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To Run Away

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Probably the saddest ch. Tre cuts himself wrong, and ends up running away from his friends and a concert. SLASH!

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~~~~ 2 1/2 MONTHS LATER ~~~~

Billie's parents, his family, now Tre's only family.
It was going on to be almost three months since the fatally day he had come out to his parents.
Billie had told his parents what had happened at school that day.
Billie's father was a little pissed off at Tre's parents, but didn't show it.
Tre's cutting habit was still the worse, but as long as Billie didn't know it was alright.


"Hurry up Tre! God, how long does it take you to go the bathroom?" Mike yelled at Tre, who at the moment was in the bathroom, relieving himself in two ways.
One; peeing, calmed him down. :)
Two; cutting, made him feel content, for the moment.

A few seconds later Tre emerged from the bathroom and seated himself down behind his drums.
"Finally, you dope-wall. We need to practice. The battle of the bands is in two days." Mike said in desperation.
"Ah. Don't worry Mike. We'll be fine. Now have you worked on learning the lyrics yet?" Billie asked.
"Unfortuantely, Yes I have." Mike said while Tre laughed hugely.

Mike started laughing too, and earned a frown from Billie.
It ended however when Mike said, "Eww. Tre you're arm's bleeding."
Tre stopped smiling and glanced down. Sure enough there was blood dribbling down his arm onto his drumsticks.

"Oh... Yeah, I guess I hit my arm on the wall or the cabinet in the bathroom." Tre said acting all worried, but inside not giving a damn.

"Wait there I'll go get some..." Billie began.
"No, it's alright. I'll be fine, now let's play the song." Tre said cutting Billie off.

Billie gave Mike a doubtful look, before they started belting out their lyrics: 'Nice Guys Finish Last'.
Tre liked this song. It was funny, great, had meaning, and the drumline was fast. Just the way he liked it.


Tre saw Billie jumping up and down; getting more and more nevrous.
"Billie, you are the one who needs to calm down." Tre said as he placed a gentle but firm kiss on his lips.
"Thanks Tre, I needed that." Billie said as they broke apart.
"The band called 'Green Day', you're up next." A man with a clipboard started shouting over people's yells.

"Hey, you mind if I go the bathroom, before we perform?" Tre asked in a whining kids' voice.
"Go ahead, but hurry up." Billie said.
Mike gave Tre a look; that meant he must suspect something.

Once inside one of the stalls, Tre pranced around.
'No, there's no way Mike knows about me cutting.' He thought unsurly of how true that really was.
Tre became so jittery that his hand (automatically curled around his pocket knife), had been pulled out of his pocket and onto the floor.

Tre's right arm starting throbbing, but he didn't care.
He picked the knife up, brought it across his arm...
That's when the door banged open and voice said, "Ah this is only the guys' stalls. Let's hurry up and find the Ladies restrooms, Sandy."

Tre had been so surprise that as he jittered the knife when down his arm!
Not across, but down!
Blood started leaking out, then it began to pour.
'Shit!' Tre screamed out himself.
The wound was deep, but Tre didn't noticed he just wrapped a bunch of toilet paper around the cut and met Billie and Mike at the stage.

"What took so long? You missed a three minute warm-up drill." Billie said.
Mike peered over at Tre with a hint of smugness.
"Sorry Billie. I'll be fine." Tre said.
"ALRIGHT EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR THE BAND GREEN DAY!!" The announcer shouted into a microphone.
Music lovers started cheering, and waving their hands into the air.

Billie started belting out the lyrics, while Tre started banging his drums.
Mike played just as fast on his guitar.
As the song seemed to get faster, Tre's right arm started to bleed more heavily, and started to become numb.

Tre tried to keep up but his right arm started dropping and become numb.
'No, no, this can't be happening!' Tre yelled into his mind.
A small red puddle had begun to form around his chair.
Fans started laughing at the band; since it was supposed to be a fast song and the drummer was falling behind.
Other's however, noticed Tre's arm starting to sway and drop around lamely.
Some even pointed at the puddle around Tre.

Mike notice the change from Tre's drums, but Billie didn't.
Tre finally gave up on the drums and clutching his dead arm he kicked over the entire drum kit.
Billie turned around - wide eye - and stared at Tre; worry now written all over his face.
"Tre? What the hell is going..." Billie said as he headed towards Tre.
"Nothing, just stay the fuck away from me." Tre said backing away from Billie and Mike.

"Tre?" Billie and Mike asked as they neared towards their friend.
"NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME!" Tre shouted as he bolted for the door.
That's when Billie noticed the puddle around the chair, and clapped a hand over his mouth.

"Sorry for the disturbes folks. Enjoy the rest of Battle of the Bands." Mike said as he and Billie ran outside.

"Mike, how could he do this?" Billie asked in shock.
"I don't know. But we'll figured that out later. Right now we have to find him." Mike said as him and Billie thought about where Tre might have gone.
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