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Visit by Mother

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Tre is visit by his mother and gets bad news. SLASH!

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Later that evening Billie woke up to the yummy smells of something good downstairs.
He turn to wake Tre up, only to find the bed was empty.
"Tre? Tre!" He said, looking around.
"Yeah?" Tre said as he walked into the room.

"Where the hell have you been?"
"Just got up to go the bathroom, man, jeez." Tre replied, shrugging his shoulders.
But of course Tre hadn't gone to the bathroom to pee.
He had gone to cut himself without Billie waking up and finding out.

Tre had never enjoyed dinner before, but he did as he had a lively conversation with Billie and his parents.
Tre even asked if he could help with the dishes; something he never asked at home.
"Are you sure you're okay?" Billie asked, after Tre had asked to help with the dishes.
"I bet I can do them better than you." Tre said smugly.
"You're on, bitch." Billie replied, under his breath so his mother wouldn't hear him.


Billie had finally gone to bed, and Tre was the only one up now.
He grabbed his pocket knife out of his pants and started cutting all over his right arm.

Tre didn't get much sleep that night either, he kept waking up and staring at his scars.


"And if you take two to the second power, you'll get..." The math teacher explain, but was interuppeted by a knock on the classroom door.
"Sorry to interuppet, could I borrow Tre for a second?" The lady asked.
The teacher nodded his head, and Tre followed the lady outside.

"Tre, your mother is here to see you." The lady said as she led Tre towards his mother.
"Hello Tre." His mother said calmly.
"What do you want?" Tre asked angrily, after the lady had left them be.
"Tre, you have to come home." His mother said, sounding weary.
"Home? What home? I don't have one. He kicked me out. You just sat there and watch him." Tre said getting heated up.

"Tre you can come home. You just have to stop being gay." His mother said.
"Oh yeah, I'm just going to go and do that. I'll just stop being gay." Tre mocked.
"It's the only way to come home Tre." His mother began.
"Mom I can't stop being gay!" Tre retorted.

Billie who had been in the library, since it was his free period, had saw Tre with his mother and went outside to listen.
"Mom I can't stop being gay!" Tre retorted.
"Then you can stay at Billie's house. If it's alright?" Tre's mother said as she caught Billie's eyes.
"I'm sure it's no problem." Billie said as he joined Tre, who was in shock by Billie listening to the conversation.

"I'm sorry Tre. But until you give up on being gay, your father is just going to get more angier. And here you might need these." His mother said, as she gave him a big duffel bag filled with his clothes and drumsticks.

After Tre's mom had left, Billie looked at Tre.
"You can tell Mike if you must." He said as he head towards his locker...

~~~~ THAT NIGHT ~~~~

Tre cried deeply as the red started flowing down his bare arms.
"Stupid fucked up parents!" He shouted at his binders.
'I'll show them all!' He thought smugly and dangerously.
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