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The Dark Alley

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Vanessa leaves her mark on Andy...and NOT in a nice way!

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The streets were shapeless and blurry as Andy wandered aimlessly for a few hours. Of course, it was never safe walking the streets after dark, but Andy had no will to go home. After all...where did he have to go? Vanessa would more than likely kick him out if he came knocking on her door again. He couldn't go back to Allison. She had been brutally right. She deserved better than him. Andy really wasn't the better person. He was just the wealthier person.

Where did Andy have to go now? Allison had rejected him (as she should have), Vanessa had probably locked the apartment by now, he left his keys in the apartment so he couldn't go to the office. He was homeless. He never thought for one second in his life that he would end up being homeless, friendless, and penniless. Andy just kept following the sidewalk. The streets had a lesser than average amount of people walking around. Andy kept walking and looking at his feet. He usually wasn't a man to feel sorry for himself. But then again, Allison wasn't one to mope around and wait for Andy to set her free, and then reject his proposal. Ever since that fateful day on the street corner where they met again, things had turned upside down. Everything was messed up. And a total life swap had only occurred once before in his life.

It was they day he met The Breakfast Club.

Sighing, Andy wondered if he could access his bank account from am ATM and get a hotel room for awhile. Andy only thought of this, he had no real intention on renting a room for himself. He figured he could beg Vanessa to let him sleep on the sofa.

Suddenly, a pair of black boots met up with his white sneakers. Andy looked up. A tall man with a muscular build, a buzz cut, and brass knuckles on his hands stared down into his eyes. This was him. Shot blonde hair, short for a man, a light blue blazer. This had to be the one Vanessa told him about.

Two other men looking similar in the face but differed in size and shape surrounded Andy from the back and right side. Andy looked around. Their faces looked familiar. It clicked with him quickly.

"You guys are Vanessa Lenoir's brothers?" he asked casually. What the hell did they need with brass knuckles?

"Yeah, you Andy Clark?" asked the tallest one.

"Yeah, I am!" said Andy. The tall one suddenly hurled a fist at Andy's stomach, sending him spiraling to the ground. He lost his breath. "Dude, what the fuck?" he yelled.

"You broke up with our baby sister! She's home wailing and we get a call from JFK. 'The wedding is ruined! All the time and money spent is gone! And it's because of a poor waif!'" said the tallest man. "Who's the waif?" asked the man. Andy stood his ground.

"Vanessa isn't my soul mate. She'll get over it and find someone else!" he said.

"What if she doesn't WANT someone else?" asked the middle brother.

"Then too bad for her!" said Andy. The three brothers closed in on him. Andy had a feeling this wasn't going to end very well. But he still didn't back down.

"Vanessa told us to try and convince you otherwise. But she also told us that if she couldn't have you, no one could!" said the short one. Andy spun around. This was bad.

"I don't love Vanessa anymore, now let me pass!" he demanded. The three men didn't budge. Around the corner at about the same time, Helene appeared, on her way home from a tequila run (Allison's request). She saw the scene and ducked into a shadow and out of sight.

"We'll let you pass if you tell us where your little girlfriend lives!" said the short one.

"Or, maybe if you tell us, we'll just not kill you as slowly!" said the tall one.

"What would you do to her?" asked Andy.

"None of your business!" said the medium one.

"Have you no honor? You wouldn't beat up a woman who had nothing to do with this!" warned Andy.

"SHUT UP!" yelled the tall one, dealing a huge punch to Andy's jaw. Andy was hurled into the wall. The short brother began dealing multiple kicks to Andy's groin and abdomen. The pain was killer. Soon Andy dulled and was numbed to the pain, it was so hard. Andy felt the blood soaking his body as the three men kept beating him. He could very well die being beaten this bad. He had no chance to fight back. The medium brother punched Andy in the back of his head. He blacked out.

Helene gasped from the shadow she'd hid in and immediately went in the nearest building to a phone and dialed the nearest hospital. After giving the operator the information, Helene ran back onto the street and quickly chased off the three men with her handy switchblade, which she'd luckily emptied from her bedside stand yesterday morning.
Andy blinked his eyes. Everything was in shades of purple. He was numb, like he'd been given anesthesia. He couldn't make out clear forms, but he felt he was lying on pavement, which he was. A man and woman stood over him. The woman's voice was vaguely familiar, but the man was a total stranger.

"The three men are brothers, and their sister lives in apartment 31C at the Hamilton apartment building on 7th Avenue," informed the woman.

The man nodded. "The precinct will look into it. Once he's in the hospital and recovering he can formally charge the four of them with battery."

"All four?" asked the woman.

"Ask the sheriff, but I'm pretty sure the sister who asked her brothers to do this can be charged too."

"Thanks you for responding so quickly, sir."

"He's got three broken ribs, and a small bit of internal bleeding. A quick operation around the collarbone should correct that. He'll live, but he got it pretty bad. It will take awhile for him to recover." Informed the man, who by now sounded like a paramedic.

"Can people visit him once he's in a room?" asked the woman.

"The hospital has a very strict policy. Only family can see him," said the man.

"Oh but I don't know if he has any-" the woman paused. Andy could have sworn he saw a smile creep onto her face. "-oh I forgot. He has a fiancée living in SoHo, in the same building as me as a matter of fact..."

"That's acceptable. Take care in letting her know," said the man.

Andy, still too confused to understand anything going on around him, shut his eyes and fell unconscious again.

Meanwhile, Helene thanked the paramedic and took off for home. She had to tell Allison that she was engaged.
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