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What Happens Here Stays Here: Part I

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Can Allison stop the wedding in time?

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"AARON! Of all the times you tell me you never got a license!" hollered Allison as Aaron scrambled to put the rental car back in the lane. They'd been searching all morning, and it wasn't easy. There were literally 100s, maybe 1,000s of chapels in Las Vegas! Exactly how STUPID were these people? There were just as many divorce courts in the area as there were chapels! What happened the marriage being a sacred bond between two people until death do they part? Allison already hated Vegas. So far Aaron AND Allison had each been hit on by a drunk, a stripper of both sexes, and more drunks who stripped while drinking.

"Well, YOU never even got a permit!" said Aaron, getting frustrated quickly. He slammed the breaks as a sudden stop light turned red. He nearly rear-ended a Porsche in the process.

Allison took out a Vegas phone book and crossed out three more chapels. "That takes out Ali Baba chapel, Elvis Chapel, Camelot Chapel, Moulin Rouge Chapel, and Viking Chapel...Jesus Christ, how tacky are West Coast people?!" she exclaimed.

"How many does that leave us?" asked Aaron, quickly gaining speed as he passed through the now green intersection.

Allison counted. "34 more!" she nearly yelled. Andy could've been married by now! They could NEVER search 34 more chapels by the time he said "I do!" Allison sank down in her seat. Andy sucked. He REALLY sucked ass. He was so charming, so warm-hearted, so loving and intelligent. Yet he decides to waist it all. On Vanessa, who could one day be America's Most Sexy Inmate! Maybe he wasn't so smart.

Or maybe he REALLY didn't love Allison. Maybe he'd kissed her on a whim or he was being tempted to kiss her? Allison sighed. He DID know what was best for him. But Allison did NOT want to give up until she found out for sure.

"Aaron, you think this is a waist of time?" asked Allison. Aaron found a nice cruising speed and kept with it.

"No I don't. Allison, we as artists are naturally severely sensitive. We need answers to our infinite questions and we press our luck until we get the results. That's what sets people like us apart from the richies and smart-asses and business people, Mouse. We have some things they don't."

"What's that?" asked Allison.

"Sympathy. Naturally, because we ourselves choose the hard-knock life, we understand people who have no choice but to live that way. We are often the underdog, so we understand the underdog. We also had determination. Rich people are used to it all, so they feel they can get their money's worth without giving it their full potential. We bust ass to get as far as we go in life. People may see us as coffee-drinking, poetry-reading, dope-smoking losers who had chances then wasted them. In truth, we are the way we are because we care about others rather than ourselves," Aaron looked at Allison. "You still wanna go on, Mouse?"

Allison looked out the window. Sometimes Aaron made her feel fortunate being a starving impoverished artist. He was right. She just HAD to know. Then she'd turn her back on him once and for all. He'd be happy that way, she'd be happy (after awhile) that way. If she wasn't happy, she'd just drink her way out of it like before. She'd hit the bottle kind of hard when she first came to the City. After some help from Helene and Aaron, she'd gotten past it. God help her if she went back empty-handed and picked up a bottle of booze. Allison put on a smile of confidence and turned to Aaron.

"Aaron, there's a Greek Acropolis Chapel coming up on your left!" Allison pointed out. Aaron nearly grazed a light post turning in.
Andy wasn't in a tuxedo. No, he'd conveniently forgotten to bring that. So instead he just wore a really nice dress shirt. A few minutes until the big event! It was a Monday afternoon and it was time to finally put these old feelings to rest and start with Vanessa a new and wonderful life. Andy and Vanessa had picked out a simple garden-y chapel (indoors) with an Ancient Greek theme. There were a few rows of seats, but no one filled them (this WAS a secret!). Andy sighed. He'd hoped that Allison would come and perhaps read from the Bible or something. No, this was the way it had to be. Andy never wanted to be disloyal again. He would tell Allison when he got home, but only after the honeymoon and a little while after. He still wasn't sure why Vanessa hated her so much, but maybe things would calm down after a few weeks apart.

An old lady sitting at the organ began playing as Andy turned around. Vanessa, who'd spent the morning buying a slim white mini dress and veil, walked down the shortened aisle towards Andy. Something in his gut told him this wasn't right. He always envisioned smiling at his bride, and her casting her eyes down at the floor, flattered. He couldn't crack a smile, though. His heart felt like lead. He was just nervous.

Vanessa took her fiancé's hands in hers and they turned to the priest, dressed as Zeus.

"Dearly beloved, we...I gather here today to bear witness to the union of-"

Andy never liked long church speeches. They made him drone out. And he did just that. Why was Allison all he could think about? Her image appeared to him in several places. In the flickering flame above the lit candle on the altar she spiraled and danced around like she did in the rain in the old video he'd watched. In the window on the wall she appeared in her purple evening gown, waving at him with a tender smile. In the organ music, he heard her voice singing that song she'd showed him she could play on Helene's guitar.

Ok, now he was just being tormented. Once he said his vows, all these hallucinations would go away and he'd feel no more guilt about not regretting the kiss.

Andy turned to face the entrance. Oh great, another hallucination. Allison appeared in the doorway, looking like she'd been running. She smiled when she saw Andy but sulked to see what he was doing with whom. Unlike the other visions, this one had a shadow. This was Allison!

How the hell did she know where he was?! Andy felt his heart die as he saw the broken hearted look on her face. A tear came to her eye as she realized it was too late. Suddenly, Andy couldn't put up with it either.

"Hold on!" said Andy. Vanessa, the priest, and the organ lady all looked at him. "I...I made a mistake. I'm not really ready now. Vanessa, I'm sorry for dragging you into this so soon!" Vanessa looked at Andy confused.

"Darling, you were the one who proposed this!" said Vanessa. "Why ever not now? No day but today, right?"

Andy smiled. "Vanessa, I have a few loose ends I have to tie up first. We'll go back to New York in two days, then afterwards, we'll set a date and have a real wedding, okay?" Andy proposed. Vanessa smiled half-heartedly and nodded.

"Alright," said Vanessa, kissing her Andy's cheek.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom," Andy said, running up the aisle. Allison saw him coming, and suddenly feeling sick and afraid, ran off. Andy frowned. He needed to solve the issue of the kiss with her. Now.

Andy followed Allison to her car (Aaron seemed to be driving). And they drove off. Andy quickly hopped in his own rental and followed them to the Pyramids of Giza hotel, where Allison was staying.

This was it. Now or never. Andy got out of his car and went inside.
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