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Facts of School

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Tre start's taking out pain on his own body, without telling Mike and Billie. SLASH! Enjoy!

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Beep Beep; The alarm clock blaring into his ears.

Tre groaned sightly as he sat up in the bed. He looked intently at his 'new' scars.
He traced his fingers lightly against the cut. He was thrown out of his daydreaming by Billie pounding on the door and telling him to hurry up; other wise they were going to be late for school.

"I'll be right down, Billie." Tre replied as he pulled down his pajama pants and took off his sleep shirt.
Tre put on his favorite pair of blue jeans; the ones that had a chain hanging from one side of the pants.
Tre was about to put on his shirt when he noticed the pocket knife laying shimmering before his feet.
Tre didn't quite know why he did this but he did; He stooped down picked up the knife and brought it against his bare arm.
He cut lightly, then harder, until dark red blood spots started seeping out.

When he was done cutting himself Tre placed his T-shirt on and also one of his black leather jackets.
'Billie cannot know of this.' Tre thought to himself sadly knowing that if Billie were to find out it might leave Tre without a friend or a roof over his head.

Tre grabbed his school bag and headed downstairs.
"Come on Tre hurry up and eat. You only got at least ten minutes to eat." Billie said excitly.
Tre fixed himself a cold bowl of cerel and took his time eating it.
When he was at last finished, both him and Billie took off to school.

As they reached the 'school grounds' Billie noticed Tre going rigid.
"You seem a little tense today Tre." Billie noted.
"Yeah..." Tre mumbled out.
"You just need a little waking up." Billie said as he took a step towards Tre.
Tre just kept his head down looking at the ground. His face was risen by Billie's hand. And as soon as his head rose Billie caught Tre's lips with his own.

Tre knew suddenly that this was excatly what he needed at the moment as he literally threw himself into Billie's arms.
"It's okay Tre. It'll be okay." Billie said softly while stroking his hair lightly.
"Hey guys! What's the matter with Tre?" Mike asked as he ran over to meet them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LAST PERIOD OF THE DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Last class of the day. 'Thank you God.' Billie thought happily.
English was a stupid class, he admitted, but it was great to be in class with both Tre and Mike.
Tre however wasn't cracking jokes. He just kept staring intently at his text book.
Mike noticed this and kept probing Billie for more information.

Tre could tell that his best friends knew something was wrong.
'I can't take their looks. I got to get out of here.' Tre thought suddenly as he raised his hand.
"Yes Tre?" The teacher asked.
"May I use the little boy's room? I got to go." Tre said in a little kids voice; getting a huge laugh from the class.
After the teacher nodded her head, Tre bolted from the classroom.

'Seems like the old Tre's back.' Billie thought smiling.
"So would you tell me what the hell is going on?" Mike whispered to Billie.
Billie sighed deeply knowing that Mike would never give up asking him. So Billie nodded his head and whispered the entire story to Mike.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IN THE BATHROOM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tre really did have to go and as he relived himself, he pulled his sleeves up and looked at the marks on his skin.
Tre flushed the toilet and headed towards the sinks.
He drummed his fingers on the sink before reaching into his pocket and bringing out the red pocket knife.
He brought it across his arm.
A few tears escaped and made their way down his cheeks, but he brushed them aside easily.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AFTER SCHOOL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mike was a little sorry for Tre, and even told Tre that.
Tre only got mad at Billie and ran towards 'home' or infact Billie's house.
Once inside he ran upstairs and locked the door, before sobbing into his pillow.
A few minutes later Billie rapted on the door and pleaded with Tre to open the door.
Finally Tre did open the door and Billie rushed in before he changed his mind.
"Tre what the hell is wrong with you today?" Billie asked.
"I hurt Billie. I'm just a burden to everyone; my parents, your parents, the teachers, Mike, and even you Billie." Tre said sadly.

"Oh Tre you're not a burden to anyone. Come here." Billie said as he patted the bed.
Tre walked over and sat down on the bed.
Billie wrapped his arms around Tre's sides and pulled him close.
Tre turned and stared at the Billie.
"Relax Tre. Just Relax." Billie said softly as Tre's arms went around his waist as well.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOURS LATER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Billie's mother smiled softly as she opened up Tre's room.
She had been yelling and looking for them.
So she went upstairs and found them in Tre's bed; sound asleep, both holding onto each other.

'I'll leave them be.' Billie's mother said as she softly closed the door on her 'two' kids.
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