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(Sequel to You Promised and All Alone) Delilah is back at the academy, but a lot has changed and what will she do when someone from her past catches up to her.

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Finally Delilah stepped forward and rang the door bell. She hung her head as she waited for someone to answer. The rain wasn't coming down as hard as it had been early, so she heard footsteps. Delilah kept her head down as the person unlocked and opened the door.

As soon as they saw Delilah. They dropped someone. Delilah figured that it was glass from the sound. Delilah still didn't look up, but she looked a head and she Scarlett. She could tell it was her from her slippers. What she dropped was glass. Beside Scarlett's feet was what was left of a glass cup.

"De...Delilah?" Her voice sounded weak and unstable. In other words she didn't sound like herself.

Delilah didn't say anything or look up. She just scuffed her shoe on the concrete. Delilah saw Scarlett take a step towards her. Now Delilah could see the rain hitting Scarlett precious slippers. Scarlett wrapped her arms around Delilah. "I'm so glad you're back. We all missed you."

Delilah still didn't say anything. She heard around pair of footsteps coming closer. "Scarlett who is..." Al didn't finish his sentence. Delilah could tell it was Al from his voice. "Delilah?" Al's footsteps became faster. He must have been jogging.

Scarlett finally stopped hugging Delilah, just as Al reached them. Now it was Al's time to hug her. He wrapped his arms around her. Delilah didn't say anything, look up, or even him hug back. Al broke the hug, "You must be freezing. Come in." Al rushed Delilah inside, Scarlett followed.

Al lean all three of them to a living room that had a kitchen attached to it. "Sit. Al gestured for Delilah to sit down on a couch. "I'll go my some hot chocolate." Al walked into the kitchen.

"You must be freezing. I'll go get you a blanket." Scarlett walked out into the hallway.

Delilah sighed as she sat on the leather sofa. She kept her head down and watched as little water droplets fell from her hair tips and hit the sofa, which made a little splash.

Soon, as if it was rehearsed, Al and Scarlett both came into the room at the exact same time, Scarlett carrying a blanket and Al carrying a tray that had three cups on it.

Scarlett wrapped the blanket around Delilah and sat down next to her. Al put the tray on the coffee table and sat down on the other side of Delilah.

"Here." Al grabbed a cup and gave it to Delilah. Well, he tried to give it to her.

Delilah didn't take it. She stood up which caused the blanket to fall off of her. "I appreciate everything you guys are doing, but I just want to go to bed." Delilah walked out of the room and walked down a hall that leaned to her bedroom. Al and Scarlett followed her.

"We never changed your room. No one stepped into since you left."

Delilah didn't say anything she just continued to walk to her room. Soon she came to the end of the hallway. There were two doors one on the left, Delilah's room, and one on the right, Julius's room. She was going to open her door, but something to the right caught her attention. Julius' door was opened.

Delilah walked into his room. "What the hell! Where's Julius' stuff?" The room looked the same. All of the furniture was in the same place, but all of the stuff was different. The desk was clear, it usually had a whole bunch of paper, with Julius' poems on them, all over it. "Where are Julius' poems?"

Al and Scarlett walked into the room. Neither of them said anything. They weren't sure how to tell her.

Delilah opened one of the dresser drawers and pulled out a shirt. "This isn't Julius' shirt!" She threw the shirt on the floor.

"Excuse me." Delilah turned around to see a man standing in Julius' washroom door. His hair was wet and he didn't have any clothes on. He only had a towel wrapped around his waist. "Can I help you?"

"Get out!"


"Get out of Julius' room! Now!" Delilah pushed him towards the door.

He slowly walked towards the door, with a confused look on his face. As he passed Al and Scarlett to leave, Scarlett said, "David, I'm sorry about this, but can you just wait outside while we talk to her."

"Um, yeah, sure."

Scarlett and Al walked to Delilah. She was sitting on the bed. Her head was down as she moved her hand on the blanket. Very quietly she said, "This isn't Julius' blanket. His is much softer." Her voice was full of disappointment.

Scarlett sat beside her, "Delilah..."

"How could you? This is Julius' room."

"It was Julius' room. I'm sorry but, the academy was getting full. So we had to."

"This is Julius' room! You don't touch my room, but you let someone else have his room!" Delilah stood up.

Scarlett stood up with her, "We didn't change your room because you had a chance of coming back. Julius' doesn't. He is dead. You may not like it, but he is and there's nothing anyone can do to bring him back. I know it's hard, but you have to move on." Scarlett took a deep breath. "It's what Julius would have wanted."

Delilah stomped out of Julius' old room and walked into hers. She slammed the door behind her and through the door she yelled, "You don't know what Julius' wants and you never will! No one will!"

Al and Scarlett walked into the hallway. Al asked, "Do we talk to her?"

"No. Not now, but we will tomorrow." Then Scarlett turned to the new occupant of Julius' old room and said, "I truly am sorry about all of this, David. You can go in your room now." He went in his room and Al and Scarlett walked away.

Delilah had listened to everything that was said. Delilah went and sat on her bed. "Now my room is across from David's room." She said his name in an annoyed way. "How could they. That's Julius' room. This was our hallway. It use to be, Delilah and Julius' hallway. Now it's Delilah and David's hallway." She shivered at the thought.

Delilah laid down on her bed. She saw a picture on her night stand. It was of her and Julius. "I'm sorry Jules. I can't believe they gave your room away. I guess they already forgot about you. I will always remember you. Even if I wanted to I couldn't forget you. I can't believe them." Delilah went to bed angry at the two people who had been like her mother and father since she was five.
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