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The Poor Groom's Bride Is A Whore!

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A tale of weddings, betrayal, murder, and revenge. He never really liked the comparison of knots with marriage. It always made him picture someone tying a noose and hanging themselves. Marriage is ...

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Bianca gazed into the large mirror on the wall. She always knew she would look beautiful in a wedding dress. Gerard offered to pay for everything, and he gave her no budget. She smoothed down her gown and ran her fingers over the intricate patterns all around. The dress sparkled in the light from the jeweled beads scattered to make small waves on its tips. The top was strapless, revealing her strong shoulders and collar bone. Around her long, swan-like neck sat a glittering diamond necklace. She felt absolutely regal; the dress was much more beautiful than her highschool prom dress. After all, it was one of a kind and imported from France.

She slipped on her white gloves that extended to her elbow, and admired the beads that formed a flower atop the milky silk. She stuck out her feet from her sitting position to check on her silver heels, the silver so sensitive to sunlight that it created rainbows of color when exposed. Not a single scratch or spot on them, she thought to herself. They were as delicate as a brand new car.

Finally, she reached across the table for her veil. It was connected to a tiara littered with real diamonds. She carefully slipped the tiara over her hair, and tucked her honey blonde curls behind her ears to show off her large diamond earrings. It took hours, but she was finally satisfied with her make up. A touch of powder blue eyeshadow over her dark blue eyes, a pinch of pink blush enough to make her cheeks glow with an almost natural light, and her favorite peach lipstick that made her partially thin lips seem larger. Not to mention her five coats of mascara that she always applied herself to give her short eyelashes visible length.

Yes, she decided. She definitely looked her best today. She pulled her veil over her face, and realized how holy she looked underneath the translucent cloth. She thought she looked like an angel, or a goddess even. She grasped her bouquet with care, and inhaled the scent of the red and white roses. The pale pink bow around the flowers glistened in the sunlight. Everything on her shone, like she was a jewel herself. It was everything she dreamt it would be.

She imagined how Gerard was handling it at that very moment. He was always a meticulous one, and overly superstitious. She hasn't seen for over two days; he wouldn't let her see him. Which was somewhat unusual because he practically worshiped the ground she walked on. Gerard was so desperate for love and companionship that he wanted to make sure Bianca would never leave him. So he offered to take care of her forever. He promised that she would never need to work or worry about money. He would do everything he could to keep that promise, she was sure of it.

She almost pitied him. He was like a dying mouse with his tail stuck in a mouse trap. She wanted to help him, but knew there was nothing she could do but watch him die. She wasn't sure if she loved Gerard Way. She knew he meant well, and that he was genuine and true to her. But there was no fire, no electricity. He didn't keep her warm with his presence. But he was the type of man who could take care of her. She was guaranteed a life of luxury in his arms.

But marrying Gerard Way didn't necessarily mean she had to give up her intangible desires. There was a knock at the door, and she knew who it was. She had been expecting him sooner, but better late than never. There was less than half an hour until the ceremony, but they had time. They always had time. They had time before Gerard got home from work, they had time before he came back from doing her errands that she purposely gave him to make time, and they had time even when Gerard was upstairs sleeping. It was so easy, no wonder it was a sin.


"Ready?" Ray asked, as he opened the hotel door for Gerard to come out of hiding.

"Are you sure we're not too early? There's about 15 minutes left until it starts," Gerard said, anxiously checking his watch.

"You don't want to be late," Ray reasoned.

"But what if I run into her? And I accidentally see her?!" Gerard cried, the panic evident in his voice. "Her room is just around the corner."

Gerard had booked them both in separated hotel rooms two days before the wedding. Just as a precaution to the superstition. He remembered the story he'd heard from his grandmother about the groom who accidentally saw his bride two minutes before the wedding. She died from choking on a chicken bone the day after.

"I'll walk ahead. I'll make sure you don't bump into her. Besides, what are the chances of Bianca ever being early to anything?" Ray replied, as he pulled Gerard out of the room and closed the door.

"Alright. But I'm keeping my eyes closed," Gerard agreed.

"Fine," sighed Ray.

They walked toward the elevators with Ray in front and Gerard with his eyes shut and one of his hands on Ray's shoulder to guide him through the hallway. They nearly passed Bianca's room when Gerard realized that he forgot his wallet.

"Ray, we have to go back. I forgot my wallet," he said blindly.

"Alright. You go on, and I'll wait for you here," Ray said.

"She's still in her room, right?" Gerard asked.

"I'm pretty sure she is," Ray said matter-of-factly.

"Okay," Gerard sighed with relief as he finally lifted his eyelids. The bright lights of the hallway stung his eyes, but he quickly turned around back to his room.

Ray checked his own watch and confirmed that there were 13 minutes left until the wedding. He leaned against the wall, and waited patiently for his best friend. The hallway was void of all noise, and whenever someone spoke it echoed as if the whole place was deserted. Yet, he could hear a muffled noise coming from the room around the corner. Bianca's room.

He knew that all of Bianca's family and friends were already at the church; they called Gerard a couple of minutes ago to let him know. Her Maid of Honor, Diana, was supposed to pick her up from the hotel, but Diana was always as late as Bianca. Other than that, no one else was supposed to be in Bianca's room. He could hear the voices of conversation, and he could tell that whoever was in there was not Diana.

"Hey, I'm back. Ready to be my eyes again?" Gerard called from a few steps away.

"I think there's someone in Bianca's room," Ray said in a hushed whisper, straining to recognize the voice. It sounded so familiar.

"Did Diana arrive already? It's not like her to show up this early," Gerard joked.

"It's not Diana, and if I'm not mistaken it's not even a woman," Ray whispered.

"What? But her family are already at the church!," Gerard exclaimed.

"Shhhh," Ray shushed him. "Do you have an extra key?"

Gerard nodded and handed Ray the key. The front desk had given him the spare key to Bianca's room when he paid for the separate rooms. He was supposed to give it to her to give to Diana, but they both seem to have forgotten about it.

Ray took the card key and slipped it slowly into the slot, and in one quick motion he pulled the card out. The tiny light on the lock flashed green, and Ray turned the knob and pushed the front door open.

"Bianca?!" he called out, as he stepped inside. But as soon as he entered, he froze. The whole room erupted with silence.

Gerard was still in the hallway when Ray opened the door. He couldn't risk breaking the tradition. Ray would take care of it, he assured himself. But when he saw Ray disappear into the room, he heard him call out to Bianca and nothing more. Suddenly, it seemed too quiet. Seconds flew by like hours, and still he heard no response. What was going on? Was Bianca alright? Was Ray hurt?

Then, he heard Bianca's voice. She talked quietly, as if she was trying to keep her voice down. She was talking to Ray, but Ray said nothing in return. Then he heard another voice. A voice he could recognize from anywhere. A voice he's known all his life.

"Mikey?" Gerard called out. Setting all traditions aside, he entered the room.

The first person he saw was Ray, frozen with his eyes transfixed on something.

"Ray?" Gerard asked. "What's going on?"

Ray looked into Gerard's eyes with the most sorry expression. His eyes slightly squinted, full of sympathy and shock. Gerard took a few more steps to uncover the dangerous secret. And, in less than a minute, fate had given him a different path. Thus began the beginning of the end.
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