesn't even know about this. I made her promise to tell him the truth tomorrow night when I take her to pick him up at the airport."
Donna nodded "She has to tell him. But what about Monica? Can you keep this from her?"
"Shit, I hate this." Gerard ran his hand thru his short blond hair. "I don't want to keep secrets from her."
"You mean like she does?" Donna asked softly.
He frowned "Mom, whatever she is keeping locked inside is bad. I'm afraid it could destroy her." He looked away "yesterday when I took her and Kelly out to breakfast she had an anxiety attack. I knew what was happening because of Mikey. Shit, she is so fragile. I just want to protect her"
"You can only do so much. She is letting this eat her alive."
He shook his head "I won't let that happen. I love her too much."
His mother hugged him tightly "Gee you are a good man. If anyone can save her it will be you and your love for her."
Monica walked in "I don't meant to interrupt I was just going to get a glass of water". She wondered what was going on they both were upset.
Gerard smiled "Hey you were right I'm not really paying attention to the movie. Grab your coat."
"Where are we going?" she asked
He thought a moment. "We have to go buy something at Wal-Mart."
She laughed, "OK I get that your not going to tell me." She went to get her coat.
When she left the kitchen Donna looked at Gerard "This could really backfire on you. If she find out you knew and didn't tell her she probably won't take it very well."
He had already figured that. "Yea, I know." He said sadly.
When they got to the park lot he parked the car towards the end of the enormous lot. "Are we planning on getting our exercise for today walking from here?" she smiled.
He left the car running and pulled her to him. The light from the radio cast a bluish glow in the car. "Nah, I just thought if we parked this far away from everything I could do this" he kissed her deeply. His hand crept under her sweater to gently caress her breasts. She shifted to give him better access.
"Honey, we are fogging up the windows," he told her with a growl.
She reached across and ran her had over the bulge in his jeans "Yea, it is getting pretty hot, isn't it"
Her fingers tugged at his zipper. He knew he should stop her but he couldn't. When her fingers slipped inside he moaned. "Shit, it's like we're in high school sneaking around." She grasped his erection and gently began stroking. His breathing deepened. "If you don't stop that...." He trailed off.
"If I don't stop that what will happen, Gee?" she taunted with a throaty laugh. She took her hand away and he looked at her questioningly. While he watched she raised her fingers to her mouth and licked them. Then lowered them once more to stroke again. "Tell me what's going to happen Gee. Let me hear how this feels" She began stroking faster, harder.
"Fuck, Monica don't stop. I'm gonna explode." His head fell back against the seat. She kissed is neck then began to gently suck knowing she would leave her mark on him.
He lasted only a few minutes more before it happened. The hot, sticky substance covered Monica's hand.
"Gee open your eyes" she whispered in his ear. He did as she said and watched as she licked off her fingers. He shuddered "Shit you are so hot, honey"
She smiled "Only for you, Gee"
The headlights of another car flashed in the window. "Honey, you have no idea what I'm gonna do to you when I get the chance."
"I'll be waiting," she told him in a whisper. "Now did we really need anything at Wal-Mart?"
He shifted in the seat. "Yea but I think under the circumstances I'll just have you go in. I'm still not in any condition to get out of this car."
"What am I getting?" she asked
He gave her the drop dead sexy look "I'm tired of being pretty. Go in and by some black hair dye so I can have that "Bad Boy" look for you."
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