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The Last Bond

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Andy wants out, ASAP.

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It'd been eating at Andy all morning. He'd though he could sleep it off, but that theory was for shit. In the morning, the feeling of Allison's sweet-tasting lips still lingered on his own. It made him feel good...and that was bad. His commitment and his strict "Stick To It" Policy was fading away with each flashback he had of her. She was haunting him.

Andy knew he had to get over these obvious feelings for Allison. He basically cheated on Vanessa with her last night. No matter what anyone said about following your heart, infidelity was wrong. He loved Vanessa. Allison was his past. Vanessa was his present, and kids would be his future. Andy didn't know why he sounded last night like he hated his physical therapy job. Had Vanessa never recommended it to him, he'd be his own version of Allison. Andy was going to marry Vanessa. His father would be ripping him to shreds if he left her. What did Allison seem to satisfy that Vanessa didn't? Whatever it was, he had to learn to live without it. Aaron was wrong. He didn't love Allison.

He lusted for Allison.

Andy shook his head at the thought. No! Lust was worst than love! Andy was screwed over. He needed an escape, a way to solve this problem before it ate him.

There was only one escape. He had to marry Vanessa. ASAP.

Andy wasn't thinking rationally, but somehow he thought he was. Andy immediately went to the phone. "When's your next flight to Vegas? I need two tickets!" Andy confirmed the tickets and went to pack a bag. Vanessa was still asleep, the little slug! Andy slowly bent down to her side and kissed her cheek. Vanessa stirred. "Ness? Baby?"

"Andy? What is it?"

"Pack a small bag. We're getting married!" Andy said excitedly to mask his fear.

"What?!" Vanessa shot up, fully awake.

"We're going to Vegas and getting married now!"

"You're ridiculous! We have no plans!" said Vanessa, getting out of bed.

"I know! That's what makes it thrilling! And it'll cost a lot less money to rent a chapel for an hour!" said Andy. "Our flight leaves in a few hours! Let's go get hitched!'

Vanessa grinned. "You crazy boy! Alright, let's do it!" Vanessa said, joining in the excitement. Vanessa got out of bed and went to pack a bag. Andy went to call the front desk of the apartment building.

"Hello?" asked a female voice.

"This is room 31C, hold our mail for a few days, we're getting married!" said Andy.

"Mazeltov, Mr. Clark. Request confirmed," said the woman, who then hung up.

Andy hung up too. By then, a steady drizzle began to fall outside. Vanessa came into the living room excitedly with a small suitcase, dressed in a white traveling suit. Andy scooped Vanessa in his arms and kissed her. The kiss felt cold as stone. Andy ignored it. Everything was going so fast he forgot it within minutes.

"Let's go, I have a taxi waiting for us!" said Andy, grabbing his bride's hand and rushing out of the building with her and down the street to the corner. The cab picked up the 'happy' couple and whisked off to JFK airport.
The rain was now heavy and steady. Allison, who'd spent half the afternoon working her way uptown to Andy's building, was sopping wet, but still blissful as she ran down the final sidewalk before the huge building appeared. The smile had never left her face as she made her way inside. The inside felt warm, welcoming, full of promise. Allison had forgotten his apartment number. Luckily an older lady at the front desk wasn't looking busy, so Allison went up to her and asked.

"Andrew Clark's apartment number, please?" she asked sweetly, her body soaked to the bone. The lady looked at her, only curious about her wet body for a minute.

"Andrew Clark is in 31C, but if you intend to visit him, he'll be away for a week's time," she informed. Allison double-blinked. What the hell was this about being away?

"For what reason?" she asked.

"If you MUST know, he is getting married in Las Vegas. Him and his fiancée left just an hour ago," she said. "Do you need a towel, Miss?"

Allison shook her head. Unable to soak up the news, she slowly made her way outside. Andy didn't love her. He was getting married in Las Vegas. No, this wasn't happening! Allison began to lose breath as she stepped back out into the down-pouring rain. The sky was gray, dark, and ominous. Allison stood in the rain, by herself for a long time in disbelief. Andy was staying with Vanessa. The kiss was a fake. He'd planted it on her. Allison cried, but the hot tears were cancelled out by the chilling rain.

"ALLISON!" called a voice from behind her. She turned to find Aaron running at her with an umbrella. "It's six! We'd thought you'd be home by now!" Allison fell to her knees. Aaron fell beside her.

"He's in Las Vegas marrying that bitch!" Allison hollered. Aaron's heart panged and ached. Not on his behalf, but on hers. "He allegedly left an hour ago!"

Aaron wouldn't let this happen. He couldn't watch Allison's spirit die like this. He helped her to her feet.

"Come on with me," he said.

"Where are we going?" asked Allison.

"To the bank! We're taking enough money out for two plane tickets to Las Vegas!"
It was 9 PM when Flight 163 to Las Vegas was flying over Shermer. Allison couldn't see out the window, it was pitch black. But that's all she did was stare out the window. Her mind was on Andy's betrayal. Again. This was the second time he ran away from her. The thing was, she didn't even CAUSE it. He'd been the one to lay his hands on her face. He'd pressed his lips against hers! He'd been the one to stick his tongue down her throat! And why did SHE feel like she was the bad one? She was just thankful she had the money to fly out with Aaron to Vegas to stay until this got sorted out. She hoped it would get sorted out quickly.

The thing was, she knew Vanessa was a hard roadblock to overcome. But she'd felt so sure that the kiss had been real. She and Andy could leap over the roadblock and live out their lives happily, united, satisfactorily. Allison had even bothered to dream about her future. She and Andy would move out of the city, raise one son (named Brett Jeremiah Clark) and one daughter (named Ophelia Anastasia Clark), both beautiful children. She'd be a full-time art teacher, he'd be a sports anchor like he always wanted. Life would be perfect. But it obviously wasn't turning out that way. What Allison needed to know was, what was the kiss for. After that, she'd walk out of his life forever like he'd walked out of hers.

Only this time they wouldn't reunite in a decade, Allison vowed. Two major heartbreaks were plenty enough for her. This one last confrontation would break the last bond that remained within The Breakfast Club.
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