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Monday came and nothing changed. When five teens can't find the courage to like who they want to like, they are lower than ever. What happens when they land in detention again, one year later?

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"Carl can you please get me some more ice, please!" Vernon rubbed the side of his face gingerly, hating the world more than ever at that particular moment. He thought it was the least Carl could do after all; it was that dumbass that decided to wax that particular spot.

Carl appeared moments later with an unreadable expression on his face; Vernon was hoping it was sympathy, but he got the feeling that it fell under the 'totally amused' category. He accepted the small pack bitterly and pressed it softly against the side of his face - where he would more than likely have a bruise bigger than Russia if he was lucky.

"So how the hell did you exactly face plant the door, Rich?"

Vernon glared at Carl and sighed. "I heard those little punks screaming and breaking something, and there is no way in hell I am going down for that again, so I started running to see what was up. It was your goof-ass that decided to wax that spot, of all fucking spots, today. I slid right into it before I could even stop myself."

"And now the door is broken. Who would have thought you had a head that hard," Carl joked.

Vernon glared at him, but Carl's smile never faltered. Vernon let out an irritated sigh and placed his elbow on the desk. "It only figures that they haven't slipped up so far. I honestly believe that those little pukes are corrupted."

Carl snorted. " must be a gang or something out to get you."

Vernon looked at him with wide eyes. "That's exactly what Bender said!"

Carl's face fell with disbelief. "Yes, because you always believe what that kid has to say, don't you?" Carl rolled his eyes and gathered his paper towels and spray bottle. "Listen Rich, I have work to do. If you need anything, I will be in the activities hall."

Vernon gave him a sarcastic nod and pressed the cool pack on his cheek. He had been happily anticipating making their lives a living hell today, and it only figured that he was the one to mess up his own plan.

God must hate him.

He never got the chance to find out exactly what the students were doing at the time of his unfortunate collision with the hard oak door, but he could only guess it was no good. He had fallen to the ground in a heap, and on top of that, earned a nice door to the hip. That part of his body really did not need any permanent damage at his age.

He was met with silence after his fall until only moments later he heard Carl's fast approaching footsteps. It didn't surprise him that any of the five students offered him no assistance, so just in utter humiliation, he tried to refuse Carl's help the best he could in front of them.

Vernon could admit that Carl was nice enough to get him back into his office and offer him some ice for the injury; although, his sour mood had taken a turn for the worst in the process.

He remembered back once again to his reprimand with Mr. Chambers last year, and vaguely wondered if he would really be held responsible for this damage. Maybe he could take a nice long vacation with a nice fat pay check for work place injury.

He could only hope anyways.

... ... ...

Bender lay sprawled out on top of his table trying to concentrate on the small paper in front of him. He still could not get over the crash he had seen moments ago. He had three goals that he wanted to accomplish: one, get the door closed. Two, piss off Sporto (he looked good with a bloody nose), and three smoke a joint.

He accomplished number one and two very easily; the former being done by Vernon himself, and now he was treating himself to a reward with goal number three. Although, Vernon dismantling himself with the door was enough reward to last Bender the rest of his life.

He wondered what kind of idiot it took to run full speed - face first - into an abnormally large, brown, shiny oak door, and then get run over by said door. It was the most hilarious thing he had seen his entire existence. He couldn't say anything really at first, but as soon as Carl dragged him away he couldn't help himself - he burst out laughing louder than he normally would.

In the end, the most important aspect of the utterly comical situation was the fact that the door was now closed and he had earned himself some much needed privacy from good ole Dick. He had come prepared for the day; a full pack of cigarettes, a quarter ounce of weed, and a thick stash of rolling papers. Question was, was anyone else caring to join him?

He swiftly wet the end of the paper with his tongue and rolled up the herb in a swift motion. He looked up at his peers and noticed the curious glances from the princess and the brainiac. He figured he would have their attention no problem, given the circumstances and all, and he also figured getting the sport to comply would be no problem after the others have agreed. They may be dicks, but he may as well do something entertaining while he was in there with them - most notably getting their tight asses to loosen up and act like morons again.

He cleared his throat loudly and struck up a flame with his Zippo. Immediately their faces locked onto his, and he pretended not to notice. "Damn I really needed this shit..." He blew his toke out in a large cloud of smoke, mainly in Brian's direction. He didn't exactly know what came over the dweeb in the last year, and why suddenly he was a total pothead. He wouldn't say it out loud, but he definitely got kicks out of having the kid being one of his best customers; he didn't really mind him all that much either.

He took in Brian's longing gaze and grinned. He could tell how badly he wanted it. He turned around lazily to the basket case. "You want some?"

Her head snapped up with a slight glare on her face as she shook her head no. "That's okay, all the more for me."

She said nothing and went back to whatever it was she was doing in the first place. He looked at Brian and held out his hand. Surely enough, the much bigger Brian Johnson stood up from his seat and stood next to John - at the sheer shock of the others' faces. Bender figured that the others didn't know anything about Brian's extra curricular activities, but that just made it all the more amusing to him. He had teased them about it earlier, but deep down John knew it really wasn't his place to say anything - yet anyways.

Brian took puff after puff until Bender noticed and snatched it back from him. "Damn, save some for me, dweebie." Brian rolled his eyes in response and pulled out one of the chairs underneath of the table that Bender was currently occupying. He tossed the bag and the pack of papers over to Brian and turned over so that he was lying on his back. He looked up to Claire's table and wiggled his eyebrows at her. "Anyone else bored yet?"

Claire stared at him hesitantly and looked over at Brian as she bit down on her bottom lip. Bender watched as Brian held out a newly rolled joint to her. She looked at Andy, then to John, and back to Brian before she shrugged and slowly stood up. He watched as her perfectly manicured hands accepted the weed and she brought it to her lips. He passed off his roach to Brian and watched her silently as she inhaled and a puff of smoked escaped her full, pink lips. In his high state he couldn't help but remember just how nice they really were.

She coughed suddenly and passed the joint to Andy as if to get rid of it. Andy took it, but held it in his hand apprehensively. Bender couldn't help but laugh when Andy looked as if he didn't know what to do with it. Bender could see the hunger in his eyes, and the longing that was there to free himself from his pathetic life. John couldn't necessarily relate to whatever it was Andy was so bunged up about, but he also knew from previous knowledge that the kid could get his damn panties out of the bunch they were in; hell he had done it last time, why not do it again?

"Are you gonna pass the puck, or are ya stand there like a moron all day?"

Andrew glared at Bender and then hesitantly brought the joint to his lips, sucking back the smoke as if he had been waiting to do it all of his life. Bender nodded in satisfaction and took the joint back from him.

... ... ...

He hated to admit it, but it felt damn good.

Brian closed up the cellophane that contained the nice amount of green and handed it back to John. They had smoked about four of them altogether - with the exception of Allison, of course - and now he was, once again, feeling high out of his mind.

It was kind of a lame way to get everyone to finally stop fighting, but at least it did the trick. The fist fight earlier, Vernon's collision, and John's near call that almost blew his cover was enough to make Brian want to settle down for the time being from all of the excitement. The prospect of maybe, just maybe, getting a civil conversation with the others - that just may get the answers he was looking for - was really starting to appeal to him. When he really thought about it, it was the weed that really got them opening up in the first place, and after a whole two hours of constant bickering and arguing, some opening up may be nice.

He wasn't expecting any sort of life changing confessions, or even friendship out of it, but his curiosity was killing him more than anything. He could tell that everyone was still the same in terms of being themselves and all, but he could also tell that there has been a lot going on in everyone's life in the last year or so just had there been in his.

He looked over to the foreign languages department where he noticed Andy skimming through some records. A smirk spread over Brian's face and he bit his lip. "Hey Andy?"

Andy looked at him quizzically, but with that same distant, far out look in his eyes that the others shared. "Yeah?"

"You aren't planning on breaking that door again, are you?"

A look of confusion passed over his face before Claire burst out into a high pitched laughter, followed by Allison behind him. Andy snorted and shook his head at them, while Bender turned over on the table to face him. "Or giving us a terrible dance performance?"

Andy shook his head and threw an unopened package of cue cards at him. John barely had the chance to react and get his hand up before they nailed him in the face. Claire laughed even harder and wiped away at a stray tear. "That was so messed up! Just thinking about it...I can't stop laughing!"

Brian smiled at her. "Yeah well how about the look on your face when Vernon stormed in and John was under your table?"

Her mouth dropped open. "Okay, that was so not funny!"

John let out a loud snort and slapped his thigh in amusement. "You kiddin' me? That was the highlight of my day!"

It was Andy's turn to burst out laughing at the look of pure disgust on Claire's face, which in turn cost the rest of them to laugh at her reaction. A bright blush rushed to her cheeks and she folded her arms over her chest. "Yeah very funny, you know, I wasn't the only one who did stupid things that day; you all did."

John's eyebrows rose. "Yeah but if I don't recall, watchin' you squirm far outweighed anythin' else that happened."

Claire gave him a narrowed look that seemed to linger a few seconds too long. Brian could tell from his place that some strange chemistry always seemed to be passing between the two; ever since John first opened his big mouth the first time that they had met. Personally, Brian couldn't see exactly what Claire liked about him romantically - if she still did, anyways - but it amused him nonetheless. She looked away hurriedly and pushed herself off of her table and straightened out her blouse. "You find anything good in there?"

Brian watched as she retreated to the languages room towards Andy, and wondered exactly what went on in that head of hers.

... ... ...

Andy watched as Claire made her way into the room and rummaged through the milk crates of records that Mrs. Smith - the librarian - had kept underneath the large cedar desk. Of course he didn't find anything spectacular to listen to; of course a man of his nature preferred the likes of Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles, and Bob Seger, and it wasn't likely he would find anything like that in a high school FOREIGN languages department. He did on the other hand find some interesting selections like Bob Marley, Karla DeVito, The Beatles, Tommy Tutone, and a Motown record. Other than that, the collection consisted mainly of strange European instrumentals - both fast and catchy, and lame and boring. So he let Claire rummage as he made his way back out into the main part of the library.

He glanced up at the clock and realized that only a few hours had gone by. He felt like he had been in there forever, and it was only then just occurring to the wrestler just how hungry he was. Given Andrew often had a large appetite; it was not helping him at all that he had decided to participate in the pot smoking activities. He hadn't touched the stuff since the last detention - which was also the first time he had tried it - and was kind of surprised that he took up on Bender's offer after the outburst he had about smoking earlier.

He wasn't being a hypocrite or anything, but there was just something appealing about the fact that he could just - even if it was momentarily - escape his reality for the time being. He knew his friends from school and the team would not approve of him doing such a thing, so more than likely he wouldn't take the chance to do it on his time. With his detention mates, however, he knew that no matter what he did they would insult him, congratulate him, or not care; whichever it was at least it was the truth and not pure, 100 percent judgments and stereotypes. For that he was thankful.

He walked back to his seat and watched as Claire exited the foreign languages room looking rather bored and disappointed at the choices in tunes. She took her seat next to him, just in time for Vernon to enter the library...limping.

Bender let out a snort. "How's the head, Dick?"

Vernon just glared, obviously not in the mood to bother. "Okay you little shits; you get 30 minutes for lunch."

Bender smacked his lips. "You buyin'?"

He gave him a pointed look. "Listen Bender, I don't care if your sorry ass starves, I would not feed you. If you were begging in the street, I would not feed you. Why don't you get off of your lazy ass and get a job, and that way you wouldn't have to rely on everyone else for charity."

Bender pressed his lips into a thin line. "Well if I did something like that, sir, these lovely conversations would not happen. And besides, do you really wanna get in trouble for neglecting your students?"

Vernon's face contorted with disgust. "Watching you suffer would be worth it." Andy snorted and received a glare from Vernon. "Do you have a problem Mr. Clark? Because I could always go get a roll of athletic tape and let you take care of Mr. Bender."

Andy looked down at his table. "No, sir."

"Good, now you can get up and go get drinks for everyone. And take that other girl down there with you."

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