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Chapter 10: Tears in The Tour Bus

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Don't give up on me!

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I am so sorry for a VERY late update.

Isaab ran to the Fall Out Boy tour bus, only because it was the nearest. She ran to the bathroom and locked it, ignoring yells from Alyssa. She sat on the toilet, lowered her back and put her hands on her face sobbing. He still cares, he loves me she thought.
Outside, Alyssa was pounding on the door and nearly shouting at Isaab to open the damn door (AN: How freaking ironic, huh?) and kept reminding herself calm down and say it nicely.
"Sweetie, please come out. We can talk about it. I mean, what's so bad about Pete making Patrick sing So Sick? It's not like it actually means something." Alyssa said as calm as possible.
"Oh, it is bad." Isaab yelled at the door.
She gave up and walked over to the Joe's bunk, the closest one, and sat down. She put her hands to her face in frustration.
Suddenly, the bus door slammed open and Joe came in, looking really angry, with Patrick and Andy in tow, looking concerned. Joe saw Alyssa and gave her a "Where the fuck is my sister?" look and she pointed to the bathroom. He walked toward the door and pounded on the door, yelling mostly everything Alyssa said, which did not work at all for him. Patrick and Andy were still at the doorway, and only when Alyssa looked at them for the first time since she was on the wing watching them having the time of their lives, now thinking their fun had stopped and hurt someone close to all of them.
"What are you guys doing here?" Isaab asked Patrick who walked in to the room right after Joe. Patrick hugged her, seeing it seemed she was very confused and frustrated. "Where's Pete?" she asked
"There was a girl asking for an interview after our set. Since we were pissed at what Pete made me do, we made Pete stay and talk to the lady. Also, she kinda wanted him only for the interview" he scratched the back of his neck.
"Isaab, get out and tell us what's wrong!" Joe yelled, pounding at the door.
"How'd you know that we were here and that she was crying?" She looked up at Patrick that was leaning on the wall above Joe's bunk, which separated Joe's from his.
"We saw her run off crying". Joe said and Alyssa snapped her neck turning it at him, hurting it a little bit. She ignored the sensation that was going from her neck, going up. Joe started to pound so more, and that annoyed Alyssa. She stood up and walked over him, with arms folded.
"You think I haven't done that already?" she asked.
"No, not really thought of that." He responded and smiled sarcastically. He started pounding again and Alyssa noticed a big black dent on the door.
"STOP IT ALREADY!" she yelled so hard, in the bathroom, Isaab looked up from her hands, and trembled a little.
"Can you see that what you're doing isn't helping? God!" She yelled her hands up.
"Well, I am her brother. At least I'm trying to help her." He said raising his voice a little.
"And we're not?" Andy finally spoke up from his corner. Everybody except for Alyssa looked at him.
"What are you talking about?" Joe said irritably at Andy's direction.
"You're saying that only you are trying to help her." Andy pointed out, his right arm pointing in front of him. Joe didn't understand.
"What Andy is trying to say" Patrick said pointing at Andy with his hand, not finger "is we are also here, trying to help" he pointed at the bathroom door. "her, too".
"Well, it's not working, is it?" Alyssa said, still staring at Joe, with no emotion.

After a while of waiting for something, even if everyone knew that Isaab wasn't about to open the door and Pete rushed in.
"What the hell?" Joe yelled, charging toward him, almost throwing a punch at Pete, if it wasn't for Patrick and Andy who grabbed his arms and held them tightly, so he wouldn't escape and gave a hurting to hurt for months on Pete. He escaped with fury, and was about lunge at Pete and hurt him everywhere but he got distracted from hearing the door of the bathroom open and seeing his sister, hair all messed up and mascara running down her face.
"Stop" she said broken words quietly, but heard by the rest. "I need to talk to Pete" she said, walking toward to Pete and grabbing him from his neck collar and pulling him out side
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