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Tre comes out to his parents and something happens. Can Billie's family help him? (Slash) Please, Please Review me.

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Tre Cool looked at himself in his bedroom mirror. 'Tonights the night,' he thought uncertainly. Tre was planning to come out to his parents tonight, on the fact that he was gay.
For half a year Tre had been going out with Billie Joe Armstrong. Billie's parents knew that he (Billie) was Bi. But Tre's parents didn't know that, nor did they have the faintest idea that their son was gay!
"Tre, dinner's ready." His mother's voice ranged out. Tre took another look at the mirror before heading to the dinner table...

"Um... Dad? How do you and mom feel about gays?" Tre asked shakely during dinner. "Well it's wrong..." his Mother began. "It's a utter sin! Gays Phtt their nothing but FAGS!" his Father interjected. "Why do you ask?" his parents questioned. "What if one of my friends needed a place to stay and they were gay?" Tre asked them timidly.
"NO! I will not have a fag living under my roof." his Father said sternly. "But what if you already have one?" Tre said. "Son what are you saying?" his Father asked.
"Mom, Dad, I'm Gay." Tre said Flatly.

His Mother nodded her head before looking away. "Is this a joke to you?" Tre's Father roared. "No, I'm really gay. And Billie Joe is..." Tre tried to explain but was cut off by his father, "That Armstrong is a complete FAG!"
"Don't talk about Billie like that!" Tre shouted at his father. "Tre don't make your father more mad." his Mother warned.
"You," Tre's father pointed to his wife, "Tell that son of yours, that this is no longer his home." "Frank... what? You can't..." his mother stammered in surprize.
"TELL HIM!" his Father's voice roared from the hallway.

"How's my dinner?" Billie's Joe's mother asked her family. "Delicous as ever, Mom." Billie replied. "Very good Dear." his Father agreed. His mother beamed with pride.
Ding Dong
"Hmm... I wonder who that could be?" Billie's father asked himself as he headed towards their front door. A few quick moments later Billie heard his name being called by his father. "I'm coming Dad." Billie said as he wiped his hands and mouth.
Billie headed towards the front door but was stopped by seeing Tre standing there.
"Tre, what's going on?" Billie asked as he saw bags in his hands.
Tre sniffled a little before saying, "I came out to my parents and they kicked me out."
"Oh Tre..." Billie started to say. "I'll only stay tonight, if its alright?" Tre said as he looked at Billie's parents.
"Tre, its alright if you're gay. You can stay here as long as you need to." Billie's parents told him warmly.
"Thank you." Tre said through sniffles.

"Now tell us what you told your parents." Billie's parents asked as they led Tre into the kitchen. "Okay." Tre said meekly.
"It'll be alright Tre." Billie said as he rubbed Tre's back with his hand.

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