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Lonely Bloody Night

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"I can't believe that your father kicked you out of the house." Billie Joe stated after Tre had finished explaining the whole episode at his house.
"Yeah..." Tre mumbled out, still sniffling.
"Um... Billie why don't you take Tre's things up to the spare bedroom?" Billie's mother asked.
"Sure, come along Tre." Billie replied as he trudged up the stairs with one of Tre's bags in his hands.

As soon as the boys were gone, Billie's parents looked at each other. "I can understand how some parents might get mad at their children, but I can't understand how they could kick their only child out." Billie's father retorted.
"And to be kicked out at age fifteen." Billie's mother added.
The two parents looked at each other then flipped on the T.V. set.

"This is the spare bedroom. Well actually I guess now, it isn't really a spare bedroom. I think we'll call it the Tre Cool Freakishly Cool Bedroom! Right?" Billie said as he placed Tre's bags on the spare bedroom's bed.
When Billie didn't hear a reply he turned around to see Tre staring blankly at the wall.
"Tre, you alright?" Billie asked softly.
"Hm? Oh yeah I'm fine. Do you mind if I'm by myself for a little bit?" Tre asked Billie. Billie nodded his head and left the room.

As soon as Billie was gone Tre shut the door, locked it, then cried uncontrollably on the bed. His cries muffled a little bit by the pillows.

Billie heard the cries all the way downstairs, where he was with his parents.
Every time he heard Tre sob loudly, he wanted to go upstairs and be with him. But his parents told him to relax.
It was just something that Tre needed to get out.
About thirty minutes later, the family didn't hear any more sobbing coming out of the bedroom.
"Must have tired himself out." Billie's father stated as he advised his family to do the same and head to bed. They would sort this out in the morning.

Tre hadn't gone to bed. He had been sad and scared, but now he was angry. He smashed a picture in the room and his hand now ran red.
'Stupid parents. I get a good grade, it could be better. I'm gay, so I get kicked out. Ah fuck them.' Tre thought bitterly.
As Tre smashed his bags, his small red pocket knife slide out from one of the pockets.
Tre stared intently at the knife, then took and held it in his hands.
He thought back to what happen tonight, and raise his shirt sleeve up.
He placed the knife across his arm, and sliced a cut on it.

Tre looked at the red blood oozing out from the cut.
His arm throbbed, but Tre didn't care about anything right now.

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