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To Help You

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Tre's hurt and it's up to Billie and Mike to find and help him. Before its too late... SLASH!

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Tre ran as fast as his fifteen year old legs would take him.
His vision was blinded by tears, coursing down his cheeks.
His right arm screamed in pain as he swung it around his sides.
Even though Tre was blinded by tears, he seemed to know exactly where he was going.

Billie and Mike decide to split up and search for Tre.
If one of them find him they would call they other.
Billie decide to check uptown, while Mike decide to check nearby people for any clues.

"So have you seen a guy, about my height with amber hair run by?" Billie asked a guy outside 'Joe's Fruit n' Vegas'.
"I'm sorry, Bill. No I haven't." Joe replied as he turned back to helping a elderly woman.
'Damn. Where did you go Tre?' Billie thought to himself as he headed back outside and started asking random people.

"So did you see someone with amber hair go by?" Mike asked two guys who were working on their car.
"You mean the one that had it in a spiked style?" One of them asked Mike. Mike nodded his head.
"Yeah we saw him. He went running that way, clutching his arm or something." The guy said as he pointed towards a small dirt path, hidden by huge bushes.
"Thanks for your help." Mike said as he nodded to them before heading towards the path.
"No problem." They said as they started working on the car again.
'Tre, I hope you're down there.' Mike thought as he noticed the sun starting to set a little bit.

~~~ WITH TRE ~~~

Tre stumbled around the path.
The path had always been hidden. The only ones who knew about it was him, drunks, and sometimes hookers.
He clutched his right arm and stumbled towards a tree.
He slided down the tree to the ground, and just rested there.
That's when he started to cry. Softly, till it got louder.
His arm... well he couldn't feel it anymore. And his head had started to get all spinning.
'Probably due to the lack of blood.' Tre thought suddenly.
He was now not feeling content about cutting, but rather scared now.
'Why did I let myself continue to cut? It never felt good. And my arm's probably dead now. This is all my fault. I'm not good at anything, everything gets fucked up around me.' Tre thought sadly and bitterly.

Mike trudged through the narrow boulders, cawling over some of them.
'This is damn stupid. He probably didn't go down here.' He thought to himself.
As Mike jumped off the boulder, he heard a small wimper.
Mike regconzied that sound after the whole time knowing him, "TRE!"
"Em?" The voice whispered out.
Mike walked towards the voice and found Tre laying on the grass, clutching his right arm.
"Oh Tre." Mike said as he slipped down next to his fallen friend.
"It's not your f-fault, Mike." Tre whispered.
"Tre... can you move your arm?" Mike asked in a hush whispered.
Tre shook his head as tears started working their way down his cheeks.
Mike started tearing a piece of his shirt off, "Mike w-what a-are y-you doing?" Tre asked him.
"Helping you." Mike replied as he finish riping his shirt.
He took the shredded piece of cloth and started tying it around Tre's dead arm.

After that was done Tre looked at Mike before looking away.
"Tre... why did you do this?" Mike asked.
Tre only whimpered and laying on his side, he curled into a ball.
Mike looked with great sadness at his friend before he fell next to him and brought him into his arms.
Tre went stiff before melting into Mike's arms.
"Shh, Tre it's okay." Mike said as he kissed his forehead.
Tre glanced up at Mike with watery eyes.
Mike saw this and kissed Tre lightly on the lips.
Tre gave a sigh as he burrowed into Mike's chest.
"Shh, Tre it's all goin' be alright." Mike said stroking his friend's hair.

"Hold on Tre." Mike said as he stood up and started punching Billie's number into his cell phone.
Tre whimpered slightly, at having no more warmth.
"Billie? Hi, yeah I found him. He's fine, but I think you need to come over here." Mike said into his cell phone as he gave Billie the directions.


Billie literally rushed into the clearing.
"How is he?" Billie asked Mike.
Tre heard Billie's voice and looked up at him before screaming, "NO! B-BILLIE'S HERE! HE'LL KILL ME FOR WHAT I'VE DONE!"
"Tre, calm down. I'm not going to kill you. I just want to help you." Billie said as he tried to reach for Tre's hand.
"Bullshit." Tre spat at him while scooting away from him.
Billie looked shock and hurt and looked up at Mike.
Mike started towards Tre and said, "Tre, why are you afraid of Billie?"
"He'll leave me if he found out I cut." Tre said as he started to bawl.
Billie grimaced a little. The truth was out; Tre cut.
"Billie's not gone stop loving you. And neither am I." Mike said as Billie walked up to them.
"He's right Tre. I'm never going to stop loving you." Billie said as he tried to hush Tre's cries.


It ended up being Tre the first to fall asleep.
Billie and Mike had made a little bon fire, and all three of them were crawled up together.
Mike had called his parents and told them they were crashing at Billie's for the night.
Billie did the same for his parents, except they were at Mike's.

Tre shuddered a little as the cool air blew around them.
"Shh, Tre." Mike said as he kissed his forehead.
Tre nodded his head in his sleep as he clutch onto Billie.
Mike held onto Tre as well as Billie.
"What a long day." Mike stated after Tre had gone back to sleep.
"You're telling me." Billie said.
"I love him too much to ever let him go." Billie stated as a few minutes rolled by.
"I love him just as much." Mike said.
Billie looked at Mike and said, "Huh?"
"I never told anyone, but I think I'm gay too." Mike said as he looked at Tre's face.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Billie asked in shock.
"I wasn't sure, and then Tre came out to his parents and he got kicked out. That could happen to me." Mike said sadly.
"Well if you're gay... Welcome to the group." Billie said gaining a smile on Mike's face.
"Billie you're so understanding." Mike said as he lowered his head down.
"Yeah I know." Billie said as he stiffled a yawn and closed his eyes.

The cool air blew around, but the three friends didn't care; since they were curled up together.
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