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Chapter 9: So Sick of First Shows

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Chapter 9: So Sick of First Shows

December 28, 2006:
I am back. I hope this will come sooner than anybody thinks, because I know that I have been updating from long periods of time. I will make this long and hopefully it'll be a quick one.

I am inserting a new character.

Don't you sometimes hate your siblings when they do annoying and really gross stuff to you? Ugh, my brother just spat grape juice 'Triple H' style at me and I can taste it. Gross beyond gross.

The guys left after awhile, making sure that Isaab learned to be more responsible and remember to be more feel more considerate, in Patrick's words. Isaab took a 30-minute shower and got dressed in a long-sleeved white shirt under a plain yellow tee, jeans, and comfortable fake yellow floral Havaianas© that a friend sent her from the Philippines (very popular here! XD). She pulled her hair into, as usual, a messy yet comfy bun and put on lots and lots of black eyeliner. She had to wear something Pete at all times, even at the least. After, she watched TV while Pete followed her example, muttering, "I haven't taken a shower for two days" while he walked in the bathroom.
"Umm, Pete, are you ready?" Isaab asked Pete, who was still on her laptop, while Isaab was packing all her belongings back into the two bags she had. "I kinda need my laptop now, so..." she said when he didn't respond. She had made a decision to ignore Pete emotionally and physically, but she had to make sure she had all of her stuff. When she was a kid, she wasn't very careful about her belongings and that made her get into trouble with her parents. Now, as an adult, she made it stuck in her mind to be VERY careful with everything she owned. Pete stopped typing, and Isaab walked over to the desk. Pete quickly turned off the laptop and closed it.
"Here." He gave her a small fake smile and handed it to her and walked toward the bathroom and locking it closed. Isaab sighed and went back to her bed, where she was packing all of her stuff. She proceeded packing her stuff, crying silently. He doesn't care anymore. I can't care anymore. I am with Ryan now. She thought, and it hurt.
As soon as she was done packing and checking if she had all her stuff all packed and with her, she sat down on the bed, and wiped the tears out of her eyes. She sighed and looked at her luggage. Her stroller bag was lying on her bed, beside her duffel bag. Might as well, she thought. She put her stroller bag on the floor, standing up. She pulled the handle up, and laid the duffel bag on top, using the pulled handle as kind of a stand to make sure the duffel bag did not fall. She slid her purse handle up her left arm to her shoulder, and sat down again, trying not to cry.
Knock, knock.
/ That must be Ryan, /She thought while standing up. She looked through the peephole and saw Ryan staring at the door, oblivious that Isaab was watching him. Isaab smiled and unlocked the door and opened the door to her boyfriend.
"Hey boyfriend" she muttered before hugging him. She hugged so hard, it was intense. He hugged back; his head on top hers, while her head was buried under his chest. Her hands were around his waist, holding it for life while his right hand was on her hair, caressing it. His left hand was pulling her waist closer to his. He was making the hug intensify even more and making Isaab feel better to be in his arms. It made her feel safe and feel that nothing would tear them apart.
"...I never want to lose you" he smiled. Isaab could only smile and nod.

(AN: I didn't want to put the entire thing here. Too much space to waste when it's just one chapter back you guys have to travel. So please, don't be lazy. If you don't understand, go back one chapter)
Another Flashback
She took his face and both of her hands and looked straight in his eyes. "Thanks for trying to help." She muttered. He smiled. She loved that smile. She was lost in his eyes and her face came closer and closer. He didn't stop if he wanted to, trying to find her mouth in his.
They met in just a few seconds. Few seconds, of pure heaven for both, until they remembered one of them was with someone else. They separated, reluctantly and Isaab walked a few steps back, shocked at what she had just did. They stared at each other, eyes wide as plates and jaws dropped... all in silence.

(AN: I felt that I was going to get tough love for the other flashback, so I got you this VERY important bit. I wanted to make it THAT long XD)
The last flashback made Isaab feel bad and sad and hugged Ryan even more. "Sweetie, is something wrong?" Ryan said out of reflex (AN: thanks to punkypromqueen for that.)
"Oh nothing" she lied. Ryan could sense the hesitation in her voice and knew that she lied.
"You sure?" he asked, and she nodded, tickling him a bit. He smiled and they separated.
"Let's go?" he whispered in her ear and she nodded walking back to the room. She grabbed the duffel bag, slung her left arm under the loop hole of the handle and grabbed
the handle of the stroller bag and walked out of the room, handing the duffel bag to Ryan.
They started walking, then Isaab remembered that her purse wasn't with her. "Wait just a sec." she stopped and told Ryan. She stood her stroller bag by the wall and ran back to her room calling to Ryan, "Go ahead, I just forgot something!" Ryan did as he was told and went down.
In her room, she searched her bed for her purse. Damn, I thought I had everything. Now where is that thing? She thought. She found her purse under her bed, and noticed that Pete was still in the bathroom. She walked over to the bathroom and knocked. "Come on, Pete. You don't want to be left behind."
"They would never leave me behind. I am Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the fucking third. They wouldn't." Pete responded. Isaab rolled her eyes and smiled.
"Well, hurry up. You have all you're stuff?" she asked.
"Yeah, I never unpacked."
"Okay, good." She said and got her stuff and left.
Once out of her room, her cell phone started ringing. It was Joe. "Hello?" she greeted her brother.
"Hey Bell" she glared at the wall, thinking that was him. "Umm, Bill called. He's asking if you're staying in our bus or at the Panic! bus. What do I say; I told him I would call him back?"
"I'm staying with Ryan, is that okay with you?" She asked, fingers crossed, she heard her brother sigh.
"Okay, go ahead. Just promise me, you won't do anything stupid." She nearly jumped ten feet in the air.
"Well, I got to go. I have to meet Ryan downstairs." She said.
"Ryan's here with us, plus the other guys." she could hear the other guys greeting her. She smiled to herself.
"Okay well, tell Ryan I'll be right down." She said
"Sure. See ya, baby sis."
Everybody was at Fall Out Boy's dressing room. They were just waiting for Plain White T's, who were opening for them, to finish. And for once, Pete wasn't using Isaab's laptop. He was playing Joe on the PS2 they brought. Who was using the laptop, you ask? Well, it was Ryan and Brendon, playing some moronic game Isaab found surfing the net, and they got addicted to it. Brendon kept losing so he gave up and sat with the others, watching Pete and Joe. Ryan quit playing the game and was now just surfing the net. Isaab was getting tired of watching her brother and Pete play so she went over to see what her boyfriend was doing.
She peered over his shoulder. "Sweetie, what are you doing?"
He looked up, "Nothing. Just checking out that girl, Amanda's blog. Remember? The girl at DQ."
She looked at him quizzically. "And how did you find her blog? How are you sure that's her blog?"
"The notebook she told me to put the autograph in, it was seemed like her diary. It looked like she put most of everything she needed to write in that little notebook. I found the name of the site while looking at her poems." He cracked his knuckles.
"No shit. And why are you looking at it, may I ask?"
"Uh... I got bored?" he grinned and she grinned back.
"Yeah I bet. So... what have you found out?"
"It seems that she isn't an American, she puts some words from another language in her blog entries. I have a feeling it's either Spanish or something near to it."
"Oh ok." She responded, while her cell phone began to ring "Dance, Dance". She looked over to Pete.
"Pete, are you calling me?" she asked.
"Do I look like I am?" he said irritably, not looking up.
She rolled her eyes, and answered her cell phone. "Hello?"
"Hello Isabelle Amanda." Right then, Isaab knew who it was.
"Hello Alyssa Christine" Brendon's head popped up, and as if on cue someone knocked on the door. "I'll get it!" Brendon said and rushed toward the door.
"Where are you, and why the heck are you calling me now, of all places?" she asked her best friend.
"Oh, just somewhere near you." Brendon opened the door, and there stood Isaab's best friend since grade school. Alyssa, Isaab, and Nina were friends, but Alyssa and Nina were in different cliques. When Isaab came to their school during sixth grade, not that much people liked her, since she was a bit weird. Nevertheless, Alyssa, Nina, and their cliques welcomed her with opened arms. Isaab blended in, and the rest was history. Although there was happiness, it didn't last long. When Nina died, everyone just drifted apart and Isaab went into a dark place. Pete and Joe pulled her out, along with some help from their family, Isaab's friends, and Alyssa. Both had been there for each other, protecting each other out of harm's way. The two haven't seen each other after high school graduation. They sent e-mails, but never got to just hang out and be friends like they were during middle school. They both went to different colleges. Isaab at UCLA and Alyssa at Columbia.
"What the fuck? Why are you here?" Isaab said while hugging Alyssa.
"Why you don't want me here?" They separated.
"Of course I want you here! You're my best friend!" They hugged again.
"Wait, how'd you get in here? How'd you get in without a backstage pass?" Isaab asked with one eyebrow raised.
"Umm, let's just say I did something for the guard." she winked at Isaab.
"NO you didn't!" they high fived each other and laughed.
"You whore!" Isaab said. "Sorry"
"Yeah, it's fine."
Dirty stuck his head in the room. "Guys, Fall Out Boy is up next, I am about to introduce them, get ready." He looked at Alyssa, "What are you doing here?"
"Oh no, Dirty, she's with me." Isaab held Alyssa's hand.
"Oh ok, here." He handed her a shirt, same as the one Isaab was wearing.
"What's this?" Alyssa said.
"Just a groupie shirt, ran out of backstage passes." Alyssa looked at Isaab with a knowing look.
"Why am I not surprised you're a groupie?"
"Probably 'cause I actually like the music" Isaab stated proudly
"Or you could just be sleeping with one of the guys" Alyssa looked around the room
"Okay first of all: Joe is my brother, remember? He could get me anywhere I want." Isaab looked at her brother. "Thanks for that" She looked back at her friend. "Two: I am dating someone in this room, not sleeping. You know I wouldn't do that. I'm not a whore. And lastly" She faced the FOB guys. "Shouldn't you guys be on stage right now?"
"OH, Shit!" Patrick slapped his forehead. The guys quickly dropped whatever they were doing and came to hug and kiss Isaab, asking and for good luck.
"Good luck" she said to all four of them, laughing.
"Tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that I can't say.
(Tonight I'm writing you) a million miles away"
Patrick sang proudly and as loud as he could trying to overcome the sing-along voices of the proud fans and the yells of the teeny boppers who were screaming their love for either Pete or Patrick. Isaab couldn't help but sing along. Homesick from Space Camp was one of her MANY favorite songs of her brother's band. She saw Joe do his first Trohmania move of the night, which received yells of, "Trohmania!" from the crowd. She laughed with Alyssa.
Alyssa and Isaab were watching, standing on the right wing-one on the best seats in the entire venue.
She could hear Joe yelling, "Hell Yeah!" again, again, and again after that, at Andy, while Andy laughed his ass off, not missing a beat.
At Sugar We're Goin Down, Pete did that lick-and-salute thing from the video and the yells, if possible, grew louder. Pete did it in front of Isaab and she blushed. Alyssa noticed the sudden color in the face of her best friend and gave her a shocked look.
"I KNEW IT!" she yelled at Isaab.
"You know what?!" Isaab yelled back trying to overcome all the noises.
"You like PETE!!!" She yelled jumping up and down, clapping with all smiles. Isaab playfully slapped her on the shoulder and gave her the 'be quiet, or I'll kill you in your sleep' look.
"Okay, this is the last song of the night!" Pete yelled to the audience. "I hope you liked our fucking show tonight. Now after this I want you to give some love to your next act, PANIC! At the Disco!!!" The audience screamed. "Okay, now that we got you pumped up, it's time to calm down for a bit. I am asking Patrick, no not to marry me, to sing this song for a special someone who is in this very venue right now." Some teeny boppers boo'ed. Isaab and Alyssa stood, looking shocked. "Patrick?" Pete looked at Patrick, Patrick nodded and a stage hand gave him a stool and an acoustic guitar. Patrick thanked the hand, took the stuff handed to him to his normal place. He shoed the rest of the band away from the stage, so he could have it for himself and so Isaab wouldn't feel so bad. Joe and Andy glared at Patrick, who shrugged and pointed his head towards Pete's direction. The glared at Pete, as if they could kill him. This isn't going to be good. Joe thought. Isaab's going to get hurt. Andy thought. They stepped out of the stage-using the left wing, no way in hell they were going to look at Isaab's face that was beginning to look scared, sad, and angry at the same time. Not good.
"Okay well, I will not and will never think that this was a good idea. I hate to do this to everyone here" Patrick said through the mic, looking at Isaab for the first time and her face looked heartbroken. Patrick stepped away from the mic and sat down on the stool with guitar in hand. He plugged one of the many wires on the floor to the guitar and began to sing. (AN: I am so sorry, I can't put the entire song here, too much to put. Sorry!)

Gotta change my answering machine
Now that I'm alone
'Cause right now it says that we
Can't come to the phone
And I know it makes no sense
'Cause you walked out the door
But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore
It's ridiculous
It's been months
And for some reason I just
Can't get over us
And I'm stronger then this
Ain't no faith in her
Always walkin' 'round
With my head down
I'm so over being blue
Cryin over you

And I'm so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing you were still here
Said I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slow
So why can't I turn off the radio?

Gotta fix that calender I have
That's marked July 15th
Because since there's no more you
There's no more anniversary
I'm so fed up with my thoughts of you
And your memory
And how every song reminds me
Of what used to be

That's the reason I'm so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing you were still here
Said I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slow
So why can't I turn off the radio?

Yes, I'm so sick of love songs
So tired of tears
So done with wishing she was still here
Said I'm so done with love songs so sad and slow
So why can't I turn off the radio?

Why can't I turn off the radio?

Patrick played it perfectly; it had to make someone cry. It did, Isaab. Halfway towards the song, you could see the many lighters raised and swaying from side to side, shows how much the audience loved the song. However, you could also see Isaab crying on Alyssa's shoulder, who was also crying. So Sick was their song. Pete and Isaab's song. Before, they had talked and he told her that he would sing, or in this case make someone else sing, the girl he would love forever this song. She only thought he was kidding because the one singing it was a rap star and he knew that Isaab could not stand rap or hip hop, so she made it their song.
At the end of the song, she looked up from Alyssa's shoulder and stopped bawling her eyes off. She realized that she had only been crying because she only knew know that Pete loved her, not only now, but forever. Another tear slipped and she saw Patrick look at her with an apologetic look. She couldn't take it any longer, she ran away, with Alyssa in tow.


Wow, long chapter. I know that it's been so long, but I had stuff to do plus it was fucking New Year's Eve and I met a boy!!! Hahaha lol. I had you guys waiting for so long, this will make up for it. The number of pages of Word that took up this mess is the same number of days I made you guys, I hope you won't hate anymore.

I know you'll hate for this, but tomorrow I have school already. Sucks doesn't it? And next week, quarterly exams, so I don't think I will be updating for another while. Sorry to keep updating from years on end.

Another thing that sucks: you know that underwater earthquake in Taiwan? Well, because of that, the entire Southeast Asia is now having problems with the internet, and at the moment, I don't have. Could it get any worse?

I hope you guys won't hate as much as love. This is for all the fans, plus Kim (xImRadx) who is my young padawan. LOL!!! No, she's just one of the best people here in FicWad, and she gives such great response here.

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