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Allison and the Bohemian Way

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Andy goes to reconcile with Allison, but she has issues of her own...

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It was close to eight o'clock that night, and Allison still hadn't re-emerged. Aaron had returned to the apartment extremely optimistic, but strangely enough he decided to keep it all to himself. Helene tried everything. Making vegetarian lasagna (a rare treat and a favorite of Allison) and trying to let the smell seep into the room, playing a song on her guitar, and pretending to have a heart attack all didn't work. Allison remained dormant. Truthfully, inside, Allison had forced herself into a trance of sorts. She was alert, but at the same time unconscious. She refused to come out of the bedroom for any reasons. She just wasn't ready yet. She just remained asleep, wrapped up in the mass of sheets, afghans, and comforters.

Aaron kept waiting for Andy's impending arrival. It seemed to be taking a damn long time. Did he wuss out? Hopefully not. But seeing as Andy batted a thousand in the wuss-ass category, Aaron wouldn't be surprised. THEN what would he do? Having Allison in this vulnerable state broke his heart. Even Helene wasn't her usual sadistic self. She just sat there on the sofa, trying to think of ways to have Allison unlock the door.

"Maybe we just need to let her sleep. She might let you come in and talk in the morning. You guys came in at noon, and all day she's been crying it out. Let her cry tonight. We'll figure out something in the morning," said Helene finally.

"Allison's a pure-blooded bohemian artist, you know," said Aaron. Helene rose and eyebrow.

"I thought we all were," Helene said.

"A true sensitive artist's feeling are extremely delicate. They work hard so that others can be happy, and yet when troubles happen, they naturally absorb the shock. We get no respect because we're down and out, but what no one realizes is that all we need is love. It's the Bohemian Way, Helene, chapter 17 in my book, and Allison defines it. She needs us right now," said Aaron.

"I really want Andy to either come around or die," said Helene. "he had no right to-"

Before Helene could finish, Andy knocked on the door. Aaron smiled and went to answer it. Andy was sweaty. He'd run straight from his apartment. He'd willingly run over 10 miles for her. Aaron nodded and walked Andy in. Helene went red as he nodded at her.

"What do YOU want?" she growled at him.

"I need to speak to Allison," he said.

"Damn straight!" Helene said. Aaron restrained her as he pointed to the door.

"It's locked," he informed. Andy groaned and pounded in the door.

"It's Andy!" he yelled. A pause. Nothing. "Allison! We need to talk!" No reply. Andy groaned. "I WAS WRONG!" Andy yelled. The doorknob jiggled as Allison unlocked the door. Andy knew those were the keywords. Allison's eyes were bloodshot. Her teeth were gritted as she let Andy into the room. Before closing the door, she shot Aaron a murderous look.

Andy looked around the room uncomfortably. Allison motioned to the bed, a pouted look on her face. Andy fell onto the bed. He wanted to get straight down to business.

"Allison. I broke up with Vanessa," he said. Allison stared at him, looking unfazed. Andy sighed. "I realized that all along, you've been all I've thought about."

Allison continued staring, but in her head she wanted to scream bloody murder. Andy was so full of shit. Allison knew it all along. Why now, after she suffered for a whole day, did he decide to break up with Vanessa?

As Andy rambled on (Allison zoned out), Allison realized Andy wanted her back! She had her happy ending after all! How could she refuse him?

Then again, the suffering, the playing, being led along then bashed in the head. Allison cringed. Who was to say they wouldn't break up in the future? What if it was a habit with Andy by now to immediately be in it for the money? Loyalty was the biggest question. Allison knew exactly what she had to say.

Andy came to his point. "Allison I know the truth now, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" he asked (more like blurted). Will you marry me?


Andy had just proposed to her. This made the decision 100 times tougher than it had to be. Allison's stomach churned. Engagement seemed to be an obsession with Andy. Allison, who hadn't said a word in her defense, had to speak. Now.

"No," she said. Andy blinked.

"Allison? I asked you to marry me," assured Andy. "I love you!"

"I know you did," said Allison. "My answer is no: I will not marry you. I'm not even sure I love you anymore."

Aaron and Helene, who'd been listening through the door, gasped and went wide eyed.

"Allison, what do you mean?"

"Did I stutter, Andy?" Allison said, staring straight at Andy. Andy looked devastated.

"I don't understand," said Andy. What was Allison getting at? She'd just smashed their happy ending.

"I don't know if I can love someone after they deliberately told me they loved me, had sex with me, then left me in the dust. I can't respect you. How do I know Vanessa didn't dump you and you're using me as a rebound?" Allison asked.

"That's a lie!" said Andy.

"But how do I know? How can you expect to propose to me and everything be fine and dandy! I'm afraid that you'll abandon me again!" Allison reasoned. Andy was struck. How could he possibly reason against THAT? Allison continued. "Ten years ago, you told me you loved me, then you went away and never came back! How do I know you won't do it again if you went away on business and met a woman?" asked Allison.

Andy defended himself. "Because I'm willing to commit to you! I'm hopelessly devoted, head over heels, crazy in love with-"

"-shut up, Andy. I really don't know whether I want to put up with the heartbreak again."

"I don't even know what heartbreak is!" cried out Andy.

"That's because you are a heartbreaker. You never got your heart broken because you were too busy doing it to others! To ME! Andy, I can't believe you don't understand!" said Allison. "My decision stands. I will not marry you. I can't risk having my feelings hurt again!"

Andy shook his head. "I don't believe this. I don't believe you. What happened to Allison, the happy spirit I once knew?"

"You killed her, Andy. You've killed my spirit. Now I am just a body," said Allison. Andy wanted to cry. It was true. He murdered her.

Andy, not wanting to cry in front of her, stood up and slowly made his way out of the apartment. As he started down the street, Andy couldn't believe it. That is NOT what he'd expected her to say.

But why did he still love her?

And why did Allison want to immediatley take back those words she'd just spit out?
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