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This isn't about Class of the Titans so much, more of the aftermath and Jay and Theresa's child and her life.

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'He never lets me do anything I want! I hate him!!!' Those were the thoughts of Kate Morrow, a 17 year old daughter of Jay and Theresa Morrow. Her dad, Jay, had just gone to the grocery store to pick up some milk using the car, and Andy, Kate's brother was driving the other car to school, being the super-dork as he is.
"Kate," Kate's mom, Theresa, called from the kitchen downstairs. "It's time for breakfast, are you ready for school?"
"Yes!" Kate said, drousily. She already had on her navy blue tanktop and bell-bottom jeans. Her long, straght chestnut hair was tied back into a messy ponytail and she had on a fair amount of makeup. You know, the usual; mascara, blush, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Kate loved her eyes. They were an emerald green if you looked at them in the sunlight, but were a ocean blue if you looked at them in the dark. Kate ran down the stairs to the kitchen. "Keith and I are going to meet at school, me in my car, if you don't take it and if Dad decides to come home."
"Actually, it's your father's car, not yours." Theresa said and smiled, pouring her morning cup of coffee.
"Ugh, Whatever." Kate said and rolled her eyes. "Where is Dad anyways?"
"He is at the store, getting milk. He should be back any minute now."
The phone rang. Theresa went and got it.
"Hello?" she said.
With all of her sneaking skills, Kate was able to just hear what the person on the other line said.
"Hello, is this Ms. Theresa Morrow?"
"Yes, it's Mrs. Morrow."
"I'm very sorry to say that you're husband is in the hospital. He is a very brave man, you know."
"Yes I do know, but why now?"
"There was an explosion and he stopped his car, ran inside and brought about 20 people out of the building."
"So why is he with you?"
"Unfourtunatly, he breathed in too much smoke from the fumes inside, and when he got out of the building, he was hit in the head with a part of the cement that exploded off of the building. He is in a coma right now, but he is not going to make it. I'm very sorry."
Theresa hung up the phone. "My keys," she said, shakily. "My keys, where are my keys."

Kate didn't have to go to school that day and Andy was allowed to leave once he got the phone call. They all went to the hospital to see the last of their beloved family member. The one who was in a coma. The one who wouldn't wake up. Kate tried hard not to cry, but even biting her toung and lower lip would stop her tears from streaking down her face. Jay had bandages covering up his head, but not his face. There were cuts, and bruises covering his face and there was an oxygen mask allowing him to breath on his mouth. The flawless parts of Jay's skin that weren't injured (but they were very hard to find) were unatrually pale, proving the fact that he was dying.
Kate didn't want to stay there. She didn't want to see her dad like this. Her boyfriend, Keith, the one who she was going to meet at school that day, was excused from school for the afternoon and was allowed to see Kate at the hospital.
"Hey." he said, running his tanned hand through his messy, sandy blonde hair.
"Hey," Kate said, quietly and shakily before running over to hime and burrieing her face in his chest. He stroked her hair and lightly kissed the top of her head.
"I'm so sorry, Kate." he said quietly. "You and him were so close, I was so jealous."
"Really," Kate said, pushing away from Keith. "Then how come the last thing I said to him was I hate you." And at that, Kate ran off, streaking down the hospital hallways. Looking for someone. Anyone. Who could tell her how to deal with this loss.
'He wouldn't let me drive his stupid car and I said 'I hate you.' Kate thought.

POOR KATE!!!!!!!! POOR THERESA!!!!!!!!! POOR JAY!!!!!!!!! POOR ANDY!!!!!!!!!! POOR KEITH!!!!!!!! rxr if you want me to continue. ps, this was based on an 8 Simple Rules episode.
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