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What Happens Here Stays Here: Part III

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Andy has a decision to make.

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The morning sun streamed through the curtains and left spotlights on the carpeting. But the rest of the room was still fairly dark. The digital clock on the nightstand told the room it was 5:42 AM. But to the two occupants of the bed, it was a timeless moment. Andy slept face up, Allison laid somewhat on her side, her head cradled in his arm. Neither stirred. But one of them was subconsciously awake. After last night's heated passion (god it was such a wonderful night!) Andy had physically been exhausted, but his mind raced endlessly. Hopefully (and most likely) Vanessa had gotten drunk and was still stupefied in their hotel room at Caesar's Palace. But he knew that any infidelity he'd felt when kissing Allison was confirmed when they made love last night. And it wasn't just once, either. After the first time, Andy had gotten up to call Vanessa. Allison, intending for Andy to stay the night, had gotten out of bed totally naked and sat down in the chaise in the corner, crossing her legs and leaning over the edge of the chair and began stretching. Andy couldn't resist seeing Allison's nude body contorted like that, and he leapt on top of her and they had sex on the chaise. An hour later (it was 9:30 PM by that time) Allison gotten up to go into the bathroom and brush her teeth (she was always a maniac about brushing, she hated the feeling of plaque on her molars and was somewhat afraid of going to the dentist, but that was more because she wasn't insured for a visit) when Andy, who still hadn't had enough, crept up behind her and grabbed her waist from behind, lifted her up and playfully hurled her onto the bed, Allison laughing like a drunk all the way. They did it again. After that they both slowed down, and just talked for awhile, Andy caressing the back of Allison's neck while she massaged his arm. By midnight, both were asleep.

Andy knew Allison was right. If he was engaged, it should feel like eternally walking on air. But Vanessa was always in charge of him, almost like his jailer. But Andy, dear sweet loyal Andy, still knew he had to be with her. Andy was still only looking at Vanessa, not seeing her. In college, they'd both been wild and carefree. Andy joined a fraternity and Vanessa worked as a cage dancer to finance her studies. Andy continued to wrestle and Vanessa was the loudest person in his cheering section. Post college, they both literally walked ten feet off campus and grew up. Andy felt committed to her, but something about her post-college had changed her. Once he tried breaking up with her, but Vanessa worked her magic on him, and they still remained together. By the winter of '93, Andy had been brainwashed by her. Allison's coming along began to undo the spell, THAT'S what the problem was. She opened his eyes after they'd been closed for ten years. But by then, it was too late. He'd proposed to her on Christmas night over a stuffed turkey dinner. Andy was always a responsible, respectable man. He always kept his priorities in order. He'd made his bed and he knew now, no matter who tried to interfere, he had to lie in it.

It was this thought that awoke Andy. He looked over at his sleeping lover. Her warm breath rhythmically expelled from her nose and hit his chest. How could she be so beautiful, even in sleep? Andy felt a pang of guilt. Not in what he'd done, but the fact that now he had to break her heart again. Andy knew he had to remain responsible. Vanessa would never find out about this night, and therefore the wedding would go on as planned (just not in Vegas). Andy felt guilty for this one-night stand with Allison, because she was so sensitive. But nonetheless, he was an adult, and he had to stick to his choices, no matter how miserable they made him.

Andy caressed Allison's cheek, making her groan and blink her eyes open. So, it WASN'T a dream! Andy and Allison had made love last night. Allison had been afraid to wake up, thinking it was all a dream and she'd be back in the SoHo loft, Helene tossing pillows at her, forcing her out of bed. Allison looked at Andy and smiled. Andy guiltily smiled back.

"I have to go," he said, pulling away from her. Allison was confused. Go?

"Andy, where's the fire? Stay with me, just a little bit longer!" Allison begged. Andy got out of bed and went to put on his clothes. Allison wrapped the sheets around her torso and sat up.

"I need to get back to my fiancée," he responded. Allison shook her head in disbelief. No, he was too cruel to do this!

"But, what about last night? Aren't you breaking it off?" asked Allison, getting up too and going to her own clothes.

"No. I've made my bed and now I have to lie in it!" said Andy. Allison pulled up her skirt and tossed on her black bra. Then she touched Andy's wrist. Andy jerked it away as he buttoned his shirt.

"Andy! Don't be a dumbass!"

"I'm being an adult!"

"No you're not! Do you realize what you're doing? You're running away again! You promised me last night you weren't!" Allison felt those all-too-familiar tears well up in her eyes. Andy turned to her. She looked like she either wanted to stab herself, or stab him.


"-YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME, DAMNIT!" Allison yelled. "Was it a lie? Did you lie to me? TELL ME!"

"You don't understand, Ally!" Andy protested, slipping on his shoes. Allison gave him a look of death. She pronounced every word like it was a sentence in itself.

"Don't. You. DARE. Call. Me. Ally. You don't deserve to call me that anymore! You lied to me, and now you're going to blow me off and forget about me AGAIN, right? Well I'm sick of it! I had a feeling this would happen! Andy, you're a goddamn baby, you know that? Always scared that you'll do something risky, and instead you always want to stay safe! Well, if there's ONE thing I know, is that staying safe won't get you anywhere! You know who probably wanted to 'stay safe' when they were young? You're parents! And you're gonna be just like them! So I hope you never have kids, for their sake! They're gonna be just as miserable as you were, and they're gonna be just as lonely as I've been for TEN LONG YEARS! So go, run away and go home to your Vanessa! I'm sure she'll be very happy to have you! BUT!" Allison paused. Andy's lower lip began trembling. "But I swear to god, that if you EVER come near me again, I will kill you. I will kill you, and then I'll kill myself. And then I'll spit on you as you're rotting in hell for this! Get out of here NOW! GO AWAY! Go marry Vanessa and life the perfect life. I hope you're VERY happy with it!" Allison, tearing pouring down her face, opened the door and literally shoved Andy outside and slammed the door behind him. Andy stood there a moment, taking in Allison's speech. He couldn't stand hearing it, because he knew every word of what she'd said was right. Andy had a second thought.

"Allison, we need to talk!" he yelled at the door.

"WE JUST DID, DUMBASS! GO AWAY YOU SHIT!" she hollered back. Andy's heart was pierced by the words. But he thought again. He knew he had to prove her wrong. He was happy with Vanessa! When they married, they WOULD have the perfect life! Vanessa was at devoted to him as he was to her. They'd have a baby or two, and those kids would be so happy, that they'd be the most fortunate kids on earth. Andy and Vanessa would have the most beautiful babies on earth. Any kids Allison would have would probably be bastards. Allison couldn't afford schooling, insurance, clothes, diapers, any of that! He felt downright sorry for any kids Allison breeds!

Pissed off, Andy walked to the elevators and rode to the lobby to leave the building. Meanwhile, Allison opened the door, making sure the coast was clear. It was, no sign of Andy, and Allison immediately knocked on Aaron's door. Aaron answered quickly.

"What was all that screaming ab-"

"-Aaron, I wanna go home!" begged Allison, lunging at Aaron. She needed a familiar embrace now more than ever. "Please take me home!"

Aaron rocked Allison in his arms and she clutched to him. In truth, the screaming was so loud he knew exactly what had happened. "Sssh," he said protectively. He was SO killing Andrew Clark for doing this! "Mouse, we'll go home as soon as we can.."

"Now!" she demanded. Aaron nodded and pulled Allison inside, shutting the door.

"We'll go home now!" Aaron promised, picking up a phone to call the airlines.
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