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Andy's Heartsong

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Aaron tries once more to knock some sense into Andy.

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It'd been nice and sunny before the happenings of Vegas (except, of course, for the day it down-poured), but as if nature was mourning as well, the day was gloomy, dark, and overcast. No one walked in the park today. Maybe Aaron was wrong in thinking Andy would retreat to here after coming home. He probably did have at least a few other places of sanctuary. After all, it wasn't like he didn't have problems before meeting Allison.

It was just so sad how one man could be so blind-sighted! Aaron knew Andy was a smart-cookie. He had the ability to look beyond what he merely saw. But so many things had tainted his mind! His father when he was young, Vanessa, even Allison and he and Helene had stinted his mind's growth. The poor man could barely think for himself. If he just learned to put two and two together on his own, he'd be a non-stop powerhouse! Not to mention, he'd realize where his true feelings lied. Aaron sighed. He probably wouldn't find Andy here-

-what was that sobbing? Aaron could have sworn he heard sobbing. He turned the corner. Aaron laughed at the fact that he was just thinking about Andy not being here, yet here he was, crying on a park bench like a little girl! Aaron knew then that HE couldn't be with Andy. He needed a manlier man! But the crying was good too. This meant he was rethinking things! Aaron slipped next to Andy on the park bench.

"You know," Aaron said. Andy shot up surprised. "Crying isn't exactly a cool thing for a guy to do, Andy. Look at me! I'm a gay man and I don't cry! Talk about pathetic! You're a mess! Where've you been, anyways?" Aaron asked. Andy wiped his red eyes.

"I should be happy with the girl who I chose for a wife, shouldn't I?" asked Andy.

"It's better than being miserable!" said Aaron.

"But no matter who I choose, I always end up fucking up my mind!" said Andy, placing his chin in his hand and his elbow on his knee.

"How so?" asked Aaron.

"I chose Vanessa. Yet whenever I go back to her, I keep thinking about nothing but Allison! God, she's so amazing! She's ten times what Vanessa could be!"

"So, you're not with Allison because..." Aaron egged for Andy to continue (this was going great).

"Because whenever I'm at your place or with Allison, I hear my father's voice echoing in my ear about being responsible and sticking to your decisions!" Andy groaned.

"Well, I may be two years younger than you, but even I've gotten past the stage where I listen to what Daddy says!" said Aaron. Andy nodded.

"He's drilled his voice into me ever since I was born! I can't get rid of it!" said Andy in protest.

"No, but to get anywhere, you have to learn to give that drilling a shot of Novocain so you can get on with your life! My dad was a homophobe! His voice still exists in my head, but that doesn't stop me from sneaking into the tennis clubs on Long Island to see the tight shorts, now does it?" Aaron smirked. Andy had to smile at that. Aaron had a way with words sometimes.

"I suppose you're right!" he said. "But I still can't leave Vanessa! I made a commitment! Either way I go, I hurt someone!"

"Well, this is where you have to search within yourself. See which woman's heart you'd feel LESS guilty breaking! It's called your heartsong. I talked about it in my book. It doesn't just apply to artwork and inspiration. It really can apply to the heart too," Aaron said.

"My heartsong?" asked Andy. Aaron nodded.

"It sounds extremely corny, I know. But it's true! There's a very simple test anyone can use to find out where their heartsong lies," Aaron said, pulling a ball of cloth out of his pocket. Unraveling it, it was revealed to be one of Allison's scarves, the one she'd actually worn to detention on March 24, 1984! "You have something of Vanessa's with you?" he asked. Andy nodded, reaching into his own pocket and extracting a silver pendent with a green gemstone set in the middle. It was a gorgeous and expensive piece. It was sitting in his pocket because on the plane home Vanessa had gotten it caught on the cloth backing to her seat and Andy had removed it for her.

"Now, give the pendent to me," said Aaron. He wrapped the scarf into a ball again, then suddenly, without warning, he tossed both items high above them. Andy wondered what kind of loony Aaron was. That pendent was expensive and maybe even irreplaceable! Vanessa would kill him quicker than-

-Andy saw the objects falling back. He quickly got up and his hand subconsciously grabbed for Allison's scarf and brought it safely down to the bench with him. The pendent fell to the earth. Andy realized only after a second what he'd done. His head was screaming at him to grab Vanessa's pendent, yet his heart had told his hand to simply take the scarf, which is what he did. He'd thought for himself for the first time.

Aaron smiled. "Good choice!" he remarked. "It appears that your heartsong is Allison! But will you listen to your heart, or will you let your father's echo scream in your ear like a drill sergeant?"

Andy looked at the scarf in his hand. Then he glanced at the pendent on the ground. Andy held the scarf to his nose and sniffed it. Allison had worn it recently, but apparently not often. It still had the smell (now Andy might have been imagining it) of that library they'd first met in 10 full years ago. True, when he was with Allison, his voice was ordering him around a lot more than when he was with Vanessa. But Aaron told him to drown out his head. Andy shut his eyes and let his heart do the talking. It said one word and one word alone.

"Allison is my heartsong, isn't she?" Andy observed. He turned to Aaron.

"You tell me, lover boy!" he responded.

Andy smiled. He finally had the revelation that took him a whole decade to have. Allison was the one he'd been searching for. He wasn't going to marry Vanessa. No way in hell. Andy got up and started running away.

"Where are you going?" hollered Andy after him.

"I'm breaking up with Vanessa!" he yelled back. Aaron beamed.

"Good! Go on! Get out of here!" Aaron yelled back. He felt so alive now. Watching Andy leave the park and turn for home, Aaron gleefully whooped into the air and jumped up and down before running back for his own home.
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