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Face to Face

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Monday came and nothing changed. When five teens can't find the courage to like who they want to like, they are lower than ever. What happens when they land in detention again, one year later?

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Allison sat stoned faced before Vernon. He gave her a slight glare and pointed at her. "Yeah, I'm talking to you Missy! Get on your feet and get moving to the teacher's lounge!" The others regarded her slightly before she stood up and pulled the strap of her bag over her shoulder. She walked straight towards the library door without looking to see if Andy was following her.

She knew that the next few following minutes probably would not be too pretty. It would be er first time alone with Andy since that day eleven months ago when she turned him down. She knew that he would have questions, and that he would probably engage in his silly small talk. Whatever happened, she knew she would have to keep her guard on and her walls up.

She turned back towards the small group and watched as Claire went wafting through a small pile of bills. Andy stood impatiently with his arm stretched towards her; the sight made Allison smirk and she vaguely remembered Claire asking Vernon if he could change her fifty dollar bill.

Once Andrew had collected the money she turned on her heel - without waiting for him to catch up - and glided through the heavy oak door of the library. She had a million thoughts running through her mind as she heard the squeak of his sneakers against the tile floor of the hallway behind her. His steps were approaching nearer and nearer and she knew in no time the inevitable would face her.

He walked briskly next to her for a few moments; from her peripheral vision she caught him glancing in her direction every few seconds, but she made no effort to return the gesture. A slight sigh escaped his lips and he began walking ahead of her.

Her stomach somersaulted and she glared at his back; some effort he had made! She knew just by the way he was looking at her that he wanted to talk, but then...nothing. Had she read him wrong? She figured that - by the way he had seemed all morning - that he would have something, anything, to say.

She frowned and figured maybe it really was wishful thinking on her part; he had much more important things to figure out in his oh-so-eventful life, why waste his time on some freak like her? She stomped on the floor angrily and let out a frustrated sigh.

"Um...are you okay?"

She snapped her head up and realized that he had stopped - and that he was staring at her. She let a snort out her nose and sized him up; he bit his lower lip and raised his eyebrows at her. "Allison?"

She calmly composed herself and stormed past him towards the door of the teacher's lounge. She had no reason to explain herself to him - hell he didn't deserve to know in her eyes - he didn't really care earlier, did he?

"You can't keep ignoring me you know!" She heard him call from a few feet behind her - from which she presumed was the same spot he had stopped in. However, in her eyes, she could ignore him for as long as she wanted.

She heard him sigh and begin walking again. She stuffed her hands into the pockets of her sweater and began to hum.

... ... ...

Humming? Andy didn't think she could seriously be for real there. He had no idea why, but she was making it quite the habit of being a total bitch to him for no reason at all. He knew she must have had some reason for how she acted last year - however strange it may be - but it was just getting silly to him. He finally had the chance to see what the hell had been going on in her head all morning and she was playing head games with him. Of course she had always been a bit hard to read - to him anyways - but he had thought at one point in time he could decipher her after some given thought.

He had enough and finally began jogging to catch up to her. She hadn't turned her head once at the sound of his pounding Nike sneakers, so he took the opportunity and grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him.

She glared at him dangerously but made no move to bolt. Andy took a deep breath and released her; she stood between him and the wall and just looked at him - half expectantly and half angrily. "Alright, cut the act here! I never did anything wrong to you and here you are treating me as if I killed your dog or something!"

She dipped her chin down and clenched her jaw; a few strands of her messy hair had fallen in front of her eyes, but she had made no move to push them away. Andy pushed his fingers through his own hair and sighed. "Look if you don't like me, cool, I can deal with that. I just asked you a simple question and I don't need you playing this game with me."

Her eyes narrowed, but still she said nothing. Andy could feel the anger and frustration beginning to build up inside of him - something he knew that he had to bite back. He knew that she was a difficult person to engage in conversation at times and he didn't want to ruin any chance - if he had any - of actually coming through to her. He swallowed and tried a different approach. "What am I talking about?" He waved his arms at his sides for emphasis, "You don't really seem to do anything but play games with people. I actually try to be nice to you and all you can do is stand there - like you're better than me or something - and act as if it doesn't mean shit to you. If that's the doesn't bother me any." He stepped back a few steps and just shrugged.

She squeezed her fists at her sides and he knew that he had hit her where it counts; Allison wasn't a person who enjoyed confrontation very much, and he knew that when the pressure was on her she would take no time at all to let those walls down. Her shoulders rose and fell quickly, as if she was trying hard to think fast and figure out something to do or say. Andy just shrugged again and began to walk off down the hallways towards their destination.

"It's not like you ever did!" He heard her scream from behind him. That struck him. He turned around slowly and stalked towards her.

"What did you just say?"

She clenched her jaw and looked up at the ceiling. "You never did."

That familiar anger rose up into Andy's chest, and once again, he fought to keep it in control. "I never cared?" He stabbed a finger into his chest and frowned. "If I wasn't mistaken, I was the one that made all the effort; you just gave me the cold shoulder like nothing ever happened!"

Her eyes met his and they began to cloud up. "Effort for what, to make a joke out of me? I wasn't about to change and become one of your trophy girlfriends!"

Andy's frown turned into a disgusted smirk. "You a trophy? You aren't no trophy; you weren't then and you aren't now."

He began to back off and he swore he saw a tear roll down her cheek. "Why doesn't that surprise me?"

He shrugged. "A trophy is an inanimate object. A trophy is a statue. You were more than that; you could have been more than that."

Her chin quivered and she adjusted her bag angrily on her shoulder. "Just leave me the hell alone, Sporto!" She stormed past him and made a beeline for the teacher's lounge.

... ... ...

Claire tapped her foot impatiently as she snapped her compact mirror shut and stuffed it back into her bag. Bender and Brian had been sitting in the table behind her snickering about something or another. She tried not to look as if she was interested in knowing -she really wasn't anyways - but the more she ignored them it seemed the more into it they got. Whatever it was it was probably something stupid and simple minded, like some growth disease of the male reproductive organs or something. She knew that Bender and Brian certainly were not simple minded or stupid, but they were still teenage boys no matter what the case was, and silly pictures of abnormality would entertain them no matter the case.

"So like me and Billy totally ended up doing it at Erik's party! You would not believe the things he can do with his..."

"What are you doing?" Claire shrieked in horror.

Brian's face turned a bright shade of red and scratched the side of his head. "Well, uh..."

"We found something on the floor, so I just wanted to read it. It doesn't belong to you does it Cherry?" Bender mocked innocence as he held up the wrinkled piece of notebook paper that - from what she could see - was covered with bright pink pen. She knew exactly what it was and she cursed herself for rummaging through her bag so carelessly.

Claire swallowed her anger and reached out to grab it to no avail, Bender quickly pulled the object away from her reach, and just far enough away from his face so he could read more. "I really hope that Julie doesn't find out; she would like totally hurt me. It was bad enough," Bender looked at her with a grin and changed his voice to a higher pitched impersonation. "It was like totally bad enough Erik's brother walked in! He saw my butt!"

Brian burst out laughing as Claire stood up quickly and ripped the paper from his grasp. Bender stared at her with a totally bemused expression on his face - one that she both loved and loved to hate at the same time. She walked towards the garbage bin and tore the piece of paper into tiny pieces and discarded it. When she turned back around to go to her seat both boys were staring at her.

Bender turned to look at Brian. "Now I know for sure where Carl gets his kicks. You have some very promiscuous friends there, Cherry. Now tell me, do you still do everythin' your friends say?"

... ... ...

Bender grinned at her flustered face; she turned a light shade of pink and slowly shook her head no. Bender shook his head along with hers in a taunting way. She opened her mouth to reply but he put a finger over his lips as if to shush her. She furrowed her eyebrows and just stared at him silently, unable to speak. Bender grinned and threw a thumb to his side in Brian's direction. "Not in front of the dork, princess. If you want to come on to me do it afterwards; no sense in violatin' his virgin ears."

Brian let out a snort. "I am not a virgin Bender."

John rolled his eyes and shook his head - ignoring Claire's bewildered expression for the time being. "Yeah we know. You fucked some blow up doll in some igloo over in Canada, we get it." Bender raised his eyebrows at him.

Brian narrowed his eyes and glared angrily. "No actually I had an awesome time with your mother just the other night..."

Claire's eyebrows shot up to the sky and she covered her mouth with a manicured hand. John clenched his jaw and looked at Brian dangerously. "I would stop right there, dork."

Brian's mouth fell open and all he could do for a few seconds was just gape at John. "Bender...I'm sorry...I wasn't thinking...I can't believe I said that..."

Hell, Bender couldn't believe it either. He was so pissed off at him, but so damn proud of him at the same time for actually coming up with some smart ass comeback himself. The only sad part about that was Brian had made Bender look like an ass, and no brainiac dork got away with doing that.

Bender calmly smiled and placed a hand on Brian's shoulder. "Don't worry Brian, we're friends, right?"

... ... ...

Allison shoved as much money into the pop machine as she could and impatiently waited for the cokes. Tears were spilling from her eyes leaving soaking wet streams down her cheeks. She could not believe the audacity of one Andrew Clark; she was pretty angry that she had let him get to her.

He approached her from her left side and bent down to retrieve the sodas from the machine. She quickly jumped away from him - as though she had been burned - and stood her ground. He did nothing - not even looked her way - only grabbed what they came there for and spun around and walked out the door of the faculty lounge.

Andrew had never been one for straight up brutal honesty - only when he was put on the spot - and his sudden confession and anger had startled her. She did not know exactly how to react to that, so she just did what she normally did - she hid.

... ... ...

Andy marched down the hall with two arms full of coke cans and a frown on his face. He didn't mean to start another screaming match with the basket case, nor did he mean to upset her. All Andy wanted was some answers. He had been waiting months for answers as to why she acted so coldly to him, as to why they had such a strong connection that Saturday to have it all disappear as soon as Monday rolled around.

He wasn't surprised really when she avoided the topic at all costs. It really wasn't like Allison to take confrontation very well, and very emotional reunions were no exception.

... ... ...

Claire swallowed hard at the sudden silence that over took the room. Brian had insulted Bender out of nowhere and it really surprised her. Brian's character had definitely taken a new direction and Claire wasn't really sure if it was a safe or wise one. He wasn't the same clean, polite, sweet nerd that he was when they first met.

There was definitely something different about him.

What it was, Claire wasn't sure. She hadn't seen or talked to Brian since the last detention. She had told him straight up that that would be the case. They were in different grades, they took different classes, participated in different clubs; Claire was a senior, and student council president; she didn't have time to see juniors that were part of the computer club around the school. As much as she took a liking to Brian last year she admitted that she hadn't given him much thought.

From what she gathered at their last meeting, Brian didn't have very many friends. Maybe his faith in the Breakfast Club was a little too strong and he had the wrong impression. Claire remembered distinctly that he was the one to bring up Monday in the first place and proposed the sudden friendship. She really thought that he had put to much thought and heart into the idea and maybe - just maybe - the destruction of the 'group' was what caused Brian's change in demeanor. She didn't want to sound conceited or anything - but it was totally possible, wasn't it?

She shook her head from her thoughts and glanced at the two boys behind her. Brian had a far away look on his face, while Bender - Bender looked like he was actually thinking. He had a cigarette dangling from his lips and he was scratching his pencil back and forth in a dark line across his table. He had his eyebrows furrowed and was slouching slightly.

Claire turned around at the sound of the door opening and slamming shut and she watched as Allison practically ran back to her desk. Her hair was disheveled and her face was red. Claire wondered momentarily what stupid thing Andy had said or done now and just shook her head.

He came walking through the door with his arms full of soda and set them all down on the desk without a second glance at anyone. The room was just dripping with tension and she had a funny feeling that lunch time was not about to go over very well.

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