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Monday came and nothing changed. When five teens can't find the courage to like who they want to like, they are lower than ever. What happens when they land in detention again, one year later?

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Allison tilted her head to the side and listened intently to the sounds of Carl waxing the floor in the hallway. The past fifteen minutes or so had been really uneventful and at the moment the only thing remotely interesting to her was Carl's lips moving silently - to whatever it was he was listening to - as he worked on the floors.

She wasn't sure why, but there was something highly entertaining about the floors being waxed at that particular spot.

He stepped away from the door and out of her sight, leaving her once again in general silence with a ball of hemp string tangled around her fingers. She began weaving the textured material quickly around itself as the object began to take shape. She usually wasn't someone to make string people - or voodoo dolls for that matter - but it wasn't like she had anything else to do.

Besides, it kept her mind busy.

She tied a small knot in the string and just as quickly swung another piece over top of it. She had the top half of the body complete, and if she gave herself about another twenty minutes or so she should have it complete. She smiled wickedly and admired her handy work.

"Will you shut up? It wasn't anything like that!" She heard a low whisper from the front of the room. She shot her head up and glanced up at Andrew and Claire. They had been whispering back and forth to each other for the better part of the morning so far, and she could only wonder what was going on with them.

Not that she cared that much, right?

She blinked a few times as Claire glared at him with disgust. The look made her snigger a bit.

"Will you shut the fuck up muscle head?" She heard Bender snap from ahead of her. She hadn't noticed, but it looked as if he was staring at the two of them as well. Of course his eyes have pretty much been glued to that particular table since they all walked through the door this morning. From the outside it looked as if he was on his warpath once again to drive them up the wall, but on the other hand, Allison figured it could be more than that. She wasn't exactly sure what - considering it was Bender - but she was sure something was there.

Andy turned around in his seat and glared at him; John in turn just snorted and threw his crumbled would-be essay paper in his face. Andy's eyes followed the paper to the floor and back to Bender's face and he clenched his teeth. "I've taken your ass down once, and I will do it again."

Bender leaned back in his chair casually and shrugged. "Yes, and we have discussed your love for rolling around on the floor with other guys."

Allison briefly wondered what all the talk between the two of them was about homosexuality. Calling each other 'bitch' and 'faggot', and accusing so and so of ass sex - she wondered why they thought homosexuality jokes were such 'tough talk'. It all sounded pretty silly to her. They always seemed to competing for something as well; she remembered once on Wild Kingdom they had a special on wolves and how a pack works. The two boys kind of reminded her of two desperate male wolves who were always battling it out for the alpha spot.

She didn't really consider the group a pack.

"John, why do you always have to shit on everyone?" Claire piped up.

Bender tightened his jaw and turned his head slowly so that he was looking directly at her - with a very menacing sneer on his face. Allison swallowed hard and slouched in her chair. Claire, in turn, straightened her shoulders and tried desperately to hold her own under his stare. Allison could tell she was trembling on the inside. Bender's sneer turned to a small smile.

Apparently wolves could tell too.

He narrowed his eyes. "What's it to you, cherry?"

Claire swallowed and inhaled deeply. "You have just been down our throats since you walked in the door. I thought we got past that."

Bender let out a bitter laugh. "We didn't get past shit, princess."

She looked down to the floor and seemed to be gathering her thoughts. Her eyes rose to meet his and she spoke: "You know what I meant..."

"Do I?" Bender retorted, the volume of his voice rising. "Because last I checked you were still the stuck up little bitch you always were! 'We' didn't get past shit because you were too self-absorbed to give a shit what the hell was going on with anyone else!" Allison felt the venom in his voice, but in a way didn't really feel sorry for Claire. She knew exactly what he was talking about, yet somehow she didn't think that this conversation was going to end too lightly.

She frowned and her face began to turn a light shade of pink. "What about you? It's not like you did shit either! I never saw you talk to anyone else!"

Bender's face softened considerably at this, but at the same time that wicked grin began to appear over his face. "That's not true."

Allison furrowed her eyebrows at this wondering what the hell he was referring to; surely he didn't keep in touch with one of them and then pull this with everyone else. Claire's eyes narrowed with confusion and her mouth fell open. "W-what?"

Bender turned and looked directly at Brian. Allison furrowed her eyebrows, but then noticed the look of panic curtain over Brian's features. Well...that was certainly interesting.

"That's not true, is it Bry?" Bender's face was so casual and cold it scared Allison. His eyes were steel and were locked with Brian's. Brian in turn was looking back and forth between Claire and Bender, looking clearly unnerved. Claire looked at him for a moment. "Brian, what the hell is he talking about?"

He shook his head feverishly and his eyes were widened. "N-nothing, he wasn't talking about anything...let's just drop it..."

Claire furrowed her eyebrows. "You know, I've heard you say that before."

Brian's mouth snapped shut and he looked at Bender desperately. "B-Bender..."

Bender stared at Brian with amusement and that looked back at Claire with a casual shrug. "I wasn't talking about anything at all."

Claire shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut. "Bullshit! Why would you even bring it up then?"

Bender shrugged. "To piss you off, why else?" He gave her a smile and shook his hair out of his face.

Claire gave Brian a once over, which obviously did not go unnoticed by Allison. Brian seemed to be somewhat sketchy and fearful after the conversation, and his eyes were bouncing back and forth to each of the faces in front of him. If she didn't know any better he seemed kind of paranoid.

In fact, to Allison, Brian seemed a lot different once put on the spot. She remembered clearly a year ago that he had no problem speaking in front of the group and adding in his two cents every now and then. But he had been quiet so far this morning - a little too quiet. In fact, when she had noted his appearance earlier, she could easily point out his messy hair and the bags under his eyes. Things were starting to come together now though. Disheveled appearance, sketchiness, knowing looks from Bender...paranoia, there was definitely something going on there.

She sat back in her chair and began playing with her doll again. She gave him one more glance as he rubbed his fingers through his hair nervously and let out a shaky breath. She sighed and looked back down at her little creation; she was almost sure she would find out later.

... ... ...

Andy furrowed his eyebrows at the way the two girls were staring at Brian. What the hell was up with that anyways? He had already caught Allison giving him the once over this morning, and here she was doing it again. He knew it really wasn't any of his business to want to know anyways, but for some reason it still didn't sit well with him.

He hated to admit it, but he couldn't stop thinking about her. The fact that she was only a few feet away unnerved him even more. He knew from the last time they were in there that she was easily able to see right past him. At times he wondered if she had some strange psychic ability; what did they call it...extra sensory perception or something? He wasn't sure, but he really didn't want her thinking - or knowing - that he was in this bundle of thoughts.

He remembered back to a little less than a year ago when he first seen her walk out of the foreign languages room after Claire had been done with her. Of course, he hadn't only been captivated with her looks or anything - it was kind of like the icing on the cake for him. He had really liked her and felt that he had connected with her on an inner level that he had never done with any of the other girls he had tried with. Of course, she had to have been the weirdest person he had ever seen, but that kind of appealed to him in a way. She didn't really care what other people thought about her, and she did her own thing. It was a freedom that she had that he didn't have; she was everything that he wasn't.

And that was what he really liked.

She was like a breath of fresh air that had helped him - even if it was only for a short while - get a taste of something new, something that wasn't the life he had hated and had been so aching to change.

But then something happened on Monday. He wasn't quite sure what, but he wanted to be friends with her - at least. He truly liked her and wanted to get to know her even better. Sure, it wasn't something he had let his friends in on - why let them ruin something that hadn't even started yet? He wanted to do this on his own; for the first time in his high school career he wanted to pursue something alone by his own free will. He wanted no outside interference, and no one to tell him that it was against 'social rules', or it was bad for his wrestling career. For once in his pathetic life he wanted to do something because he truly wanted to, and of course as soon as he took the first step of courage to think for himself it all blew up in his face.

She seemed so apprehensive at first, but he could relate; it was all new to the both of them, and he could guess that she - just as much as he - was hesitant to go out on a limb. In the end, he had convinced himself that it was worth it and whatever consequences that were ready to stand in his way he would gladly take. He figured she felt the same, so why not? He had said hello to her in the halls, and even once sat outside with her for lunch. After Monday passed it was awkward, Tuesday passed and she didn't seem too interested, Wednesday came and she seemed petrified of him, but then Thursday came around and she told him that she wasn't interested and suggested that he leave her alone.

He remembered feeling his heart fall down hit him in the gut. He couldn't believe that after what had happened on Saturday she had hit him with that. He swore and cursed, and once he got home, he had gone into the garage and worked himself to a frenzy. It just made absolutely no sense to him: the last thing in the world he had expected her to hit him with.

So he did what she told him to do; he left her alone.

Of course that didn't stop him from thinking about her, or staring at her every time she walked past him in the hallway. He couldn't help it; his mind was at a loss.

... ... ...

Bender stood up from his seat and stretched out his legs. The whole situation was fucking ridiculous to him. So far he had walked into the room and was met with all of these faces, and on top of that Dick, and all that had happened was a bunch of pissing and moaning. He needed to find a way to get that door shut for one, for two piss Sporto off, and three: smoke a joint.

He was beginning to get a bit stir crazy.

He looked around the room and noticed a few expectant looks from the others; he smirked at this. "Man, I need to take a leak."

"That's good..." Sporto snapped.

"So you're okay if I go then?" Bender asked sarcastically.

Andy glared at him. "Do what you want. If you go out there it's your ass, not mine."

Bender kicked at the carpet with his shoe and looked at him with mock innocence. "Well what if I go in here...?"

"Do we have to do this again?" Claire asked incredulously.

"Well we can always go to Vernon's closet instead."

She blushed madly and he grinned. "What? You didn't have a problem with it last time. Remember when you..."

"Shut the fuck up Bender! You shut your mouth now and I won't have to hurt you!" Andy growled.

Bender laughed. "Well if you wanted to join so bad jockstrap, all you had to do is ask. I'm sure the prom queen won't have a problem with extra attention..."

"That's enough!" Sporto hollered. "If I go anywhere in a closet with you it would be to hide your corpse!"

Bender smirked at this and paused. "Well, I could always ask the crazy girl to play with us..."

And that was all it took. Andrew's eyes widened and he clenched his jaw jumping out of his chair, standing inches away from him. "You better watch your fucking mouth, you prick!"

Bender laughed and gave him a small shove, and just as quickly Andy grabbed him by the throat and brought him to the ground.

... ... ...

Allison sat up straighter in her chair as the two boys rolled around on the floor. She heard Claire shriek at the impact of one of Andy's punches, and Brian quickly hopped out of his seat to pull them apart, but Allison could only sit and watch. The whole wolf theory was becoming very apparent to her.

She watched as Andy wailed on John for a few moments as Brian finally approached and grabbed one of his elbows. It was enough for Andy to glance back to see who would dare grab him, and for John to get a shot in of his own. He caught him right in the nose and on impact blood shot out and trickled down his lips. Andy's hands flew instinctively up to his face, and Bender took the opportunity to get to his knees and spear tackle him in the stomach to get the upper hand.

"John stop it!" Claire shrieked with both hands on either side of her mouth.

"Guys back off it!" Brian yelled right after - but to no avail.

"WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS GOING ON IN THERE?" Vernon screeched from the hallways as a chair was taken down to the ground with a thud. John looked up to the door as well as everyone else in the room. Allison's breath caught in her throat and she let out a small squeak.

Vernon's footsteps were heard coming down the hallway at a runner's pace. "Get the fuck off of me you prick!" Andy yelled at John. Bender stood up only to get the last word in - he spit a large ball of spit right into the side of Andy's face.

Allison looked back at the door as Vernon appeared very quickly. However, remembering how slippery the floor was when they ran on it, and plus the new wax on top of that - the outcome wasn't all that good.

Well she guessed that could be argued - depending on who you were talking to.

He slid right into the library door with a sickening thud. Allison could remember distinctly seeing a screw or two pop out of the hinge upon the impact. In fact, she couldn't even recall a better collision on television.

He fell to the ground in a heap - dead silence was met - and the door came crashing shut on the lower half of his body. Claire visibly winced and muttered a high pitched. "Oh my god!"

Bender stood with a look of absolute amazement on his face. "Damn..."

Allison swallowed hard; she knew there was something about that spot.

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