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Times Square on New Years Eve

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A change in plans for New Years Eve.

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Donna did a double take when her oldest son walked into the kitchen the next morning. "Good Lord, when did you dye your hair back to black?" she asked.
He smiled "Monica did it for me last night. What do you think?" he put his hand up and ran it through the now very dark black strands.
She smiled "I always liked it better dark" she told him honestly, "But I thought you were going to keep the blond for the tour."
"Yea, I was but I was tired of having to have the roots touched up so often and besides Monica thinks I have a "Bad-Boy" look like this" He grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down.
"I have a feeling if you made it pink she would still think it looked good" his mother told him. She took a seat at the table across from him. "I was supposed to tell you to give Brian a call as soon as you woke up".
He opened his phone and hit Brian's number on the speed dial. "Hey man what's up?"
Monica arrived in the kitchen while he was still on the phone. He disconnected looking very pleased. "MTV wants us to do a special concert from the Pontiac Garage in Times Square on New Years Eve. The rest of the guys are psyched too."
"How will Alicia take having her party cancelled?" Monica wondered.
He laughed, "According to Brian she said she would just have it New Years night. Of course that is the night before we leave but what the hell."
He speed dialed Mikey and talked it over with him. They decided to book hotel rooms for tonight and leave this afternoon so they wouldn't have to face the huge amount of people who would be flooding into the city for the celebration.
Once he finished talking to Mikey he smiled "Man this is rad. If it's OK with you Alicia wants you to drive into the city with her. Mikey and I are going to go to the airport and get Bob then drive in."
Monica was surprised "Oh, I didn't realize you wanted me to go" she said.
He looked at her "Of course I want you to go. I'm not spending New Years Eve without my girlfriend. And Mikey and I will bring Kara with us too."
Monica took a sip of coffee "I know how much she is looking forward to seeing Bob tonight. That would be great"
Donna smiled "Sounds like you are going to have a great time"
Gerard looked over at her "Well, you're going to come with us too"
She shook her head "Actually I already have plans. You dad is going to come over." She looked down at her coffee cup.
Gerard smiled "Oh, well in the case." He really was pleased they would be spending the evening together. "What about Kelly?" he asked out loud.
Oh she is going to a party at her best friends house" Monica told him, "She told me all about this very cute guy who asked her if she was going to be there."
Gerard called Brian back and the plans were all made. Monica and Alicia were going to leave around 4 o'clock. Gerard kissed her goodbye and went to meet with the rest of the band. They had a lot of details to work out.
Monica spent the day trying to decide what to pack and what she was going to wear New Years Eve. She really didn't have that many choices. She called Alicia to get her opinion.
"Shit Monica anything you wear Gee will think you look hot" she told her. "Just know it's going to be fucking cold. I feel so bad for Mikey and the guys. The Pontiac Garage stage is really elevated. They are going to be so cold up there and if there is any wind, they are gonna freeze."
"I have to admit I'm pretty excited. I never dreamed I would be in Times Square on New Years Eve. I always thought I would only see it on T.V." Monica admitted. "I'm kind of nervous."
Alicia laughed. "Just follow my lead and you will be fine. Just remember when we are out in public with our guys we stay in the shadows, so to speak."
Monica pondered her comment. Alicia explained, "Did you ever notice how you hardly ever see pictures of me and Mikey together. That's unless you count the ones I post myself on the net. The guys try to protect us from the media. We will be there but not close enough for there to be pictures of us with them. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass but that's the price for dating celebrities. If you think about it them trying to protect us is sweet."
"I can understand that. I will just follow you since you've had practice at this girlfriend thing." Monica told her with a laugh.
Alicia giggled, "Yea, I have. Being the fiancé to Mikey Way isn't always easy. I've been called a slut more times than I can count. However there are so many of their fans that are so nice. When someone posts something bad about me on the net they come to my defense."
"Well, Gee hasn't acknowledged having a girlfriend so hopefully I won't have to deal with that."
"Actually you will eventually. Just being around him people will start to want to know all about you. Poor Eliza has been hounded because she and Gerard are seen together. For Christ's sake, she is Mikey's stylist and she does Gerard's make-up sometimes."
"I haven't met her." Monica replied. Suddenly going was starting not to sound like fun. The last thing she needed was people trying to find out who she is and digging into her past.
"Oh hey, someone is at the door so don't forget I'll pick up us around 4:00 o'clock."
Monica put the phone down and stared at the floor. What the hell would she do if people wanted to know about her? First off the age difference between her and Gee would come up. While it wasn't that much people still would talk about it. Then there was the fact that the older woman he was dating had two teen-age daughters one of which was dating the drummer of the band. But the worst thing that would be revealed was the fact the she had a dead husband and that the police had looked into the death as a possible homicide.
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