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Although Alice doesn't really realize it, she's taking the risk of walking back into Brendon's life...

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"Alice?" Ryan asked, still with incredulity.

"It's me, Ryan..." She said, almost a bit timidly.

Ryan sighed with a bit of relief. "You have no idea how many times I called you."

"Well...actually I was around thirteen times today, but overall, more than 50 times in the past month. I guess I was so impressed, I needed to hear what you had to say." Alice chuckled, sitting down on a chair in the dining room.

"Ryan, hurry up!" Two exasperated voices shouted loudly from the other side of Ryan's hotel room door. Ryan glared at the door, as if to think that it would flatten his band mates if he glared hard enough. "I'm busy! I'll be down there in five minutes!"

Spencer shrugged at Jon, who was ready to shout again. "If he says he'll be down in five minutes, he'll keep his word...He doesn't get this worked up all the time, so I guess it's important." Jon mumbled some sort of "Dammit, we're gonna be late..." as he waited for the elevator to take him down. Just as the elevator doors were about to close shut, a running Brendon yelled, "Hold the elevator!"

Spencer hit the open button again, and Brendon rushed through, basically looking like shit. "Jesus Christ...Did you just walk through a typhoon, Urie?" Spencer asked with shock on his face. "No, I just walked through an atomic bomb." Brendon hissed with anger. Jon poked Spencer, giving him the 'stop it' look. Spencer sighed, as he hit the 'Ground Floor' button.

Meanwhile, Ryan held the cell phone close to his ear, afraid that he was going to lose Alice on the phone due to bad reception in his hotel room. "Thanks for calling back. You don't know how much it means to me-I mean, the band-Wait, no...That's not right...I mean-"

"Who're you talking to?" Ryan heard a loud voice-that obviously wasn't Alice's-on the other side of the line. Alice, rolling her eyes, slid her hand to cover the mouthpiece. She told her room mate, Sarah, "I'll tell you later, okay? This is kinda important right now..." Sarah crossed her arms, pouting before it finally clicked.

"It's that guy who's been calling you the past...year. Month. Or something. Ryan Ross. Trying to fix you back up with Brendon right?" She said coyly, sitting on their couch. Alice told Sarah to 'shh' before walking into a different room.

"Fine! Say 'shh' to your best friend, just don't say 'shh' to the guy who's the idiot's best friend!" Sarah yelled just as Alice closed the door. Finally, some peace and quiet!

"Are you ok?" Ryan asked tentatively. Alice nodded. "Hello?" Ryan asked, a little annoyed to find that Alice had seemingly left. Alice, who had completely forgotten that she was on the phone, jumped a foot, and blurted out, "Yeah I'm here-sorry."

"That's alright." Ryan chuckled. "I need help." Ryan said, scratching the back of his neck. "What sort of help? I thought as a celebrity you can get all sorts of help..."

"Yeah, but this one is...special. Look, I actually gotta go now. D'you still live in the same place you did a year ago?" Ryan asked hurriedly, slipping on his hoodie.

"Yes, I do...D'you want to meet at a Starbucks? Nearest one I know is the one at the corner of Fourth and Fremont Street..."

"Funny." Ryan mumbled into the receiver as he slipped on another jacket over his hoodie. It was cold out, and since he was so skinny, he tended to pile on layers to look a bit more filled out.

"Oh, haha...I get it. Corner of Fourth and Fremont Street..." Alice whispered to herself, rolling her eyes. "But seriously though. I'm assuming that's the reason why you talk about something. And you must be in my town-or at least somewhere near it-to be calling from a local number." Alice assumed quickly. Ryan laughed. "Yeah, you're right. So I'll see you there tomorrow...preferably 5 pm?"


"Alright, see you." Ryan was ready to hang up, but Alice had to say one more thing:

"Ross, just make sure this is worth my time. I don't want to be fucking around with Brendon just wasn't worth it...." Alice said slowly into the mouthpiece, making her point very deliberate.

Ryan gulped. This obviously wasn't going to be as easy as he had intended it to be. "Yeah, well...I'll talk to you tomorrow." Then, he hung up.


Sarah's not suspicious at all...Ryan hasn't called me after that one single talk we had about meeting in Starbucks...Speaking of which, I don't even know what this talk's going to be about! Sarah thinks it's about Brendon, but I don't want to jump to conclusions or-

These thoughts raced through Alice's head as she parked her car in front of the local Starbucks. She was already ten minutes late (/Oh, joy.../ She thought with sarcasm.) and when she peered through the large windows of Starbucks' infamous coffee shop, she couldn't see Ryan at all. However, she did see a few people with hoodies, so she wasn't surprised-one of them was bound to be Ryan.
Before walking in, she pulled on her own shades and hoodie to match. If she was going to be with a celebrity for the next 'x' amount of hours, she didn't want to have her face plastered on every magazine known to the human race. It was enough that after the Brendon Incident (coincidentally, she did use that title just like Brendon's band mates used the 'Alice Incident' as well...) she was hunted down by a couple of rabid fangirls for two weeks straight (resulting in her changing her cell phone and number).

"Hi, you're Alice, right?" A voice loomed up from behind Alice.

Alice turned around to see whom it was so quickly that she accidentally knocked the unknown person who had suddenly asked her name. "Oh my god...I'm really sorry..." Alice apologized, getting down to the person's level to see if he or she was alright.

The person's hood fell off, and long dark brown-almost black-hair tumbled down her back. She had perfectly plucked eyebrows, shaped to perfection. Who was she? Alice was sure she had never met her before.

"No, no-don't worry about me! Did I scare you? I'm really sorry if I did." The girl grinned, and stood up on her own. Alice thought her grin faintly reminded her of someone, but she couldn't summon a familiar face in her mind. " did scare me, actually, but that's totally okay." Alice replied, and chuckled.

After a bit of an awkward pause, Alice cleared her throat and asked, ", who are you?"

"Jesus Christ...where the hell are my manners? My name's Lucy." Lucy exclaimed, proffering a hand for Alice to shake. Alice took it willingly, and asked, "How do you know me?"

"Actually...let's go get a coffee, hmm? Then I'll tell you why I know you."

Before the two walked into Starbucks, Alice managed to say, "Sorry, I'm actually waiting for-"

"Ryan?" Lucy filled in, looking at Alice straight in the eye. Alice swallowed hard./ Who the hell is this woman?/

Tilting her head to the side just a tad, Alice whispered hesitantly, "E...Exactly. But how...?"

"I told you-let's go get something to drink, and I'll explain."

"So how was your date with the infamous Ryan Ross?" Sarah asked as Alice walked through the door of their apartment. "Oh my fucking nearly gave me a heart attack...I didn't see you sitting there!" Alice exclaimed, before plopping down on the couch next to Sarah. Sarah eyed Alice carefully, before asking, "So? Don't get off topic, girl-how was the wonderful date?"

Alice laughed, and toed off her keds before sitting Indian style on their couch. "I...didn't go on the 'date' with Ryan." Sarah looked at her friend unbelievingly. But before Sarah could even open her mouth to ask Alice why, Alice answered for her: "I met his friend."

"You met his friend? Ryan blew you off, you mean?" Sarah was now quite interested, and set the newspaper down next to her to pay attention to her friend. "No...not really. He had an 'emergency interview' or something along those lines, so he sent his friend-a girl named Lucy-over to kind of talk to me.

"You'd like her, Sarah. She's really outgoing and goes with the flow-it's like, in a way, she's never annoyed by anyone or anything. Ryan and Lucy go back to High School or something like that...and they still keep in touch. Lucy and I just basically talked about ourselves most of the time...I think Ryan just wanted to know how I was after the whole Brendon Incident. But what really gets to me is why he cares...I mean, I haven't talked to him since the Incident. I talked to him only because he knew Brendon."

Sarah nodded after Alice finished talking. "Yeah, well...maybe he's interested in now that you and Brendon are over, have you ever considered that maybe Ryan likes you?"

Alice laughed out loud. "Are you kidding me? Ryan? And me?"

"Didn't Brendon once say that you two would make a good couple, just because you guys were both so rational and sensible and whatnot?" Sarah pointed out. When Alice stopped laughing, realizing that was Sarah said was true, Sarah smirked.

"Okay, point taken. But still..."

"Still what? And it's nearly time for dinner. You should go have a shower or something and we should go about that new Italian place? We can talk more about this thing over there-it's like 7 pm now..." Sarah said quickly, shoving Alice off the couch. Alice pouted, and muttered a 'fine' and left the room.

"I'll call for reservations!" Sarah yelled as Alice turned on the shower.

Sarah pulled out her cell phone, and scrolled through her contact list. She clicked 'send' and waited for someone to pick up.

As soon as someone picked up, Sarah went on to immediately say: "Hey...Yeah, she fell for it. We're going down to the Italian restaurant in about ten minutes, so get there before we do. No...she's analyzing. Okay, I better go and get reservations-god knows you guys don't need to reserve for shit. Ha. Okay. See you there, then. Okay. Bye."

There was a plan-and the plan was finally set in motion. Alice did not know what was about to hit her.

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