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Stand In The Rain

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Atlanta is known as the tough one. The one who is always strong, and always confident. But, what happens when she loses herself and her confidence and strength too? In the middle of chaos only a tr...

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Tory: Okay, well here is the second one-shot/song-fic that I promised. And since my last one was a J/T fic this one will be an A/A fic. I like both pairings almost equally (though J/T a little more).:P I guess you could call it a sequel to 'So Done', if you wanted to. Well here it is. Enjoy. And I will be sure to get to work on finishing the last chapter of 'Unwravelled Prophecy'.:D Now on with the fic...

Disclaimer: I don't own Class of the Titans or the song 'Stand In The Rain' by Superchick. I just own my story idea.


Over the last few days Archie had been paying close attention to Atlanta. Not only because she was the girl that he loved but because something had been off about her recently. And, as Archie remembers it, it all started with that phone call...


'It had been a Tuesday night when that phone call came. Theresa had answered it. She had called down Atlanta and then went back to her conversation with Jay. Archie had been sitting in the living room, which is where the phone was. Atlanta had started talking on the phone with a smile on her face but as the phone call wore on her smile had faded.

When she hung up Theresa had asked her what was up, but Atlanta hadn't answered, she had just gone upstairs to her room. That's all that Archie really remembered. Herry and Odie had been playing video games in the living room so Archie didn't hear any of the conversation. But, by the look on her face he knew that it couldn't have been good.'


Atlanta had come down every day after that acting as if nothing was wrong. The others all just went along with it, thinking that she really was okay. But with Archie, with Archie he just knew that something was wrong. That's how strong their friendship was. He could just tell by looking at her how she felt... and right now she felt really horrible.

It was March break so the heroes didn't have to worry about staying up late or school. They were almost carefree... almost. Aside from Cronus and training they were free.

Everyone was off doing their own things. Herry and Odie were going to some video game hitch at the mall. Theresa and Jay were... well they were spending time together; Archie wasn't really listening when they told him. Neil was going to be at parties and photo shoots for most of the break and that just left Archie and Atlanta.

Now normally, they would be inseparable, but this time... she avoided him almost completely. There was only the casual 'hello' or 'hey' from her, that's all.

One night, when everyone was off from doing their assorted activities they decided to go to a movie. But, Atlanta insisted that she stay behind, she said that she was going to do some training over at the school.

" You sure? It's a horror movie..." Herry drawled, knowing Atlanta's love for a good horror movie.

" Yeah. I'm sure. I was just going to get in a few laps at the school then come back here and turn in for the night. But you guys go and have fun I'll be fine." she insisted on staying out of the movie night.

" Do you want me to stay with you? For company?" Archie asked.

" No! I mean... you go and enjoy the movie Arch. I was kinda hoping for some time to think too." she replied innocently.

The others just decided to let it go, when that girl set her mind on something she got it. But they had insisted on dropping her off at the school. Not wanting to raise suspicion, Atlanta accepted.

So they dropped her off and drove to the movies. She ran into the school eager to blow off some steam. She got to the gym and found it empty. 'Perfect.' she thought happily as she began to run laps.

She had run for nearly forty minutes straight and decided to take a short break. She sat down on some mats and then lay back with her eyes closed.


Through out the first part of the movie Archie kept fidgeting and moving around. Eventually Theresa hauled him out of the theater to question him.

" What's going on with you?" she demanded in that tone she always used when she was cross.

" Nothing." Archie sneered.

Theresa just raised an eyebrow at this. She was far too wise for that trick. Then when she didn't get an answer she started to tap her foot impatiently. Archie suddenly felt like a little kid.. he hated it when she did that.

" I'm just... I'm worried about Atlanta." he admitted, lowering his eyes to the floor.

" What do you mean?" Theresa asked.

" She's been acting... she just... hasn't been herself lately." Archie explained, choosing his words carefully.

" You're crazy. Atlanta's fine." Theresa said reassuringly, only it wasn't too reassuring.

Archie just breathed heavily, turned on heel and left. Theresa sighed and went back into the theater. Archie however, was on his way to talk to Atlanta.


Atlanta's breathing hadn't slowed after her run. In fact the pace had increased and her breaths came in short spurts. Tears threatening to cascade down her cheeks as she held her hands to her forehead.

" No. No! No! No!" she shouted in anger, anger at herself.

She forced herself not to cry. She just couldn't.

" Don't lose it! Not now. You're supposed to be strong, supposed to be brave. You're the hunter, the fearless hunter..." but these words only increased the threat of her tears to cascade out of her eyes even more.

" Why? Why can't I do this?" she asked aloud.

Ever since that phone call she had felt this way. But only when she was alone. She couldn't lose it in front of the others... in front of Archie. They all saw her as fearless, brave and strong. And normally she was, but this... this was too much for her to handle by herself.

But, she couldn't talk to Theresa; she'd worry too much. She couldn't tell the gods or goddesses; what would they think of their young hero then? She definitely couldn't tell the guys; they would just mock her.. especially Archie.

She just had to deal with this on her own. She could handle it. She just needed to take it in short strides. But every time she tried to face it... her world felt as though it crumbled all around her.

She never slows down
She doesn't know why
But she knows that when she's all alone
It feels like it's all coming down

Archie was walking to the school. The theater was half way across town from New Olympia High School, but for Atlanta he'd walk much, much farther.

He was about a third of the way there when it started to drizzle out. Lightly at first but then the rain really started to come down and he had to take shelter until it eased up a little.


Atlanta had gotten up off the mats and was now pacing back and forth, muttering to herself to keep it together. Her eyes were puffing from the threatening tears and her breath still wasn't back to normal.

She finally couldn't take it anymore and screamed. Just one long, loud, pain filled scream. Then she fell against the wall. Slowly her breathing was returning to normal. She looked around at her surroundings; the weights, the track... everything.

" I can't take this." she said finally and left.

She got outside to find that it was a downpour. She just pulled up her sweater's hood and began to walk slowly back to the brownstone. Once there she walked up to the roof, not bothering to grab an umbrella or change into something dry.

She sat on the edge and looked out over the city. Her shadow was cast a long way, all from the tiny light that Jay and Odie had installed up there above the door. That little light stretched the shadows of everything. It sort of reminded Atlanta of the monsters that she used to be afraid of as a very young child.

Suddenly she felt the shadows closing in on her. She just shut her eyes and began to mutter to herself again. Over and over the same thing.

" You are strong, you are fearless, you can do this."


Archie had gotten fed up with waiting for the rain to stop, it was like watching paint dry. He decided to run through the rain, heck he was immune to sickness so why should he care if he gets soaking wet?

He arrived at the school half an hour later, drenched as ever. He opened to front doors to the school and slid to the gods and goddesses secret wing of the school. Then he went directly to the gym. He knew that that was where Atlanta would be.

When he opened the door he was surprised to find it empty; dark and empty. He sighed, out of breath, and leaned against the doorway. He leaned his head back and thought aloud.

" Where are you 'Lanta?"

But then, knowing that no one else was there to answer his question, he answered it himself.

' The roof! That's where everyone goes to think!' Archie thought hopefully as he headed back out the doors of the school and back to the brownstone.


Atlanta now stood on the roof, in the rain, just staring off into space. She was literally soaked from head to toe and didn't really seem to care.

Suddenly the roof door burst open and Atlanta knew right away, even without looking, that it was Archie.

" Atlanta... I'm glad.... that I found.... you. Are.... you.. okay?" he asked between gasps for air.

" Yes. Now just leave me alone. I said that I wanted time to think." she replied in a flat tone.

" Are you sure?" Archie asked.

" Just go away." Atlanta said softly, yet inside she was begging for Archie's help; anyone's help.

Archie wanted to step forward and be there for her but he couldn't see her that well. His eyes weren't adjusted to the dim light of the roof and the light from the doorway behind him cast long shadows that covered Atlanta.

He took a step forward, hoping that Atlanta wouldn't hear him but no such luck.

" I said to just go away and leave me alone!" she snapped, still not facing him.

Archie froze in place, barely daring to even breathe. But then he started to walk towards her a little more. He stopped a few feet behind her, knowing that if he got within range that she would hit him... hard.

" Go away!" she shouted, but then her voice went soft," just... go away."

" No." Archie said with determination, he was going to find out what was going on even if it killed him, which it might.

Atlanta stood up and faced him for the first time since he had arrived. He could see in her eyes a mix of determination and... fear?

" Atla-" but he was cut off.

" I can handle this by myself! I don't need your help! I don't need anybody's help! What, did you come here to check up on me or something? I'm strong enough to deal with this by myself Archie! Just leave me alone!" she shouted at him.

Then she pushed past him and slammed the door on her way in. Archie was left there, standing in the rain, very confused. Just as he went to go inside too he heard another door slam.

He ran to the side of the roof and looked down. Atlanta was walking somewhere and she was wearing a backpack.

" Atlanta! Come back!" he yelled down to her but she didn't even give him the time and kept walking.

Archie ran inside, down the stairs and out the front door. He looked both ways for Atlanta, but the rain was too heavy to see which way she had gone. 'Dammit Atlanta. What's going on with you?' he thought as he went back inside.

He slumped onto the couch and pulled out his PMR. But as he flipped the cover up he noticed that Atlanta's was on the table. He sighed as he called Jay.

" Hey Arch. Where'd you go?" he greeted the purple haired boy.

" It's Atlanta." Archie said sadly.

" Is she okay?" Jay asked confused and now worried.

" I don't know." he replied.

" What do you mean then?" Jay asked, his confusion staying.

" I think that she's run away." Archie replied.

" We'll be right there." Jay said as he turned off his PMR.

Archie closed his and stuffed it back in his hoodie pocket. He leaned his head against the back of the couch and sighed.


" What is it Jay?" Theresa asked once he returned from the lobby.

" We have to go, NOW." he said.

" Why?" Odie asked from the row in front of Theresa.

" Archie thinks that Atlanta's run away." Jay replied before heading outside.

The others followed tout suite. They jumped into Herry's truck and drove quickly to the brownstone.


Atlanta had started to run through the rain, her shadow cast ahead of her, almost consumed by the shadows of the world. She ran as fast as she could desperately trying to hold back her tears. She couldn't lost it now and break down, she just couldn't.

She had no idea where she was going but she knew that she had to get away for a while. She wasn't going back, not until she figured this out. She wasn't going to look back and she wasn't going to turn back. She just had to keep going.

She won't turn around
The shadows are long,
And she fears if she cries that first tear,
The tears will not stop raining down.

Everyone was now at the brownstone, crowded around the kitchen island. Jay had a map lain down and he was giving orders. Everyone was assigned a section of the city to search for Atlanta. When he was finished assigned sections he asked if there were any questions.

" Are we sure that she ran away? I mean she said that she wanted to be alone and then Archie came and started bugging her." Theresa said.

" I was trying to see if she was okay because no one else noticed that she clearly wasn't!" Archie raised his voice at her.

" Didn't notice?! Archie she's my best friend! Of course I noticed but I was smart enough to give her space and time like she wanted!" Theresa yelled back.

" What's that supposed to mean? Are y-" but Jay stepped in the middle of the two, stopping the fight that would no doubtedly end badly.

" Guys! We are going to look for Atlanta. We don't know if she did run away or if she just wanted space but either way we are going to find her and bring her back here." Jay said, looking back and forth between Archie and Theresa as he spoke.

" Okay. Let's go. Who's knows how far she's gotten by now." Odie said as he headed for the door.

Everyone set out to there assigned area and was ready to find Atlanta and bring her home. They were instructed to call the others if they spotted her. But, none of them would be prepared enough for what they found.


Theresa was to search the piers and docks. So far she hadn't found anything. She reached the end of her area and pulled out her PMR.

" Theresa? Anything?" Jay asked hopefully.

" No. She's not here. I've searched everywhere." Theresa replied out of breath.

" Okay. Come meet me and we'll call Archie." Jay replied.

" Okay." Theresa said as she closed her PMR and ran to the park where she knew Jay would be waiting.

Surely enough she found him there. Jay was talking to Archie when she came up.

" ...So nothing?" Archie asked.

" Nope. Sorry. We'll go find Odie and see if he's found anything. We'll check in in a bit." Jay said as he closed his PMR.

Jay and Theresa then headed off to Odie's section of the town. They found him with no problem, he was supposed to check near the school and that area. He had asked the gods and they hadn't seen her then he checked everywhere where she could possibly be, but nothing.

" Hey guys! Find anything?" he greeted them as they ran up.

" Hey Odie. No nothing." Theresa replied as they sat beside him on the school's steps.

" Where do you think she could've gone?" Odie asked.

" I don't know. Why would she want to run away?" Jay asked, turning to Theresa.

" Not sure. It all started with that phone call. It was some guy. I think it was her brother. I know it wasn't her boyfriend, she's not dating anyone and anyway she wouldn't run away if some guy broke up with her." Theresa replied.

" Archie? Still nothing. Sorry man." Jay reported when his friend picked up.

" Okay. Keep looking." he replied and hung up.

" Herry's near here. Let's see if he's found anything." Theresa suggested.

The other two agreed and they ran off to find Herry. That wasn't too hard to find either. He was supposed to search near the malls and downtown. Since he had his truck he was given the biggest area to search.

" Herry!" Jay called as they spotted his truck.

" Jay? You guys find anything?" Herry asked as they climbed into the truck, happy to be out of the rain.

" Nope. Guess you didn't either huh?" Odie replied from the back.

" No. I just called Archie. He said to go back to the brownstone and make up a new plan. He and Neil are still looking." Herry replied.

The four drove back to the brownstone in silence, all of them worried about their friend.


Atlanta had finally reached her destination and she knew that the others would never look there for her. She stood on the edge of the hill that stood before the forest. She looked down on the city with awe at how beautiful it looked in the rain. But, then her mind was brought back to reality and her problem.

She played it over and over in her head what her brother had told her on the phone. She still couldn't wrap her mind around it but she knew that it had to have been true. Why else would he have called? They practically hated each other, but even he wasn't cruel enough to joke about that.

She hadn't realized how far apart she and her brother had drifted. But They hadn't seen each other in nearly ten years. They had heard from each other but then they started talking less and less until they just stopped completely.

When she had picked up the phone and heard his voice she was going to give him a piece of her mind. But then after hearing what he had said she just couldn't. She still couldn't believe it though. On the one hand she should be happy, but on the other hand it was so heart retching.

When she looks back at all the fights and arguments she feels so horrible, 'I can't believe that we let all that happen.' she thought, feeling extremely guilty. But then her guilt turned to anger against her brother. ' But, he did nothing to stop it either' she thought coldly.

Then she just felt just sorrow. She wasn't going to let it get to her though. She would stand through it all. By herself, she would make it.

She let a small tear slip down her cheek. She wiped it away. Then she placed her head in her hands and sighed. She looked out at the city again, this time with watery eyes. The rain had stopped, but to Atlanta a rain cloud still hung over her head.

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down
Stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day what's lost can be found
You stand in the rain

Neil had to search the other side of town, by the train station and such. And as the others, he found absolutely nothing. He had looked in all the warehouses, all the train carts and in every hiding place possible. And yet nothing. He sighed and pulled out his PMR.

He called Archie and prepared to have his head torn off.

" Neil! Did you find her?" Archie asked quickly.

" No. She's not here. I looked everywhere!" Neil reported.

" Okay then. Go back to the brownstone. The others are there already. Tell them that I'll be there in a bit. I've still got a few more places to check." Archie said before hanging up and turning off his PMR.

Neil was shocked. He was really shocked. Archie didn't tear his head off, ' He must be really worried' Neil thought as he walked back to the brownstone.

He walked in the door and heard Jay talking, mainly to himself. He found them in the living room; Odie and Theresa sitting and Jay pacing.

His head snapped up when he heard the door open. Everyone fixed their eyes on the doorway, their faces lit with joy. When they saw it was just Neil they frowned.

" Guess you had no luck either?" Theresa asked as he slumped onto the couch opposite her and Odie.

" Nope. Archie said that he'd be back in a while, he's got a few more places to check." Neil said.

" Okay." the other three replied sadly.

Seeing how sad they looked, not to mention felt, Neil tried to lighten the mood.

" On the plus side, it stopped raining." he said cautiously.

The others just gave him a tired look of annoyance. He just lowered his eyes and avoided their gazes.


Archie had taken his bike so he had the second largest area to search, but he was ready to search the entire town solo if Jay had let him. He had just finished checking the parks on the outside of the town. He drove back to the brownstone slowly.

He parked his bike and went inside. The others looked to him hopefully just as they had to Neil. But their spirits once again fell.

" No luck?" Jay asked after seeing the look on his face.

" No. We've searched everywhere! Where could she be?." Archie said before sitting down as well.

" I don't know." Jay replied.

" Archie, Atlanta's a strong, smart girl. She can take care of herself." Theresa said comfortingly, but that's not the way Archie took it.

" I can't believe that you don't care! She could be out there hurt while we'll all in here and-" but Archie stopped mid-sentence. He seemed to be lost in his own little world.

" Archie?" Theresa asked cautiously, ready to be attacked by his insults.

" That's it!" he cried excitedly.

" What's what?" Odie asked.

" I know where she is!" Archie said happily.

" Where?" they all asked.

" I'll go get her." Archie said before taking off out the door.

He hopped on his bike and drove off, his PMR was off so that the others couldn't track him. He had to do this alone.


She continued to look out at the city. Her mind was swirling with all her thoughts. Then suddenly the slipped in the mud and slid down the hill. She landed in even more mud.

She didn't curse or anything, she just sucked it up. She tried to push herself off the muddy ground but it was too sloppy and she fell back down again. She tried again and again, still not cursing or saying anything even though her patience was gone.

Finally, after the twentieth try, she got to her feet. But as she took her few steps up the hill she fell down again. But this seemed like nothing to her. It's like she was on auto-pilot or something because she didn't seem to notice that she kept slipping. All she did was get back up again.

Normally this would have infuriorated her but right now it seemed so small compared to her real problem. But alas, she made it back to the top of the hill and stood by her bag again. And just like before she fell again, only this time it wasn't down a hill.

She fell to her butt and just stayed there. It was much easier than trying to stay on her feet. She pulled her knees up and rested her chin on them.

Atlanta felt the shadows closing in around her so she shut her eyes and repeated that same phrase that she had before, over and over in her mind. Then she opened her eyes and breathed heavily.

She felt her tears threatening to fall again but she vowed not to let them. Though she stayed silent for a while, inside her it was like a war was going on. All of her emotions just swirled around and around inside of her and she felt like she wanted to just fade away.

She had to face this head on and along. She was the strong one, she couldn't show the others that she felt weak right now. She just had to face it by herself, alone.

She won't make a sound
Alone in this fight with herself
And the fear's whispering
If she stands, she'll fall down

Atlanta lifted her head and had made up her mind. She had to tell the others. She couldn't do this alone. It was just too painful to face by herself. Suddenly she wished that she hadn't lost herself. She just wanted to be found.

As if answering Atlanta's silent prays Archie came up behind her quietly. He stopped a few feet behind her. She lowered her head and hid her face from view. Archie went and sat beside her, hoping that this way she couldn't see him and run off again.

" Atlanta?" he asked when he was seated on the muddy ground beside her.

" I can't do it." she muttered into her arms, barely audible but Archie heard it.

" Do what?" he asked with concern in his voice.

" I can't face this alone." she said in the same low voice, almost whispering.

Archie wasn't sure what she talking about but he knew that it had to be bad otherwise she wouldn't be acting this way. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a warm hug. She rested her head against his shoulder but still wouldn't face him.

Suddenly she started to shake as a few tears fell from her eyes. Archie kept her close though, he never wanted to let her go again. Not after what everyone had just gone through.

" What's going on Atlanta? I want to help. You can trust me." he said

She didn't answer him but she pulled out of the hug roughly and turned her back to him. He could tell though that she was still crying.

" What did that guy on the phone say to you?" Archie asked.

" ...nothing..." she said after a minute.

" Atlanta I know it wasn't nothing. If it was nothing then you wouldn't be out here in soaking wet clothes running away." Archie said.

" Why did you come out here?" she asked, still not facing him.

" You're my best friend and I'm worried about you. I know that something's wrong, so what is it?" he replied.

" I don't want to talk about it." she said harshly.

" It won't just go away. If you talk about it then it won't seem so bad." he tried to comfort her.

" I doubt that." she muttered

" Atlanta you can trust me. I'm your best friend and I care about you." he said.

" ... it's about my mother..." she said hesitantly.

" Is she okay?" Archie asked worriedly.

Atlanta didn't answer.

" Atlanta? What happened?" he asked softly.

" She's dead okay." Atlanta replied emotionlessly, her tears had stopped.

" Atlanta, I'm so sorry. If you want to talk about it-" she cut him off.

" That's not all." she said.

Both sat in silence for a minute while Atlanta gathered her thoughts and took a deep breath.

" I'm not really all that upset about it..." she paused.

" Then why are-" but he was cut off again.

" I never knew my mother..... when me and my brother were younger she disowned us.... we were put into the foster program... my brother and me were separated and I haven't talked to him in years... until he called to tell me about our mother..." she paused again.

" Atlanta I'm really sorry. I had no idea." Archie said, not really sure what to say.

" She didn't want us anymore. She just left and never came back. I never got the chance to get to know her." Atlanta continued.

" What about your dad?" Archie asked.

" I never even met my dad." Atlanta said coldly.

There was a short silence that covered the hill like a veil.

" They didn't love one did.. they just.. got rid of me and my brother... just like that.... as if they... never wanted us...never wanted me.... no one does..." she continued until her tears made it too hard for her words to be audible.

" I should just lie down and disappear..." she spat out, and then lay down on the wet ground.

She wants to be found
The only way out is through everything
She's running from
Wants to give up and lie down

Archie took in a deep breath as he prepared himself for what he was going to say to her.

" We want you Atlanta. We care about, we're your family now and we... I... love you." he said.

She sat up, turned around and looked at him hard, through blurry, tear filled eyes.

" Really?" she asked in disbelief.

" Of course Atlanta, we're all worried about you. You had us really-" but she cut him off.

" No what you said... you...l-love... me?" she said, still looking at him hard.

" Yeah Atlanta... I do. I have for a long time now and-" he stopped when she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him.

" I love you too." she said quietly as she snuggled up against him.

He smiled as he pulled away. She looked at him oddly.

" We should get back. It's raining out here and you could get sick." he said.

" Archie it's not rai-" but she stopped as raindrops poured down from the sky.

She just grinned at him and he grinned back. Then he stood and held out his hand. She took it and he pulled her up. She grabbed her back pack and swung it onto her shoulder.

" My bike is just over there." Archie said pointing.

" Okay." Atlanta said as the two walked to it.

They drove back to the brownstone and hopped off of Archie's bike, then they went in the house.

" Archie did you find her?" Theresa asked as she heard the door.

He walked into the living room and everyone's spirits dropped when they saw that he was alone. Then they heard the cursing that could only belong to...

" Atlanta!" they shouted when she walked in beside Archie.

Everyone took turns hugging her. After that was done they started to question her.

" Guys, guys." she said trying to quiet them all down.

" Sorry, but we were really worried about you." Herry said.

" It's okay. Everything's okay now," she paused and looked at Archie, " Archie helped me out."

He smiled at her and the others exchanged confused looks. But they knew that this time she meant it when she said 'everything's okay'.

" I'm hush, going to put something dry on." she said looking down at her muddy, wet clothes.

" Okay." everyone said as they let to their seats.

Atlanta was about to head up the stairs when she turned and kissed Archie. Then she whispered in his ear.

" Thank you." then she disappeared up the stairs.

Archie wore a goofy smile as he sat down on the couch beside Odie.

" What was that about?" Theresa asked with an all knowing smile, she had seen the kiss.

" Nothing. Mind your own business Drama Queen." Archie said jokingly and hit her with a pillow.

" Okay, okay. But I will find out." she said as she surrendered.

Archie just rolled his eyes mocking her and then they put on a movie. Atlanta came down a few minutes later, in warm, dry, clothes, and took a seat next to Archie.

They watched the movie and then everyone turned in for the night. At around two thirty in the morning Atlanta snuck out of her room, grabbed an umbrella and headed up to the roof. She opened the umbrella and stood by the edge, looking out on the town.

She was just enjoying the silence when she heard footsteps.

" Want some company?" a familiar voice asked, causing Atlanta to smile.

" Sure." she replied as Archie stood beside her.

" What are you doing up this late?" he asked.

" Couldn't sleep, just needed to think." she replied, " What about you?"

" Needed a drink." he replied.

The two stayed silent for a minute and just stood in the rain, enjoying the peace and quiet that covered the town.

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down
You stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day what's lost can be found
Stand in the rain

" It's cold out here, I'm going back inside. You coming?" Archie said and he headed for the door.

" Yeah." she said but she hung back for a second.

She took a long look out at the city below. It looked so nice in the rain. ' At least now the only rain clouds are in the sky. Thanks to Archie there's no longer one above my head.' she thought.

" Atlanta?" Archie called.

" Coming." she said as she looked up at the sky, then headed to the door.

So stand in the rain
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down
You stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day what's lost can be found
Stand in the rain


A/N: Sorry that I didn't get this up yesturday but I was really tired and my computer was being stupid. And blah blah blah, but now it's up. I hope that you enjoyed it. Wow. that was longer than my last one-shot. This one is like thirteen pages. (that's also why it took a while:P) I'll post the last chapter for 'Unwravelled Prophecy' before Sunday night so keep an eye for that. Oh and did you guys see " Chaos 101"? It was awsome! Even though I've seen it before it was still great. lol. Well send a review my way and let me know what you thought. Well, Cheers!
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