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Room For One More?

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MCR and the girls arrive in New York the night before New Years Eve.

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"Shit, I hate driving in traffic. I don't think I will ever get used to it" Alicia had cussed out at least 25 drivers since she and Monica had left the house. Actually it was probably more but Monica had given up counting.
"Isn't this more traffic than normal? I don't think Jamia and I had this much trouble when we came here shopping"
Alicia laughed, "Just like us they all think that coming a day before New Years Eve would help." They slowed down once more and she sighed, "Hey, I didn't say anything to upset you did I?"
Monica glance at her "About what?'
"About how we basically stay in the background? I know it sounds kind of shitty that we can't be with our guys but believe me it's for the best."
I understand. This is just sort of strange for me because this is really the first time I've been with Gee when he's part of the band. I guess because we have just done normal everyday things together that this hasn't been an issue before."
"Yea, when Mikey is being part of My Chemical Romance it is different. But this is still gonna be great. Times Square will be unbelievable, you are just going to love it."
Monica looked out her window and tried to keep an upbeat attitude. She tried to convince herself that this was going to be a great experience. It took them over two hours to get to the hotel.
The arrangements had been made so they were able to check into their suites without any problems. She had Gee were in the suite next to Mikey and Alicia. After unpacking they decided to go to the restaurant downstairs and get a bite to eat. They enjoyed a nice dinner during which Alicia talked about her wedding plans. She and Mikey were leaning towards just getting married in a small ceremony with just family and close friends.
After dinner they headed towards the elevator when they spotted Mikey and Gerard coming in the front entrance.
Alicia ran up to Mikey and hugged him. "Hey baby, I missed you"
Gerard laughed, "Uh it's been a couple hours since you saw him"
"Shut up Gee." She kidded "Are you telling me you didn't miss Monica since you last saw her?"
Monica stood looking at him. "Where's Kara?" she asked.
He pulled her to him for a long kiss. When they came up for air she smiled "Does this mean you missed me?"
He pulled her towards the elevator "Oh honey you have no idea how much I've missed you." Once inside he answered her question "She and Bob wanted to spend some time together so they were going to take a quick walk in Central Park."
Mikey and Alicia who were also in the elevator were locked in a passionate kiss. "Hey Bro don't forget there are cameras in here"
Mikey flipped off the camera and Alicia giggled. Gerard rolled his eyes at them, "They never learn"
Monica smiled at him just filled with happiness to be near him. He brushed her soft lips with his "Do you like our suite?"
"It's very nice. I have never been in a hotel suite before so to me it is so posh." She thought a moment "I never thought to ask but where is Kara staying? That makes me sound like a bad mom doesn't it?"
He shook his head "No, it doesn't. She has her own room on the floor below us." He briefly wondered how Kara and Bob were doing. Bob knew as soon as he saw her that something was wrong. They had talked in hushed tones the entire trip into the city.
Monica sighed "It's hard for me to think of her as an adult. I was married at her age so you would think I would be able to handle it better."
Once inside their suite Gerard scooped Monica up in his arms and strode to the bed. She giggled "Gee, put me down."
He tossed her on the bed. "I was just testing out the bed. What if it wasn't comfortable?" Dropping down beside her he whispered in her ear "We really should try it out, don't ya think?"
Monica reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him, her tongue ran over his bottom lip. He opened his mouth to welcome her. He tried to shift his weight off her but she wrapped her arms around him.
"Honey, I don't want to crush you," he whispered.
She could feel how hard he was "I love when your body covers mine" she said in a low deep tone "Gee, touch me. I need to know you love me"
He looked deep into her eyes "I don't need to touch you for you to know how much I love you. Just listen to my voice, watch how I look at you. I love you so much it has become part of my being."
She licked her lips causing him realize just how uncomfortable his jeans had become. "You have a way with words Mr. Way. Maybe you should try songwriting."
He nuzzled her neck "I have tried, but somehow the only time I can think about writing about love is when I with a certain woman."
She ran her tongue down the curve of his neck "Oh really and who is this certain woman?" she teased.
"Oh, let me show you" He swiftly unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra exposing her breasts. He moved to her nipples and began running her tongue around each one then gently blowing on them watching them harden. She arched her back enjoying the sensation. His hand has just moved down to undo the button on her jeans when there was a knock on the door.
"Shit" he ground out in a rough voice. He rolled off the bed and waited until Monica had refastened her clothes before opening the door. Frank took one look at him and said "Sorry Gee, didn't mean to interrupt but Brian wants us to meet him in his suite for a quick meeting." He poked his head around Gerard to look for Monica. She was sitting on the bed. "Monica how's it going? Got to borrow him for a bit. I'll bring him back as soon as we're done."
"Hi Frank. How's Jamia?" she asked.
"She's fine. When we got her she had a headache and I think she's going to go to bed early. She said to tell you that all you girls are going to hang tomorrow and do some shopping."
"Sound good to me." She stood and walked over to Gerard. "I'll see you in a while." She kissed him while Frank made ridiculous kissy noises.
She closed the door and looked around the suite. It was very nice. There was a large flat screen T.V., mini-bar (which had been emptied of all liquor), and a large king-size bed. The bathroom had a sunken tub and separate shower. She decided to give the tub a try figuring Gee would be gone for a while.
She lit the aroma candles around the tub and filled it with bath salts. While the water poured she got her newly purchased short silk gown. She noticed the stereo sound system and turned on some soothing music. Slipping into the hot, satiny water she sighed contently. This was heaven. She must have dozed off but opened her eyes when she heard the low sexy rumble of Gee's voice.
"Is there room for one more?"
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