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What Happens Here Stays Here: Part II

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Andy confronts Allison in her hotel room.

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Aaron and Allison had gotten separate rooms, so Allison quickly shot inside and shut the door. She couldn't face him now. He'd called off the wedding temporarily, and that's what she wanted. Allison just didn't feel like bringing up the kiss. The time just didn't feel right. Andy was chasing her, but Allison was relieved enough that Andy remained unwed as of now. Hopefully, Andy wouldn't find her room. Allison decided to hop in the shower and wash her worries away. Despite the fact her heart was breaking, she would be able to sleep somewhat sound tonight knowing that Andy wasn't rolling around with Vanessa on their wedding bed. Allison went into her bathroom and shut the door. She turned on the hot water, took off her skirt and shirt, followed by bra and panties, anmd stepped inside. The water felt absolutley wonderful. She felt her brain melt away with the steam. It massaged her body and relaxed her tense muscles from the day. She'd felt chilly ever since standing in front of Andy's apartment building in the torrential rain. Even though it was near 90 here in Vegas, she still felt shivers. Now she was warm and almost happy!

Andy found Allison's room easily because he'd seen Aaron getting something out of the vending machine on their floor. Aaron had the feeling things would be sorted out here, so he didn't hesitate in telling him. As Andy went down the hall, Aaron said a silent prayer that everything would work out for the best here and now. Meanwhile, Andy found the door unlocked and stepped inside. No one was there, but the shower was running in the bathroom, so he figured Allison was bathing. Andy sat on the one queen-sized bed and stuffed his hands in his pockets. The room was small, but it got the job done. There were no bags or suitcases in sight, did Allison honestly come all the way out here without clothes other than the ones on her back? Allison flat-out amazed him sometimes.

He knew what he had to do. Settle this for real. Running away from his problems wasn't a nice thing to do. He was a big coward. He needed to face Allison and settle every issue they had between them. Seeing Allison stand there in the doorway to the chapel, all helpless, without even a single word in her own defense made Andy feel like shit. She did that to him. She made him feel so good, yet she made him fuck things up for himself, which made him want to shoot his brains in. Andy lied down on the bed, his hands under his head, and stared at the ceiling until he heard the shower turn off. Within a few minutes, the door to the bathroom opened, and out popped Allison, wet and in a robe, nothing else. Andy sat up and looked at her. Why did she have to look so sexy when wet? She looked surprised, if not a little pissed, to see him. She hugged the robe closer to her body, as if to protect something.

"Andy?" was all she could utter. What the hell was Andy doing in her hotel room?

Oh god, ANDY WAS IN HER HOTEL ROOM! It took her afew moments to realize the meaning of those words. Andy. Allison. Alone. Hotel room. Bed. Nightime. Allison had to keep under control. She didn't know whether to kick him out, or jump on top of him and rip his shirt off.

"Allison, we need to talk," Andy began. Allison zapped herself back to reality. Like THAT was ever gonna happen!

"Damn straight we do! Why the fuck did you just up and decide to run off to Vegas and get married without me knowing? You just up and left, and I bet you never intended on seeing me again, didn't you?" Allison began getting red.


"-DIDN'T YOU?!" Allison nearly yelled. "Just like last time!"

Andy looked at his feet. Now or never. "Allison, I'm afraid."

"Afraid? Of WHAT? It probably had to be pretty damn scary because I don't see what can be scarier than getting married in a city where you can pick up whores for 100 bucks a night! Andy, what the hell could you possibly be scared of?!?!?" Allison felt hot tears burning to come out of her eyes.

"Of YOU!" Andy yelled, afterwards looking at the ground. Allison stared at Andy, who'd jus screamed his feelings at her.

"Afraid of me?" Allison squeaked out. Andy looked up at her and nodded.

"The kiss...the kiss woke me up. Afterwards, I felt this, oh, I don't know! This..."

"...tingling sensation on your lips afterwards?" Allison finished. Andy smiled tenderly and nodded.

"Yeah. And I just felt so-"

"-complete?" Allison finished. Andy nodded again.

"Oh yeah!" said Andy. Allison was thrilled. Andy liked the kiss like she did!

"Andy, I felt the same way. But, how can that make you afraid? It was a beautiful kiss!" Allison reasoned. Andy frowned and shook his head.

"You don't understand, Allison. You're single. Free as a bird. You can do what you want! I'm engaged. I have a ball and chain hanging around my neck!" Andy said, clutching his throat with his left hand.

"But being engaged means you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you love! It shouldn't feel like a ball and chain! It should feel"

"Like heaven?" asked Andy. Allison smiled.

"Yeah!" Allison agreed. "You know you're meant to be together when you start sweating whenever they look at you," she said.

"You're heart begins pounding when she smiles in your direction," continued Andy, standing up and ogling Allison. Allison was so tempted to lay the robe aside and stand naked before Andy, but her hands were frozen.

Allison stared back. "You start panicking when he's calling for you," she said. Andy smiled tenderly as he closed the gap between him and Allison.

"Allison, I'm afraid of you because I love you," he said. Andy didn't blurt it out. He realized now that he meant it. Allison sighed. She felt herself starting to shake ever so slightly.

"I came over to your apartment, but you'd already left with Vanessa," said Allison. "I was going to tell you that I love you too." Andy and Allison just looked at each other. Allison suddenly leaned in and kissed the niche in Andy's neck (the part that turned him on). Andy sighed. Allison leaned back.

"Why'd you do that?" he asked.

Allison smiled. "Because I knew you wouldn't!" Andy let out a light, airy laugh. He then leaned over to Allison and nibbled on her earlobe. Allison moaned and wrapped her arms around Andy's waist. Andy let go, and then leaned in to kiss her lips. Allison returned the kiss. Suddenly, she pulled away. Andy looked confused.

"Are you running away again?" asked Allison. She had to be sure. Andy shook his head.

"No, I'm through with running away!" he said. Allison smiled and embraced Andy even tighter. She pushed him onto the bed and lay on top of him. They began kissing passionately, Allison wrapping her legs around Andy's thighs. Andy guided his hand up under her robe, feeling her breasts. Allison began unbuttoning Andy's shirt until his chest was exposed. Then she kissed his left nipple, then his right, nibbling as well. Allison finally got his shirt completely off. Andy began untying her robe until it fell to the floor. The room suddenly got very hot as Allison again went for the sensitive spot on his neck. They scooted up to the head of the bed and rolled around so that Andy was now on top. Allison began moaning rhythmically as they began grinding hips. The room began spinning, and then it melted away as Andy's pants came off. They lost themselves in each other. Their hearts beat in unison as Andy guided himself into Allison. They were one body. It was an even better time than Allison or Andy could recall 10 years ago. All thoughts, all worries, all troubles were gone.

Allison never felt better in her life. Andy didn't think once of Vanessa the entire night. It was truly a magical night.
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