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If This Were A Movie, Would He Be Moving Too Fast?

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So when Brendon asks Alice a question, does Alice think that he's moving way too fast for her to handle?

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Okay, give me a moment...What?

"Will you come on tour with me?" An anxious Brendon sat in front of poor Ali, who was still trying to decide. She picked out the pros and cons (it didn't take her very long...) but Brendon was already starting to think negatively. Ali didn't seem to respond quick enough, so Brendon took it the wrong way.

Then Ali thought,/ I barely know this guy. And he wants me on tour? I'm more sensible than that...right?/

"Brendon. I really can't-"

All of a sudden, something crashed into the side of her car. What was it? A seagull? A rock?...

...But no. A rabid fangirl.


The fangirl scared the hell out of the couple, who just jumped back, looking at the girl wide-eyed. As if that wasn't scary enough, the fangirl seemed to have a horde of fangirls behind her, and soon enough, they swarmed the car.

"Brendon-DO something, for chrissakes!" Ali shouted, backing away from the windows after she rolled them up.

"What can I do? Go out there and-"

"Yes! Go out there and sign some goddamn autographs, if you will!"


"It won't hurt!"


"Just go, Brendon!"

"LET ME TALK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" Brendon yelled at her, and as the car shook violently one last time, it finally stopped. A man knocked on Brendon's door, telling him to open it. Ali didn't recognize the man, but it seemed that Brendon knew him, because he opened the door.

"Jeez, what took you so long, Freddy?"

Who the hell's Freddy?... Ali thought. Before she could delve into more deep thinking, Brendon tapped her on the shoulder, telling her it was 'safe to go out'.

"Go out? I just want to get back to my place-"

"Yeah, well that's not happening right now. Just stay at our place for awhile." Brendon pleaded, looking at her with his daring puppy eyes. Puppy eyes. That is so not fucking fair, Ali thought again. Rolling her eyes, she sighed, saying 'Okay'.

But really, did she know what she was getting into?

Not really.

"So just let me get your luck: It's now heavily raining, and the highway's blocked...Rabid fangirls chased you guys from your car to your hotel room..."

"Jon, just shut up." Brendon said through his teeth. No-one, especially Ali, wanted to acknowledge the fact that Jon was speaking the truth.

Ryan was flipping through the channels on the television with Spencer sitting next to him. The hotel room was pretty tranquil, despite the low rumble of the television set and the rapid typing of Jon's fingers on his laptop, emailing his family and girlfriend. Brendon and Ali sat on opposite sides of the room, trying not to look at each other.

What really was sad, however, was that everyone-even distracted Jon-could feel the intensity and sexual vibe between Brendon and Ali. Suddenly, Brendon cleared his voice to talk above the other sounds in the room.

"I'm gonna go get something to drink downstairs-"

"Yeah me too." Ali announced, leaping off her chair.

Ryan and Spencer raised an eyebrow at each other, but didn't say anything. Jon, who pretended to be distracted, ignored the two.

"C'mon Ali...I think there's like a bar down their or something."

"Brendon, you can't drink..."

"I know, but there's always something like Shirley Temple...or something classic or whatever..." Brendon trailed off, closing the door behind them. They walked to the elevator, and as the elevator's doors closed, they both stood there in their awkwardness.

I wonder what's going through her head right now... Brendon thought anxiously, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

"Um...Could you take your um...hand" Ali stammered, looking at Brendon's hand that still was around her waist since they walked out of the hotel room.

"Oh! God-sorry." Brendon exclaimed, removing his hand as quick as possible. He didn't notice of course-it was felt so /right/.

Why God? Why put me in such a difficult position? I can't go on that tour with him. My studies! My family! All of that will be opposing...--

"So, um, about that tour-" Brendon began nervously.

"Oh, we're here." Ali interrupted (with much relief, if I may add...) as the elevator 'pinged' and they both walked out.


"It's so obvious." Jon murmured. Spencer flipped off the television with the remote controller. (Besides, both Ryan and Spencer agreed that watching Ali and Brendon was a lot more interesting than watching the sappy soap operas on the television.)

"Obvious? I think it's stupid how they don't even realize it." Ryan said, twisting himself around to face Jon while still sitting on the couch. Spencer nodded. "You know what?" Spencer asked, suddenly formulating something in his mind.

"Porn." Jon answered.

"What?" Spencer asked, as Ryan snorted with laughter.

"Hey. You stop that." Spencer told Ryan. "We should get them to sleep together."


"That might put some impediment on him working well on our tour..." Ryan said, starting to get into his business- talk again, just when Spencer shook his head. "No, what I really meant was-"

"What Spence meant was that since Ali has to sleep over tonight-I mean, how could she not, look at the weather-why doesn't she sleep in Bren's room?" Jon asked, shutting down his laptop and leaning on the table leisurely.

"But Brendon will-" Ryan persisted.

"She won't allow it though." Jon pointed out, sitting Indian-style on his chair.

"Okay, I lost you guys." Spence said, shaking his head in confusion.

"Okay...want me to spell it out for you? A-L-I A-N-D B-R-E-N W-I-L-L N-O-"

"Jon, you're hopeless. What Jon means is that the weather's too bad for Ali to make it back to her place tonight, so whether or not she likes it, she's gonna have to stay with us. But of course, the dilemma is, whose room is she gonna be staying in?" Ryan stated plainly for Spencer to comprehend.

"Brendon's, duh." Spencer said, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, except we've already said that, shithead." Jon laughed, walking over to the couch to where his bandmates sat.

"Stop calling names. Let me get through this with Spence, Jon..." Ryan said exasperatedly. "Now...okay. So what I was saying was that if we get Brendon and Ali to sleep in the same room, Brendon will try to get her to have sex with him-because c'mon, Brendon always acts on an impulse-but then Jon told me that Ali wouldn't allow that, because Ali-being the smart girl she is-won't do that type of thing."

"Ohh. So how do we get them to sleep in the same room?" Spencer asked, getting excited about the whole deal.

"No! I've got a better idea. They should HAVE to sleep in the same bed!" Jon said, jumping around crazily.

"That's going too far. Let's just make them sleep in the same room first. Maybe things will progress after that, who knows..." Ryan said, stifling a yawn.

"I'll do it, I'll do it!" Jon said, raising his hand. Spencer, who shared Jon's thoughts in planning out the whole thing, ran over to him. "C'mon, gotta help us."

"I suck at plan-making. I always end up screwing the whole thing over."

"Not this time, Ry." Jon winked, and set to work.

"So the managers of the hotel tell us they've run out of cots, my couches have disappeared from my room, and my bandmates are suddenly asleep." Brendon said into his hotel room.

"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up," Ali groaned, sitting on the edge of Brendon's queen-sized bed.

"So you wanna-"

"No, I don't."

"But you have nowhere else to sleep!" Brendon proclaimed.

"Yeah, don't say it like I don't know it." Ali whispered, shutting her eyes briefly. A minute of silence ensued, until Brendon cleared his throat.

"I...I promise I won't do anything...It's just your comfort I'm concerned about..."

"Oh really? And how can I trust you? I've never even slept in the same bed as my sister, how the hell am I supposed to sleep in the same bed as a rock star I've only met not too long ago?"

"You know, most fans would actually jump at the chance to be in the same room as me!" Brendon yelled, finally breaking past frustration and onto anger.


Oh shit...I really shouldn't have said that. Brendon thought to himself.

Ali narrowed her eyes at Brendon, before saying slowly, "Oh, so that's how it is? You're labeling me as a fan?...So I can see it now. The true Brendon Urie."

Brendon, afraid of what conclusion Ali had suddenly come to, blurted out, "No, Ali, that's not how it is-I was just frustrated-I..."

"What? You want to sleep with me? Well you're not going to get it, Brendon."

"No, you see-"

"I used to idolize you...I used to dream of just meeting you, but you...just you, as a person-what the hell was I thinking?"

"I LIKE YOU." Brendon said loudly, grabbing Ali by the shoulders and staring her intensely in the eyes. "A lot..." He added with a tone of softness. His breath was ragged, and lust-possibly love?-was all expressed in his eyes. Ali's gaze softened. But then her mouth opened:

"You know, those kinda stuff works in novels, movies...even fanfictions. But it doesn't work here Brendon. I don't feel it. I'm sorry."

Brendon fell to his knees, (as he thought, 'What the hell are fanfictions?') and watched Ali leave. The door was left open to his hotel room. Just when he thought he was soaring, he crashed.

With that, Ali walked out of Brendon's life.
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