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The Words That I Can't Say

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You're gonna have to read to find out peoples. :P.

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"Patrick, I'm so sorry. For everything." she said.
"No it's not your fault, I'm sorry for being an idiot Mic," I said. I stood up and walked to the bathroom. Rosalin was no longer outside the office. Wonder where the sewer rat slank off to this time. I got a few steps away from the nurses office when I heard them talking.
"What happened?" Pete, Joe, and Andy said in unison. Wait. I wanna hear this
She told them everything. The whole thing, starting with yesterday when she left.
"Well why the hell did you and Rosalin beat the shit out of each other? Why couldn't you all just have had a little cat fight like everyone else?" Joe asked bluntly.
"Because..." she said.
"Because why?" Andy asked.
"Because I love him." she almost whispered "More than anything. That's why I freaked out yesterday. It broke my heart to know he was gonna go to homecoming with her." A few seconds of silence. What's going on?
"Holy shit Micah." Pete said exasperatedly, " You love him this much?" Holy shit what?? God it would help if I could see what was going on.
"I would die for him. I need him more than anything. I love him, Pete." she said. Oh my god... I thought to myself, they were right.I walked back to the office and leaned against the door.
"I know," he said. He let go of her and and she right at me. She stood up and walked over to me, wrapping her arms around me.
"I love you," she whispered.
"I know, I heard it all," I said, tilting her chin up and kissing her. I had wanted to do that since the seventh grade. When I kissed her it felt like fireworks were going off. My heart skipped a beat.It just felt so right. Pete,Joe,and Andy squeezed past us walked down the hallway, staring as they walked. I pulled away and looked her in the eyes. You could see right through to her soul. She broke into tears and I just held her. Rubbing her back and telling her everything was going to be ok.

A month later, and Patrick and I are still together, a perfect match. At home, now that is another story. My mother and father had a huge fight that resulted in her up and leaving, taking Mariah with her. But of couse, she left me and Elijah here to rot. My dad's been on a warpath lately, Elijah and I usually end up sleeping under my bed. Thankfully though, tonight he's out. Where he is, I don't know or care. All I know is Elijah and I are safe that much longer. Pete and Joe were over, the four of us where sitting at our kitchen table absorbed in a game of Monopoly. Elijah in the lead with somewhere around $10,000 and half the board in his possesion. Our fun was interupted by the sound of a slamming door. Oh no. He's back.
"You have to go.Now." I said, trying to hide the fear in my voice, for my brother's sake. Pete threw the pieces in the box and looked at me. "Take care of yourself ok?" he said. He and Joe stood up and got ready to leave.
"Wait, take Elijah with you." I said, begging him with my eyes.
"Come on Elijah, we gotta go ok?" Pete said taking his hand,"Don't worry. Everything is gonna be fine, I promise." Elijah looked at me with genuine fear in his eyes. He looked like he was about to cry. He hugged me and ran out the backdoor with Pete and Joe just as my father appeared in the kitchen doorway.
"Where is your brother?" He asked, his speech severly slurred.
"He's with a friend," I said, standing my ground yet preparing to run at a moments notice.
"Why didn't you call me?" he asked, beginning to get angry.
"Because I...I..." I stuttered. I hadn't expected that.
"YOU ALWAYS CALL ME DAMMIT! YOU ARE NOT HIS GODDAMN MOTHER!!" he shouted, striking me hard across the face. I fought back tears and ran as fast as I could up the stairs and locked my bedroom door.I grabbed my cellphone and called Patrick.
"Patrick I need help!"I wailed.
"Micah? What's wrong?" he asked.
"It's my dad. He's drunk and he's furious. Elijah's with Pete and Joe."
"Ok calm down it's gonna be ok." he said kindly.
Suddenly I heard a pounding on my door.
"MICAH OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!" my father slurred. He continued beating on the door, the door giving in a little more each time.
"What's going on over there?!" Patrick asked worriedly.
"Patrick I'm scared!" I bawled.
"Micah you gotta get out of there!" he said.
Suddenly the door gave in and fell to the ground revealing my father, standing there, fire in his eyes, his prized shotgun pointed straight at me.
"PATRICK CALL THE POLICE HE'S GONNA -" I was cut off by the earsplitting noise of a gun being fired and before I could get out of the way I was sent sprawling onto the floor and gasping for breath.

I sat on my bed, guitar in hand, practicing for band class when the phone rang.
"Patrick I need help!"she wailed.
"Micah? What's wrong?" I asked confused.
"It's my dad. He's drunk and he's furious. Elijah's with Pete and Joe."
"Ok calm down it's gonna be ok." he said kindly.
Suddenly I heard a pounding on my door.
"MICAH OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!" I heard her father in the background.
"What's going on over there?!" I asked worriedly.At this point I was afraid for her life
"Patrick I'm scared!" I bawled.
"Micah you gotta get out of there!" he said. Suddenly I heard what sounded like a door being kicked in.
"PATRICK CALL THE POLICE HE'S GONNA -" Before she was finished I heard a loud bang. Oh please say he didn't. I hung up and immediatly called the police. I told them what I knew and they said theyd be there momentarily. I ran next door to Joe's to find Pete, Joe, Andy, and Elijah sitting on the couch watching television.
"Guys get up! Something's happened to Micah!" I hollered.
"What's wrong with my sissy?"Elijah asked, horrified.
Andy and Joe just stared at me. Pete stood up and picked up Elijah.
"Come on we gotta go." He said, running out the door, a crying Elijah in his arms. We ran down the street to find the cops and an ambulance parked infront of her house. We ran up the walk and were stopped by a policewoman.
"I'm sorry but we can't allow anyone into the house rightnow, a girl's been shot. Who are you?" she asked.
"This little boy right here and I are her brothers. We need to get in there and see our sister." Pete lied.
"I'm sorry but I'm really not supposed to let anyone in."
"Get out of the way!" I said pushing past the policewoman and rushed up the stairs to Micah's room. I found her on the floor covered in blood, gasping for air. Her eyes were still open. A good sign. I took her hand.
"Come on Micah, hang on, it's gonna be ok." I said to her. Seconds later some men came in with a stretcher. They lifted her onto it and left the room. I went back out and stood on the sidewalk with the rest of the guys and watched as Micah's father was led out in handcuffs and put into a policecar and then as Micah was put in an ambulance.
"Is anyone going to go to the hospital with her?" a policeman asked us. We all walked without a word to the back of the ambulance and got in. Elijah sat on Pete's lap, his head buried in Pete's shoulder, refusing to look. I sat there, clinging to her hand. I was numb inside. I don't know what I'd do if I lost her. Finally the ambulance pulled into the hospital parking lot and we went into the waiting room to see what was gonna happen. Elijah had calmed down quite a bit and was asleep in Pete's arms. I was in tears and praying with all I had that she would make it. A doctor strolled casually out into the waiting room and stopped infront of us.
"You're here for Ms.Micah Samuels right?" he asked, looking at us over the rims of his square glasses.
"Yes sir," I said wiping my eyes and standing up.
"Well, as you know she's been shot. But the good news is it did no major damage to any organs, and there's no internal bleeding. But we do need to remove the bullet, otherwise it could get infected and cause some problems later." he told us.
"Ok, so what do you need to do?" Andy asked.
"She's gonna need to have surgery immediatley. They're already setting up in the OR." he said.
"Ok but my sissy's gonna be ok right?" Apparently Elijah wasn't asleep.
"She should be fine, son." the doctor told Elijah, "But we might need to keep her a couple of days just to make sure."
"'Kay," Elijah said, turning his attention back to a small object he'd found in his pocket.
It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
"When can we see her?" I asked.
"Well, we don't know how long it's going to be, so I suggest you go home, we'll call you when you can visit her." he said.
"Alright," I said. The guys stood up and we walked out of the hospital and had to call Pete's mom to come pick us up because we'd all come in the ambulance. She dropped us all off at my house where we watched tv and waited. Those were the most agonizing hours I'd ever endured. It was almost noon the next day before we finally got a call. Micah was fine and we could go see her now. Elijah was ecstatic, and I was barely able to contain myself. We got in the car and drove down to the hospital. We walked in and got her room number. We got in the room to find Micah sitting up in her bed flipping through channels on the TV. When she saw us come in she smiled.
"Micah!" Elijah shrieked happily, running over to her bedside as fast as his tiny legs would carry him. She hugged him and picked him up and sat him on the bed next to her.
"I was so scared Micah! I thought daddy killed you!" he told her, "But Panda and Joey and Andy and Mr.Hats was real nice to me! They played with me and they tooked good care of me!" He said happily.
"Oh they did, did they?" she said smiling at me.
"Yeah!" he said jumping up and running over to Pete, "They're my bestest friends 'cept you!"
She smiled and I walked over and took her hand and kissed her.
"Micah don't ever get shot again." I said,"You scared the shit out of me."
"Don't worry I won't, pop's in jail," she said. I couldn't tell if she was trying to be funny or serious or what. Suddenly it occured to me. Her and Elijah's grandparents are dead, their mom ran off, they've got no other family, "Where are you all gonna go?" I asked.
"I have no clue." she said, looking worried.
"Umm... hold on." I said. Walking out into the hall. I took out my cell and called my mom. I needed ideas.
"Hey honey! How's Micah?" she asked.
"She's fine, but we have a problem," I said.
"Oh don't tell me that father of hers weiseled his way out of jail and wants his kids back." she said with worry in her voice.
"No mom, but she doesn't have anywhere to go once she gets out of here."
"Oh..." Silence for a few seconds.
"Yeah I'm here, well she and her little brother can stay here. We've got the room." Thank God. That is the answer I was hoping for.
"Ok I'll tell her. Gotta go."
"Love you Pat,"
"You too mom." I hung up my phone and walked back into the room . They were all joking and carrying on like nothing was wrong.
"Hey Micah," I said.
"Hey Pat!" she said sweetly.
"MR.HATS!" Elijah said jumping out of a chair and clinging onto my back.
"Hey little man!" I said, "How would you like it if you and your sissy came and lived at my house?" I asked him. Micah looked surprised.
"That would be great! Please can we sissy? Please?" He said dropping to the floor and running over to his sister,"Daddy won't hurt us there!" he begged.
"If that's ok with Mr.Hats." she said smiling.
"YAY!" He hugged her.
"Hey 'Lijah? Wanna go to McDonald's?" Joe said, picking him up.
"Yeah!" he said. That kid was in heaven right now. Joe set him down and grabbed his hand and followed Pete and Andy out of the room to the car, leaving Micah and I alone.
"Patrick -" I didn't let her finish. I leaned in and kissed her hard. I pulled back and smiled at her.
"Patrick thank you so much. If you hadn't called the cops I'd be dead and my dad would be out there somewhere probably ready to kill Elijah." she said, sorrow in her eyes.
"Don't even worry about it. It's totally fine. I could never just let you down like that. You're the best thing that ever happened to me. " I said.
"I love you Patrick," she said.
Why can't I just say it?? I wondered.
"So uh where did he get you?" I asked, quickly changing the subject.
She pulled up her shirt a little revealing a large incsicion on her stomach.
"Holy hell Micah." I said.
"Patrick I love you," she repeated.
Why can't I just say it? I know I do.
Just then my phone rang. Saved by the cell. It was my mom. I talked to her a few moments and hung up.
"Hey I gotta go, mom needs me to help get your guy's rooms ready."
I leaned in and kissed her.
"I love you Pat!" She said happily.
"You too!" that was all I could get out. Why couldn't I just say those three little words?
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