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Goodbye, Billie and Mike

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Tre leaves and Billie and Mike must say goodbye... SLASH!

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"How is he?" Billie asked the doctor who came out of Tre's room.
"He's stable, for the time being." The doctor replied.
"For the time being?" Mike asked, as he joined with the conversation.
"Yes. He seems to be in a stage where its close to a coma or in other cases may result in death." The doctor said with what seemed no sympathy.
Billie chocked back a sob, while Mike asked, "Are we allowed to see him?"
"Oh yes. You can see him. Not much to see, I assure you of that." The doctor said as he headed down the hallway.

Billie opened the door and walked in. Mike followed.
"Oh, Tre..." Mike said as they saw their friend hooked up to a huge machine.
His heart monitor beeped sensely.
It was pretty low and slow.
"Tre? Please wake up. Please." Billie whispered to Tre as he stroked his hair out of his closed eyes.

A few minutes had rolled by and nothing 'new' had happened.
"So what happened to Tre's dad?" Mike asked Billie, trying to make conversation.
"He was taken into custody by my dad, and that's why my parents aren't here anymore." Billie said, still looking at Tre's face.
"I wonder why his mother didn't do anything." Mike said.
"Me too. She's very weird." Billie agreed.


Billie was almost falling asleep with the heart monitor.
That's when the 'trouble' began.
As Billie was about to doze off the heart monitor began beeping loudly.
The waves were getting lower and lower.
"OH NO! TRE!!" Billie shouted as Mike jumped out of his chair.
Billie reached for one of Tre's hands; found it and squeezed it.
Mike grabbed the other one.
"Tre, come on. Don't die on us." Mike said.

~~~ TRE'S MIND ~~~

Tre felt like he had been asleep for ten days.
Now he was in some kind of 'tunnel'.
He saw a bright light and felt warmth sprending through him.
So naturally he started walking towards the 'light'.
As he got nearer to the light he heard a noise.
It sounded like somebody crying.
"Billie? Mike?" Tre asked out loud.
He heard the crying getting louder, and Tre knew at once that it was Billie and Mike.

"Guys? Hey don't cry. I'm coming." Tre said as he followed their cries back down the 'tunnel'.


Billie was crying uncontrollably; while Mike had tears pouring down his cheeks as well.
That's when the heart monitor stopped beeping, and Tre opened his eyes!

"OH TRE!!" Billie said as he surprised Tre with a bear hug.
Tre looked at Billie and smiled to himself.
"How did you...? I mean we saw you about to die and now you're here?" Mike asked bewilderment spreading along his face.
"I heard you guys crying, so I followed the noise back here." Tre said looking rather shocked at his friends crying.

"Tre, I couldn't live in a world without you." Billie stated as he kissed Tre on the lips.
"I probably could... Kidding Tre." Mike said as he too pressed a kiss to Tre's lips.
"Hey guys how about a three way kiss?" Tre said smiling.
Billie nodded his head as Mike laughed.
His friends capture their lips with his; tongues doing a little dance on top of each other.

Even though they were preoccupied with their kiss, the boys never noticed Tre's father standing in the doorway, mouth agape.

'That is no son of mine. Tomorrow we get the hell out here.' Tre's father thought to himself as he left the room.

Billie smile affectionly as Tre fell asleep his hands still closed arounds Mike and his own.
"See you tomorrow Tre." Billie said as he and Mike left the room minutes later.

~~~ THE NEXT DAY ~~~

Tre was enjoying another 'kiss' from Mike and Billie.
But this time it was interuppeted; Tre's father walked in.
"Hello son." He said cooly.
"Dad why are you here?" Tre said nervously.
"It's time to go. Now." His father replied.
Billie raised his eyebrows at Mike who shrugged his shoulders.

"But what about me getting better?" Tre asked still confused.
"We're moving you to another hospital. One where GAYS aren't allowed." His father retorted.
"Wait... Are you trying to break me up with Billie?" Tre asked in shock.
"Let's go." Tre's father said as he grabbed Tre roughly and pulled him up onto his feet.

"NO!" Tre shouted as he tried to free himself.

The door swung shut before Billie and Mike reacted; they rushed down the staircase.

They saw Tre's family car already packed up with their things, a U-Haul cart hooked up to the car.
"NO! No, Billie..." Tre shouted to Billie as he was led to the car.
"TRE!" Billie shouted to his best friend.
"BILLIE! MIKE!" Tre shouted loudly, never minding he was making a scence.

Billie and Mike got close to the car before it drove off in a cloud of dust.

"TRE!" Billie screeched.

It wasn't till later that Mike was able to get Billie home.
Still in complete shock, it would be a long time before the three friends would be together again...
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