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Pikachu talks about being Ash's favorite, and what that really means.

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Coveted: Pikachu talks about being Ash's favorite and what that really means.

They all envy me. They don't think that I know it, or notice it. But I've always known. Sitting here atop Ash's shoulder's, I can see the hatred and jealousy in their eyes as they are realesed from their pokeballs. But I wonder if they would covet this position so much if they knew what it really meant?

It wasn't so bad at first. I wanted to be the greatest pokemon ever, just like Ash wanted to be the greatest pokemon trainer ever. He wanted the same thing that I wanted and that, not friendship was the reason I have stayed with him for so long.
Oh, of course, you believe that silly nonsense about love and friendship, that Ash really is the great trainer they show on the show. But do you really know what i have been through? Shall we take a quick peek?

I thought Ash was incompetent at first, and he didn't seem to be doing much to prove me wrong. I mean what kind of idiot goes up against a rock pokemon master with only an electrric type to battle for him? If it hadn't been for that water spout going off I would never have won, even as charged up as I was from the water mill.

While we are on that subject, did anyone ever realize how much it hurt for me to have that much electricity running through my body? No, the only thing we were both thinking about that day was that i would be stronger. I still remember though how my fur smoked from the excess electricity and how Ash did nothing to comfort me. Why didn't I leave then you might ask? Because I was still young and stupid. I actually believed that Ash cared about me. But all he cares about is power. I didn't learn that quite quick enough. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Where was I? Oh right, we were talking about Brock.

Another interesting move by Ketchum. What most people don't realize is that every Gym leader had a private pokedex, one that keeps them updated on other gym leaders. You know like what kind of pokemon they favored, where they were, what they were doing, who they were doing it with, that sort of thing. It wasn't too hard for Ash to steal Brock's pokedex and study it so that he would always know what was coming next, so that we could train more.

And train we did, every night after Brock and Misty had gone to sleep, he would take me out and he would have me shooting thundershocks at rocks he would throw, or dodging boulders as I ran an obstacle course he had set up for me so that I could learn to be quicker with my quick attack.He had me practice double team until i couldn't even tell which one of the fake images was me any more. He did all that and more, but he never participated.

After every battle, he would always congratulate me, but I could see in his eyes that he was dissappointed any time I was beaten and there were plenty of those that you didn't see on the show. He'd welcome me with those open arms, always saying I deserved a long rest while we were in public, but as soon as we were away from everyone, it would be back to the training to find the flaw that he always insisted was there.

So why do I stay now? I'm stronger than I've ever been. I know many different attacks, including several ones that I'm not sure are even legal. So why do I stay? Because my spot is coveted, any one of Ash's pokemon would take my spot in a heartbeat if they knew I was planning on running away. No I've worked hard to earn my position as Ash's favorite, so they can covet it all they want, but they'll never have it.

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