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16. I'm Gonna Give You Only One Reply, I Know Not Who I Am

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in which Molly herself finds out what happens because of her decision. In which Pete and Molly finally move past their animosity and realize they have a bit in common.

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The next afternoon Molly awoke to see her father sitting in the chair next to her bed looking incredibly rumpled for once in his life. When she tried to talk she realized she had a tube down her throat and therefore couldn't and the panic set in. Molly was still quite hazy so she wasn't sure how much time passed between starting to try and pull the tube out of her throat, her father pinning her to the bed, and the doctors actually removing the tube but once it was out she managed to settle down. Raising the bed a little bit and taking a sip from the glass the nurse held up for her Molly met the doctor's eyes defiantly, she knew what was next.
"Can you tell me your name?" the doctor started his standard mental capacity test.
"Molly Ann O'Conell. I'm sixteen, I will be seventeen in September. I know what I did. It wasn't an accident, but I know it was stupid and I'm glad it didn't work." All the medical personel exchanged looks at that statement. "Shocked? Don't be. I'm really much smarter then most kids my age." She elaborated.
"Well, admitting to attempting to kill yourself does make my life easier, and I think its safe to say you didn't suffer any brain damage, you will still be placed under a seventy-two hour watch in the psych ward as well as be required to seek out-paitient care for a standard of three months minimum."
Molly sighed and looked over at her father before asking, "So when do you lock me up doc?"
"In a few hours, they're clearing out a bed and I don't think you pose such a risk right now that I need to move you this second. You can have your visitors while you're still in this room."
"Gee, how keen." Molly said rolling her eyes and flopping back onto her bed before adding "You can go now."
The doctor and nurse shook their heads as they left. That wasn't a child that was a small adult. She should have still been a child.
"So are you going to yell?"
"You heard me. However, before you start any smart ass remarks, you are not seeing your mothers shrink. You will be spending the summer with your grandparents."
"Really?! Cool." Molly said in an excited tone. Spending the summer on long island in the vinyards would be amazing compared to spending it by herself and friendless in Chicago.
"No not really. Everyone will think you are spending the summer with your grandparents in Chicago. You will actually be at South Oaks. You will also be leaving directly from your discharge here, I'm having your mother pack your bags."
"What?! Are you nuts?"
"No, I'm not. The doctor wants you in to see a doctor for a minimum of three months and with your mother's history I'm not taking any chances. You will be getting the best care possible."
"But...Dad. That's in-paitent care. I don't need in-patient care."
"I'm not the one who took almost forty xanax and chased it with a bottle Stoli. You did. Somehow I don't think listening to what you think you need is an option right now."
Molly flopped back onto the bed and closed her eyes as she heard her father walk out. She refrained from throwing anything or screaming as she knew it would only cause the doctors to drag her upstairs to the psych ward faster. Violent outburts tended to make them nervous in "high risk" patients.
Molly was flipping through channels about a half hour later when there was a knock on her door. Looking up she would swear her jaw hit the floor because standing in the doorway was Pete Wentz.
"What are you doing here?" She hissed at him as she gestured him inside and to close the door.
"Visiting the paitient." he replied holding up a ridiculous looking teddy bear that had a halo and wings and a t-shirt that said "I hope you don't die." on it.
"Ok...better question," Molly said as she took the teddy bear from him and put it in her lap, "How did you find out I was in here?"
"My mom works in the ER as a nurse. She's nurse supervisior and got stuck pulling a double yesterday so I was bringing her some food from home when the ambulance pulled in. I wasn't sure it was you at first so I stuck around until I got a good look. I guess why I'm really here is to ask you ARE YOU FUCKING OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMNED MIND?!" He finished by screaming at her.
Molly jumped in response to the scream. For all the two of them had yelled at the other one there had never been real malice behind it.
"I mean seriously Molly, how...why? I mean...I don't know what I mean." He sighed and sat down by her bed. "Patrick told us what your father had said, I'm not mad by the way, neither is Joe and Andy, and then a few weeks later I see you on a stretcher and my mother is trying to keep you alive. I missed you, you know?"
Molly smirked in response to his last question.
"Of course you did Wentz. I'm a missable person."
"Haha bitch. I missed trying out my best insults on you. You make it so easy. If you just ignored me I'd probably stop."
"Nah, ignoring you wouldn't be as fun Wentz." Both young adults laughed at their conversation. Pete was the first to stop.
"So why did you do it?"
"I don't know. The fact that I know trying to kill myself was a stupid idiotic and just lame ass idea is probably a good reaction though right?"
"Oh yea I'd say that's definitly a good sign. but it still doesn't say why?" Molly closed her eyes at his question before taking a dep breath and replying with,
"It wasn't just one thing. It was a combination of a whole lot of them. I missed you guys. I missed Elyse and Matt. I missed Patrick." Her voice broke on the last name and caused Pete to get up and sit on the bed next to her. Molly leaned into him and he put his arms around her and just hugged her. The contact started her tears as she realized that this was the first hug she had recieved since waking up. Not even her father had touched her.
"Shhhhhh..." Pete said softly as he rubbed her back. After a few minutes Molly calmed down and Pete asked, "You feel better now?"
"Uh-huh." She nodded into his shoulder. "But yea, I missed everyone. And my home life sucks out loud too. So that wasn't helping. I just snapped a guess."
"Ok well...try not to again. I don't know what Patrick's reaction will be when he finds out about this but I guarentee it won't be pretty."
"You can NOT tell him Pete." Molly pulled back in alarm and stared Pete straight into the eyes, "No one can find out about this."
"Uhh...what are you planning on telling people then? You'll be in the hospital for at least three days without any visitors allowed. That's not exactly 'oops I fell down and busted my ankle', you know."
"Actually, that's exactly what people are going to think. I fell down and hit my head, Sean came home and panicked and called the ambulance. I then left straight from the hospital to spend the summer with my grandparents at their vinyard on long island."
"And you're actually spending your summer where?" Pete asked his eyes widening as he realized she was getting shipped off somewhere.
"South Oaks Mental Hospital in Amityville Long Island. They have a teen care center that is pretty good. I used to go to support group meetings there."
"Support groups?" Pete let his what the fuck be silently assumed at this point.
"My mom is bi-polar." Molly stated simply.
"Oh, well that sure as hell explains a lot then."
"Huh? Explains what?"
"Why you are the way you are. I take Ativan for panic attacks and social anxiety disorder. So don't worry Mol I get the whole 'mental health stigma' thing. I won't tell anyone."
"Good. Thank you Pete."
"I won't like it though. and if by chance Patrick figures things out I will also not deny it."
"Ok...I guess I can live with that. But he's so pissed at me that I doubt he will be thinking very hard on the topic." Pete didn't reply to that because he was fairly certain it was true but he also thought that agreeing to something like that when you're hugging a suicidal friend might not be too good for their mental health.
"Soooo...." Pete started after a few minutes, "When do you actually leave?"
"They're taking me to the seventy-two hour watch soon. Once they decide 'ok she didn't try to off herself while in here' they discharge me. Dad's having me shipped off right after that."
"Can I ask why?"
"The doctor requires three months minimum of out paitent visits, Dad doesn't want to risk the carefully built up "super family" reputation and have it get out that I'm seeing a shrink. Hell my mom only sees someone once every two months so she can get her medications."
"Oh yea, THAT is healthy." Pete stated incredulously.
"Yea I know. Don't ask." Molly said shaking her head and then glancing up at a knock on the door. "Come in." She called and the door opened to reveal the doctor that had treated her before.
"Is this your boyfriend?" He asked with a smile.
"PETE?!" Molly squeaked at the same time that Pete jumped off the bed and asked "ME?!"
"I'll take that as either a no or a 'oh god don't tell my father'," the doctor replied with a laugh.
"Actually, it was both." Molly started, "Pete is definitly not my boyfriend. Yuck."
"Thanks Molly. That's so nice of you."
"Oh shut it Wentz." Pete started laughing at her response. "What?!"
"Nothing, its just nice to see that some things will probably never change ever. And now that they are here to cart you off to the crazy farm I will take my leave of you lady." Pete leaned down and hugged her again and whispered in her ear so the doctor couldn't hear him "before you check out ask my mom for my cell number and you can call me whenever you need to talk to someone outside of the whole hospital thing ok?"
"Yea" Molly said softly, "thanks Peter Pan."
"hey a new nickname I like that."
"Its meant to mean that you will never grow up dork." Molly said in a normal volume as Pete pulled back and started walking out the door.
"Damn straight I'll never grow up. Don't you forget it. See ya kid." Pete walked out the room and could hear the doctor begin to explain how things would work upstairs to Molly.
It was going to be a long summer for everyone.

A/N: The title is from "Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh" by Bright Eyes. I seriously suggest checking this song out if you don't any of the others in the story.
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