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The Power the Dark Lord Doesn't Know

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A silly little one-shot, the first HP story I wrote, written befor HBP

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to J
Disclaimer: All characters belong to J. K. Rowling and her publishers, just a bit of fun

Harry Potter was flying above the school Quidditch Pitch doing the thing he enjoyed second best in the world, his favourite pastime having become making out with his soon-to-be fiancée Hermione Granger. Harry had proposed to her on Valentine's Day but they had decided to make the official announcement on their Graduation Day, no one except Hermione's parents knew of it.

This was Harry's last game of Quidditch, it was the Cup match and it was against his biggest rivals Slytherin and his arch-nemesis Draco Malfoy. Several teams from Britain and Europe had approached Harry with offers to play Professional Quidditch but as he knew Hermione hated him playing he had rejected all offers, he was planning to become an Auror so he could hunt down Death Eaters and their leader Voldemort.

He scanned the skies round the pitch looking for the Golden Snitch, the almost invisible ball the capture of which would mean Gryffindor would have won the cup for six out of his seven years at Hogwarts, Malfoy as usual didn't do his own searching but shadowed Harry hoping to beat him in the race to catch the Snitch once Harry had spotted it.

The game below was vicious, both teams had lost chasers to injuries early in the match and had scored very few goals, both keepers being in good form although Gryffindor were always a couple of goals ahead.

As Harry scanned the skies he caught a glimpse of gold hovering under the centre hoop of the Slytherin goal area, he flipped his Firebolt 2 (he had retired his original Firebolt in memory of his Godfather) over and headed for the snitch. Malfoy as usual followed close behind and started bumping and boring trying to distract Harry and as usual was failing miserably. As Harry caught the snitch Malfoy grabbed Harry's shoulder and shouted "Portus" port-keying him and Harry away.

Harry felt the hated tug at his navel, closed his hand over the snitch and quickly put it in his pocket, and then drew his wand and waited to arrive at his destination.

When they arrived Harry found he was still hurtling toward the ground at nearly 100 mph and automatically pulled out of his dive, Malfoy played to his skills and ploughed into the ground finishing up in a tangle of broken bones.

As he gained height Harry scanned the skies his inbuilt sense of danger warning him that he was in trouble, as he looked around he saw them, nearly 200 Death Eaters with Voldemort standing in the middle of them, he scanned the skies again looking for an escape route but as he didn't know where he was he didn't know which direction was the safest to go.

Then he saw them, Electricity Pylons and realised that Voldemort and his followers were standing under them. Information came to mind immediately, his mastery of Occlumency had given him almost instant recall of any facts he had learned, British National Power Grid, 330,000 Volts, Harry cast a Blasting Curse at the nearest insulator and watched as the cable arced to the ground. He watched the Death Eaters begin to throw curses at him and flew higher dodging any that came close, the cable struck the ground, the curses disappeared and the Death Eaters and their Lord fried.

Harry sent up a homing spell he had been taught by the Aurors and flew down beside Draco, and after stunning him began to immobilise his broken limbs, a few minutes later Dumbledore and Hermione arrived surrounded by a brigade of Aurors.

Hermione ran to him and gave him a trademark bone-crushing hug and breath-stopping kiss. Dumbledore surveyed the scene looking at the dead gang of Death Eaters and asked Harry what had happened.

Harry pointed at the still sparking, broken power-line and said "Electricity, the power the Dark Lord didn't know"
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