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Andy finally manages to break out.

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Helene paced in front of the locked door to the bedroom in which Allison was holding herself hostage. Where the hell was Aaron? She needed him right now! Helene had the feeling that Allison would love to stay in that bedroom forever.

Meanwhile, a million thoughts ran through Allison head as she lied in her bed in a fetal position, wrapped in blankets. She felt so used. She knew Andy wasn't that kind of man to use a woman for sex. There was passion in that hotel room somewhere. But still, Andy running back to Vanessa had shocked her. She had been positive as she laid there naked in his arms that she'd won. Maybe you couldn't win against the Vanessa Lenoirs of this world. Maybe in a realistic society, money was the element of survival. Man could live physically by bread alone. The mental stability of life was just a bonus to the few who could afford both.

And Allison could afford neither. She was a starving artist. She had no money other than rent money (and the Las Vegas trip had sucked up a LOT of it), so she couldn't go back to school for a major with a better opportunity. She was stuck. Stuck in a cycle of poverty and begging to be put on welfare which she would miss out on every time. It was a circle. Andy was the only one who could have pulled her out of it, and now he was gone. She would be going around in circles until she died. Sell a painting, get another month's rent, starve, paint a picture, sell it, and start over. The only real escape for her was death, and even there God probably demanded rent.

Rolling over, Allison wondered if she really could end it all right now. Helene sometimes kept her switchblade in the drawer on the bedside table between the two beds. Allison took a deep breath, she wondered if she really could do it. She'd never been so emotionally hurt in her life. She was a worthless, poor, vulnerable wreck. At least when Andy abandoned her ten years ago, it took a slow, steady year for her to ease into the pain. This time it was a blow, like a big black blow to the head. Allison didn't want to keep up with the suffering anymore. She couldn't believe she was thinking about killing herself, it just wasn't like her, but she was. Of course, Helene and Aaron wouldn't know what to do without her. She couldn't let them down after all they'd sacrificed for her. That was just being a Grade A bitch.

Nonetheless, after taking a deep breath, Allison reached for the drawer and opened it. She felt around inside, and after a few seconds of nothing, she sat up and looked inside. Nothing at all. There was a huge mass of various items within the drawer, but of all the odd knick-knacks inside, Helene's switchblade was absent.

DAMNIT! Allison took the drawer out of the table and hurled it at the wall. Everything inside made a huge crash as it smashed against the wall. Allison could hear Helene gasp. Helene yelled from behind the door. "ALLISON? You okay?" she hollered. Allison whined and moaned in reply, sinking back onto the bed. She couldn't do away with the pain, so now she had to grit her teeth and hope sleep came soon. She needed to come back to her senses quickly. She'd just contemplated SUICIDE! Even now, there had to be at least one better option! Allison squinted her eyes shut. Haunting and agonizing views of Andy and Vanessa standing in front of an altar exchanging loving looks and raising little brat children made her shiver.

Or was it the fact that she was perpetually chilly?
Andy waltzed into the apartment. Vanessa was in a robe she stole from a luxury spa and her hair was wrapped in a towel. He was on a high, now was the time to finally set things straight. He knew he had to be gentle to Vanessa. He had a feeling she wouldn't take this easily. Vanessa stood up once Andy entered the room.
"Andy! Where've you been?" she asked.

"Vanessa, I have an important decision I need you to hear and understand," Andy asserted. Vanessa, for once in her life, shut up and sat down with Andy. Andy took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles.

"Did you finally decide on chicken or salmon?" asked Vanessa. Andy shook his head.

"This goes beyond the wedding. Vanessa, I can't be with you anymore," he said. Vanessa's ear were deaf to his words.

"Because my aunt's vegan, so we need a pasta choice too," said Vanessa. She began her rambling again. Andy growled. Vanessa shut up again.

"Vanessa. It's me, not you. I really can't do this marriage justice. You're pretty and all, but you're not the one for me," Andy said as passively and nicely as possible. Vanessa began to get red in the face.

"No," was her reply. Andy cringed.

"What?" asked Andy.

"No, you're not dumping me!" Vanessa's voice began getting louder. The statement sounded more like a demand.

"Vanessa, I've come to realize I didn't love you. I know it's rough, but I'll move out and find my own place, and you can have the apartment-"

"-NO! Why do you suddenly hate me?" shrieked Vanessa, getting increasingly pissed off.

"I DON'T hate you. But we're not made for each other, I'm sorry it took me so long to realize it," Andy said, his eyes drifting from Vanessa's deadly stare.

"But Andy! My three big brothers are flying in tonight! What will I tell them? Andy, we are NOT through!" Vanessa asserted.

"Yes, we are. I'm sorry," Andy finalized. Vanessa looked ready to kill. She suddenly realized something.

"It's that little goth? Isn't it? Alex?" Vanessa suggested.

"Her name is Allison and she's NOT a goth, Vanessa," said Andy. Vanessa hollered.

"You LOVE that little whore?! That's not you!" said Vanessa. Andy shook his head as he got angry.

"No, Vanessa! Loving you, THAT'S not me! I realize now that you're nothing but a shell! You have no insides!" said Andy. "Allison is so wise and compassionate!"

"But she's a poor little slut living in a box under an overpass!" hissed Vanessa.

"You know what, Vanessa. You have to learn how to get over yourself. Life isn't about looks and money. That's why I was so miserable. That was the way I was thinking until I ran into her. I know now. Maybe if you were more open, you could find your soul mate one day too! Because everyone grows old. When you get older and run out of money for Botox and liposuction, you'll have nothing! The sooner you figure that out, the more time you'll have to save yourself! But I want no part of it anymore!" Andy said right in Vanessa's face.

"You're REALLY going to regret this decision, Andrew!" Vanessa hissed. "Stay with me! You're gonna end up with AIDS if you move in with that girl!" she warned.

"Well frankly, Vanessa, I don't give a damn!" said Andy. "I'd much rather die of AIDS in her arms then die of old age in yours!" Vanessa's ears spewed steam (metaphorically, of course). "Oh yeah, and I'm selling the therapy business and using the profits to go back to school!"

Vanessa gasped. "What for?"

"Journalism! I'm going to be a sport anchor!" he decided proudly. Vanessa screamed.

"No Andy! You'll lose all you worked for!"

"No, it's all YOU worked for. I've been unhappy all this time, and if you REALLY loved me, you'd have seen that ten years ago!" Andy gathered his coat and went towards the door.

"Where do you think you're going?" demanded Vanessa.

"To ask Allison Reynolds to marry me, of course!"

Vanessa's eyes bulged out of her skull. "You're crazy!"

"If you mean crazy in love, then I'm flat out insane!" Andy slammed the door behind him, leaving Vanessa, pissed of beyond all belief standing in the living room. All alone. After a minute of soaking in this devastating news, Vanessa calmly walked over to the phone and picked it up, dialing a number.

"Hello, bro? Hey Nate! Are you, Ed, and Jake coming in still? Good! Listen, I have a little task for you..."
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