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Hospital Pains

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Tre needs to go to the hospital, will his family be able to help him? Or even be there? SLASH!

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"Billie, you have to call 911. Look at him, he's delirous." Mike said getting edgy, as he pointed at Tre on the ground. The three friends had woken up, but one was ill.
Tre had been screaming in unsion, and neither Mike nor Billie seemed to be able to calm him down.
"BILLIE! You know he needs to go to a hospital." Mike screamed at his friend.
"ALRIGHT! God..." Billie said as he started dialing 911.

"911, operator." A lady's voice said on the other line of connection.
"Hi, yeah my friend got hurt yesterday and he's acting weird and we need a ambulance." Billie nearly yelled into his phone.
"Please sir calm down. Now would you give the directions to where you are located?" The lady asked timidly.
Billie gave her the address, and she told him that a ambulance was on its way.

Tre was still screaming and waving his arms frantically around.
"Tre? Come on its going to be alright." Mike said as he felt Tre's forehead.
"He's starting to burn up, Billie." Mike confirmed to Billie.
"Damn, that's not good. Where the hell is that ambulance?" Billie asked out loud.
As if by some miracle, two paramedics ran into the clearing.

"Alright, now where's the patient?" One of them said well the other cracked up.
Mike stared at Billie.
Billie showed them to Tre.
It took everyone's strength to get Tre onto the strecher.
"One of you can ride with him." One of the paramedics said.
"Mike, I want you to go with him." Billie said.
"But Bill, you're his..." Mike began in shock.
"You found him. You're 'new' and well I don't know how to answer questions from doctors." Billie said.

"Okay, but what about you?" Mike asked.
"I'm going home and get my parents to come. Tre needs some family, if not his own." Billie said before Mike climbed in the ambulance.

~~~ 2 HOURS LATER ~~~

Everyone was there, waiting.
Billie, Mike, Billie's family, and even Tre's family!
Tre's mother kept crying softly while Billie's mother tried to comfort her.
Tre's father however didn't seem to care much, just flipping through magazines.
Billie and Mike tried to keep themselves occupied by hoping that they could see Tre soon.

Finally after the first two hours had rolled by a doctor came into the waiting room and said that Tre was up and they could visit him.
Mike and Billie rushed down the hallway to Tre's room.
They literally barged into the room, surprising Tre.
"What the hell?" He said in shock.
"Tre! You're better! Oh Tre." Mike and Billie said as they both hugged Tre tight.
Tre smiled brightly, knowing he did have good friends.
But his smile vanashied as he saw his parents walk in with Billie's parents.

"Does everyone mind leaving me with my parents?" Tre said in a little voice.
Billie and Mike looked at each other before they left the room, followed by Billie's parents.

"So, you decide to cut yourself?" Tre's father spat at him.
"Yes, I mean I was kicked out. Had to find something to keep me 'happy'." Tre said in a sarcastic voice.
"Well its your fault for being a fag!" Tre's father said to him.
"Dad, there's nothing wrong with being gay! And for once I'm happy. AND I AM NOT A FAG!" Tre roared at his father as he got out of the hospital bed, standing on shaking legs.
Tre's mother looked away, tears working their way down her cheeks.

"YOU KNOW YOU ARE! YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT! YOU... FAG!!" Tre's father yelled at him as he rushed at Tre.
Tre was cornered by the wall, and the only thing he could do was cover his face as his father started punching him.
"STUPID SON OF A BITCH!!" His father kept saying over and over again.
"Please, Dad stop..." Tre tried to say as he was beginning to ache.
Then the punches were gone.
Tre looked up to see Billie's father grabbing his own father and the two adults starting to fight.

"You are the son of a bitch. Not helping your own son." Billie's father said as he threw a punch at Tre's father's face.
The two adults wrestled around a bit.
"Tre, are you okay?" Both Mike and Billie asked their fallen friend.
Tre nodded his head. Even though his head hurt badly Tre hurried over to his father.

"Dad, don't do this. Stop please." Tre begged, tugging on his father's sleeve like a little five year old.
"OH SHUT UP YOU LITTLE FAG!" Tre's father said as he turned around and punched Tre hard in the face and chest.

Tre went sprawling onto the floor, where he layed motionless.

"OH MY GOD! TRE!! SOMEONE GET A DOCTOR!" Billie screeched as he knelted next to his friend.
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