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Pained Trust...

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A year and a month later...Is this really how it was meant to be?

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Pained Trust

A Year and A Month Later...

"Baby...what're you doing up? It's fucking eight am in the fucking morning..."

"Exactly." The curvaceous, but also somewhat bottom-heavy girl smiled sweetly as she opened up the blinds. A moaning Brendon twisted himself under the covers behind her.

"Oh, get up lazybones."

"Heh, you said lazybones." Brendon teased, before screeching when he felt the covers stripped from him. There was Brendon Boyd Urie, in all his glory-only clad in a pair of Mario and Yoshi printed boxers.

"C'mon, don't you have an interview or something this morning?" Claudia prodded, placing her hands on her hips before turning towards the full-length mirror near the bed.

Brendon reluctantly slipped out of bed, and went to stand behind Claudia, who was about a good 4-5 inches shorter than him and only wearing her lingerie. They both had a tendency to sleep that way at night. (And no, they haven't slept together...yet.)

"You know what I love?" Brendon asked, wrapping his arms around her waist calmly.

"Mm." She said distractedly, intent on fixing the parting in her hair.

"Your waist...I don't know. I'm fascinated with it...It's're so...not perfect compared to all those models-" Brendon started, before receiving a whack in the head.

Claudia sniffed, and whispered, "That's offensive!"

"-But completely perfect for me...and only me." Brendon continued, kissing his girlfriend's right temple. Claudia stilled, and snuggled into her boyfriend's protective body behind her.

He pinched her sides, whispering, "Lovehandles."

She only giggled, whispering back with a taunting, "Apple-bottom."

Before Brendon had a chance to tackle her, or leave her a lovebite like he did yesterday, three knocks sounded loudly on their hotel room door. "C'mon Bren, get the fuck up! We're late!"

"Dammit." Brendon growled, before hugging his girlfriend and leaping into some decent clothes.

"Brendon...your clothes don't match..."

"It's okay, they'll fix it before the interview. They always do. Love you, sweetie." He said gruffly, before dashing out the door.

"Dude, what took you so long this morning?" Spencer asked while getting his face made-up before the interview.

"Claudia." Brendon said quietly, putting on his jacket directly behind Spencer. When he turned around though, Spencer rolled his eyes. Claudia. Always Claudia.

Ryan, who sat next to Spencer in his make-up chair, looked at Spencer. It was true: None of the guys really approved of Brendon's new girlfriend-after all, Brendon always had a new girlfriend every other week. First of all, this was tarnishing his name. The press was constantly swarming around Ryan and Brendon, but since Brendon had more publicity stunts than Ryan, he tended to get more press coverage...not that that was actually a good thing in this case.

Spencer and Ryan had analyzed the meaning of Brendon's new 'playboy' outlook in life. Jon labeled it the 'Alice Incident'. But it was true-since Alice told Brendon straight out that she could never trust a guy like him, Brendon seemed to have been so...distant.

As Ryan swept his bangs out of his vision, he leaned closer to Spencer, whispering, "I just wish that Brendon was a bit more...consistent. It's like he changes girlfriends every other week. I don't understand." Of course, Spencer and Ryan being the best of friends since they were wee kids helped the relationship of the band grow strong. Spencer and Ryan liked to discuss things-sadly, things that they could never tell Jon and Brendon-mainly because they both trusted each other to a fault.

Spencer nodded quietly, looking into the mirror in front of him to make sure that Brendon wasn't looking at them, listening and hanging onto every word that they were saying.

Oh boy, was he wrong.


"Claudia, you're still here?" An exhausted Brendon walked through the door and collapsed on a nearby couch. Claudia looked up from putting on her mascara.

"Yeah, but not for long. I'm gonna go in a few minutes."

"Oh, okay." Brendon said quietly as Claudia quickly left the room.

Brendon walked up to his safe-the password to which only he and Claudia knew to. He wanted to go out and get a drink or something, and he had already wasted his money before the interview to buy the guys proper food before they got ready in the make-up room.

But what he found inside the safe wasn't really what he expected. He held up a note-the only thing that was inside the safe.

I really don't expect you to's really complicated...

What? What was complicated? What happened to thinking that she was 'the one'? Brendon read on.

I've found someone else. But I love you. I truly, truly do...

What the fuck? How can you love someone but be cheating on them?

"That's twisted." Brendon said to himself. Where the hell was Claudia anyways? Did she dash out for 'just a moment', or did she run away from him forever?

But just don't expect me back. Just...Find yourself first. I don't know, Brendon. I just know you have some trust issues, dumping girls one day and going out with another one the next. And your bandmates are always talking about some incident about a girl named Allison years ago...or something.

"That's Alice. Not Allison." Brendon caught himself correcting the note.

Point is, we're just not meant to be. Thanks. You gave it all you had. -Claudia

"Great." Brendon murmured, rubbing his forehead with his hand. When he threw the note behind him, he went to get his money. But his money wasn't there.


Spencer and Jon, who were waiting outside of Ryan's hotel room, heard a loud screaming from Brendon's room.

Jon and Spencer shared a knowing look.

"I told you so." Spencer said, shaking his head. Jon nodded. "I didn't think she was that smart to figure it out so early," Jon whispered, afraid that Brendon would somehow hear him, although Jon could already hear the raging inside Brendon's room.

Inside Ryan's room, everything was set in a pristine, organized manner. Ryan sat on the edge of his bed, still in his boxers and socks.

"Hurry up!" Spencer whined, knocking on his best friend's door.

"I'm coming!" Ryan said angrily, and fished on his jeans. Just then, his cell phone rang. "Damn it!" Ryan said loudly, picking it up, but not really bothering to check who it was on the caller ID.


"Yeah, this is Ryan...Sorry, who is this?"

"Ryan..." The female voice said faintly. Suddenly, it hit Ryan.

"Alice?" He asked with incredulity. So it finally worked, Ryan thought, smiling to himself.

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